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Black Buddah
Nick wakes up in a bloody sweat remembering his trip on the Titanic. When a bomber blows up a plane containing Schanke and their Captain, Nick becomes convinced that he is responsible because he kept a cursed Buddah he was given before the ship sank. With a new police Captain and Tracy, a new partner who is also the daughter of the police commissioner, Nick is determined to find the bomber. Meanwhile, Tracy is made nervous by a feeling that she saw something in the makeshift morgue. She goes back to find a mangled body which has just found its hand. She awakens from a faint to meet Vachon, who discovers that Tracy is a resister and can't be made to forget his existance.

After a month's absence, Nick comes to The Raven only to find Janette has gone and given LaCroix the club. LC: The worst thing any of us can do is stay beyond our time. That's when we feel the burden of immortality. Friends aging, dying, our world changing and we remain the same. That's when the loneliness sets in. Look at the life you're living; look at your recent losses. What is there still to hold you here?

Titanic, 1912

Nick is approached on the Titanic by a woman who says that she wants to give him an incredibly valuable Black Buddah which grants a single wish for each owner. Besides being cursed. Her wish was for eternal life, and Nick's appearance can give her that, since she recognizes him as a vampire. But when the Titanic sinks, she doesn't want to come across and live with the guilt of having killed everyone on board. Nick, of course, ignores her and brings her across anyway.

Lake Titicaca, 1531

Vachon and an Inca warrior fight on opposite sides, through the day and the night. Their battle is the thing of legend, and a female vampire chooses to bring them both across, giving them a task and then walking into the sun.
Outside the Lines
A girl is killed during a party and one of the people there turns out to be an undercover cop, and Tracy's friend. He tells Nick he knows the name of the person who killed the girl. No proof. He just knows. As the investigation progresses, Nick becomes convinced that the man has gotten the lines of ethics and morality blurred by being under too long.

Lyon, France, early 1940's

As part of the Resistance in the 2nd World War, Nick first kills a young man thought to be a traitor to their group, then a girl whom he sees kissing a Gestapo agent. LaCroix applauds his bloodthirsty conduct, but wonders aloud whether the girl's affair might have been an attempt to get inside the man's guard to acquire information for their group. Of course, LaCroix waits until the girl is dead before making his suggestion.

Nick has some sort of a supernatural connection with the granddaughter of a murdered man. The Indians were attempting to win a suit to reclaim land granted them in a long ago treaty. Before the girl dies of a stabbing, Nick learns where the proof is, and opens the back of a canvas to find the treaty.

Canada, 1787

Throughout the 18th century, Vachon would flit from Indian war to Indian war, just enjoying being part of a fighting force. During one of his associations, he turns out to have been a signatory to the very treaty of 1787 between the Mississauga Indians and the British that's being discussed.


Nick becomes involved with the girl, or with her spirit, on some astral plane.
Blind Faith

A friend of Tracy's has lost her eyesight and is now dependent on a seeing eye dog which was, unfortunately, lunch in a graveyard for a newly awakened vampire. Besides putting him off his regular meals, the dog is now a great deal more aggressive toward people he fears present a danger to his mistress. An attack on a policeman who accidentally spills hot coffee on the woman means that the dog will have to be destroyed. Nick understands the woman's pain and agrees to handle everything. But a vampire dog is much stronger than one might imagine, and the dog escapes, heading home where he bites his owner and brings her across, restoring her eyesight. Dogs 1, Humans 0.

Paris, 1228

Nick is followed home by a dog, of whom he becomes quickly very fond. This annoys LaCroix, who creates mischief again by bringing the dog across. Because the dog has become a killer, Nick knows that he has to destroy the animal that he loves, and who loves him.
My Boyfriend is a Vampire
People involved with a talk show seem to have a higher than usual probability of ending up dead. They have the highest probabily of being just plain weird, like the woman who says her boyfriend is a vampire. This hits home for both Tracy and Nat, since neither feels they can get through to their own vampire. The talk show host and producer are fascinated with Tracy, and decide to do a show on strong women in a male world.

England, 18th c

Vachon and Screed play in the haystack with a bunch of women who don't realize that needles aren't the only sharp things you may find that makes you bleed in a haystack.
Hearts of Darkness
A shy and sweet woman wakes up to find a dead body beside the hotel bed. One with fang marks and his blood missing. A vampire from Vachon's past seems tied to the woman, feeling in the woman a desire for death. In tracking down the killer, Nick and Tracy discover that the killer and the vampire may both be other persona inside the woman. When Nick would capture her, the woman jumps out a highrise window, and Urs stops Nick from saving her.

