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Another Lease on Bethania Ground Brings Reward
to Persistent Operators - Weekly
Average to Local Mills 542 Tons.

The Mining Investor, March 20, 1909, page 161

(By Jack Bell.)

Rawhide, Nev., March 20. - The latest sensation of this camp in a mining way is the strike made two days ago by Bridges & Daniles, leasing on the estate of Bethania Mines, Inc. A stringer was followed from the surface and at a depth of 16 feet the ore widened to 18 inches. The fortunate leasers are now sacking nearly a ton a day of ore that will run very close to $200 per ton. The ore is plentifully sprinkled with free gold and some beautiful specimens have been taken out.

This strike, following closely on the big strike made ten days ago by the Grutt Balloon hill, again illustrates the "shoe-string" leasesr. Probably no other leasers in camp were running on so close a margin as these plucky men. While one was rustling grub and powder the other plodded along the best he could until these essentials were brought in by the other, then both would put in long, hard hours prospecting the ground they were privileged to operate on. Now that they have struck it rich many eager hands are extended to them with offers of assistance, but it is needless to say that all such offers are declined with thanks and a grin.

In passing, it is interesting to note that every leaser on Bethenia Mines estate is now working in ore ranging from high grade shipping to high grade milling ore. The lease taken just a week ago by the well known law firm of Stevens, Shelton and Van Pelt, encountered the ore for which their tunnel was headed. Fine pannings were obtained all over the breast of the tunnel this afternoon. The Rawhide Queen Bethania Mining company's lease is now into the rich ore bigger than ever. Recent assays shows the entire breast of the drift along the big vein to exceed $30.00 per ton. Ten inches on the footwall runs well into the hundreds. Specimen hunters have been causing the management of this lease consideerable annoyance the past week and only a favored few may secure access to the workings.

The Little Four lease on the same estate has its winze near the mouth of the adit tunnel down nearly 30 feet and is following the rich ore that the owners have been sacking almost from the surface.

The Gold Reef lease, also on the Bethania Claim just north of the Queen Bethania lease, on the Bethania Mines estate, has a full force working in good grade milling ore. This company is under contract with the parent company to have a machine hoist installed by April 15th, in consideration of an extension of their lease to a period of five years.

A machine hoist was this week installed on the lease on the Poor Boy ground being operated by the Poor Boy Gold Mining company. This lease is one of the most promising in the north end and lies against the west side line of the Little Four and Queen Bethania leases.

The Grutt Balloon hill lease continues sacking ore worth a dollar a pound. At least a thousand dollars a day of ore is now going into the sacks. Drifts are being run both north and south along the rich vein and each face is in ore running from $500.00 to $2,000.00 per ton. This lease has the earmarks of being one of the greatest producers of high grade ore ever discovered.

The Mint again came up for notice yesterday with a high grade strike in the winze from the 300-foot level. Considerable excitement abounded yesterday as a result of the discovery. This lease continues sending ore to the local mills. The management announced tonight the result of the first cleanup made by the new Weiss mill on 30 tns of their ore. Out of this tonnage there was extracted amalgam worth $1080.00 showing an average value of $36.00 per ton. The Mint has 25 tons on its mill dump ready for the teams.

It was unofficially announced yesterday that the recent 50-ton shipment made by the Queen company from the old Kearns No. 2 workings had netted the company $15,000. This shows an average of $300.00 per ton. Shipments will be continued from this property and will be made as fast as teams can be secured.

The Jordan lease on the estate of the Queen Mascot company is again in the lime-light with a big strike of ruby silver. This lease has taken out many thousand dollars worth of high grade silver-gold ore and has always been one of the favored workings of the camp. There is now on the mill dump 8.0 tons of ore that runs between $30 and $10 per ton and the company is sacking half a ton of the high grade daily.

Four new sets of leasers started operations today on Mascot No. 1 of the Queen Mawscot estate. Part of this estate adjoins the estate of Bethania Mines on the south, and is very favorably located to catch the rich leads from that estate.

The proven area was extended this week nearly one-third of a mile to the south by a discovery of high grade gold ore on the Lucky Strike claim. The credit for this discovery belongs to Mrs. Jewett, wife of a leaser on the same claim. Mrs. Jewett has for a long time been in the habit of donning her sunbonnet and prspecting the ground occupied by and close to her husband's lease. She would daily bring an appronful of lively-looking rock to their cabin and during her spare moments between the house work and prospecting tours, would pan. Her labors proved fruitless until one day this week her pan showed a heavy tail of gold. She shouted for her husband and showed him where the gold-bearing rock had been broken off. He immediately put in a couple of shots into the ledge and exposed nearly four feet of beautiful quartz liberally sprinkled with free gold. Mr. Jewett has been sacking the product as rapidly as he could take it out.

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