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Big Four Mill Busy
Boston Herald - June 2, 1907, Page 23

Several Hundred Tons of Ore Already Mined

At the Consolidated, Near New Pine Creek, 12 Men Getting Mine in Readiness for Active Work

NEW PINE CREEK, Or., July 18. - (Special.) - The Big Four mill began operations this week on the several hundred tons of ore already mined and on the big ledge of low grade ore on the surface of the claim, estimated to contain 100,000 tons and which assays on an average $5 per ton. Lessee John P. Brassler is actively developing the property in a practical and systematic manner and feels certain that he will make a good clean up.

In the Yellow Mountain section of the district mine owners and lessees are actively engaged in development work. The Consolidated, ALturas, Shasta View, Mountain Sheep, Tamarac, Mountain View, Colorado, Josephine and North Star are all working. Other mines and lessees are getting in supplies and material and preparing for a hunt for the yellow metal.

At the Consolidate, which heads the list, 12 men are working getting the mine and mill in readiness and when this is accomplished more men will be put on and work begun in earnest. The ores of the Consolidated, Mountain Sheep and Mountain View will be treated in the ten-stamp mill of the Consolidated. As there is enough ore in sight in any one of the mines mentioned the mill will have no time for custom work. Jack Bell has been thoroughly sampling the property and has submitted his report, which seems to be favorable to the company, as the latter is preparing to get out all the ore possible in the shortest time.

The Guyot lease on the North Star is being actively developed in proving up on the vein matter. The North Star is just below the DIscovery property on Discovery hill and promises to cut the Discovery vein. A custom mill is located a mile and a half from the North Star and undoubtedly will start work when sufficient ore has been blocked out.

Work has been started on the Josephine and Tamarac. Both of these mines show good values. The Josephine ore is free milling and carries about two ounces. The Tamarac, the sale of which is being considered to the Meachum people of San Francisco, has good ores.

The townsites of High Grade and Branley are now in direct telegraphic and telephonic communication with the outside world. Poles have been erected and wires strung from Fort Bidwell to High Grade through Branley and the same line will soon be connected up with New Pine Creek.

The Modoc mine is now becoming one of the big centers of attraction in the High Grade district. A force of men is working two shifts sinking the shaft. The vein is one of the largest and best defined in the district. Fully three feet between smooth walls the entire vein filling is mineralized with handsome high-grade streaks that prove the intrinsic merit of the property. A plant consisting of an engine, boiler, hoist, compressor and drills is now on the ground and will be installed as rapidly as possible. The holdings of the Modoc company embrace 259 acres just south of the Oregon-California state ine. Many veins intersect the property and mining men generally express the opinion that it will develop into one of the great mines of the country. The company is headed by William Wrigley, Jr., the Spearmint chewing gum magnate of Chicago, whose faith in the district has been fully demonstrated by liberal investments of capital in the property.

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