America, late 19th c

Vachon finds himself attracted to a saloon singer who is being badly treated. He kills the abuser, only to discover that Urs really wants Vachon to kill her. Vachon misinterprets, of course, and brings her across. To this day he can't understand the fascination Urs has with death.
Trophy Girl
Tracy doesn't want to back out of an investigation after a shooting, and so goes undercover with an escort agency such as the one the victim was with. Tracy's date for the night looks promising. That is, until Vachon zaps the man off. Tracy finds herself on the street with a flat tire and accepts the help of a man who jabs her with a needle. As luck would have it, Tracy has found the killer.

Europe, Middle Ages

LaCroix introduces Nicholas to the most beautiful young woman. And though LaCroix kisses the woman, this is not a romance of the soul, more one of the palate. Nick can't understand why he would destroy such beauty instead of bringing her across, but LaCroix explains that he doesn't think he could bear with her through eternity. Nick tries to save her, but is too tempted by her and drinks her himself. LaCroix could stop him, but lets it happen, just allowing his fury to build throughout.
Let No Man Tear Asunder
A woman's body is found with an unfinished tatoo, and a hole where her heart used to be. One possibility is that she was volunteered for organ "donation". Tracy knows tatoo parlors and recognizes the particular tatoo artist, so they visit but find the owner tied up and his assistant with the victim's blood in the back of his van. The trail leads them to a doctor who sells organs. Funny thing. Nat is a match with another doctor's dying daughter, and Nat is going under the knife that very day.

London, 19th c

A doctor of exceptional skill is attempting to help Nick overcome his vampirism. The man loves a singer, who is mortally injured by a horse spooked by Nick. The doctor insists that Nick repay the debt by bringing back someone's heart, since he won't bring the woman across. Nick does and the woman revives after the operation only to discover her voice gone. In despair, she stabs herself through her new heart.
Night in Question
A head shot puts Nick in the hospital where his lack of a pulse convinces everyone that he's dead. Natalie gets there and quickly gives him whole blood. She's followed by LaCroix who zaps Nick's doctor into thinking it's not so bad as everyone thought, then LaCroix gives his own blood to Nick, who makes a full recovery. Well, except for the fact that he's lost all his memories.

Nat tries to take advantage of that to move Nick toward his goal of becoming human. LaCroix comes with a bottle of human blood and an offer to help Nick remember their long past together. When Nick's nature begins catching up with him, his desire to bite people, his burning in the sun, Nick knows who holds the stronger truth about what he is, and goes to The Raven to spend the day with LaCroix.

Europe, 19th c

Scavaging on the battlefield, LaCroix is recognized as a vampire by a dying soldier and is staked through the heart. In pain, he begs Nick for Nick's blood to survive and Nick removes the stake and gives his wrist to LaCroix, the reverse scene to when LaCroix brought Nick across.
Sons of Belial
When a woman drives off an expressway, her last words are in Latin and Nat finds lamb's blood in her stomach. Nick knows what that implies - an exorcism. He and Tracy find the exorcist and are invited to watch the excommunicated priest cast out the devil. Of course, "cast out" implies that it has somewhere to go, and it does. Into Nick. It's to LaCroix that Nick turns for help when he finds he's losing control of his vampire in The Raven.

LC: Listen to me, Nicholas, there are no such things as demons and devils. N: You must take me to him. LC: Who? What are you talking about? N: Vanderwahl. He's an exorcist. LC: I will take you to no such man. N [hands around LaCroix's throat]: You must take me or I will be destroyed. LC: I do not take kindly to coercion, Nicholas. N: Please help me, LaCroix, please.

During the exorcism: V: The evil in him is very powerful. I need your help. LC: This is all nonsense. V: And yet you are here. Could it be that you feel compelled to suspend disbelief. Are you responsible for his turmoil? Is it you who opened the door to let the devil into him? The devil you try so hard to dismiss. Help me. Help him. LC: I can't. V: Nicholas knows you and trusts you, and that may be the difference in the end. Otherwise, we may lose him.

N: Nicholas belongs to me. He is already lost. He is mine. He no longer needs you. LC: He is my creation. My son. I won't let you take him from me. V: You, also? LC: Yes. V: Little wonder you find this all so hard to believe. To admit the devil is to admit God, and yet you see both before you. Then help us. [....]

V: In God's name I command thee. N: ? LC: Quiet, Nicholas. N: This is not your fight, LaCroix. You are one of us. You belong to us. LC: Listen to me, Nicholas. You must fight this demon. There is goodness in you. There is God in you.

Nick throws LaCroix away from him. Nat comes in and he grabs her to bite, but looking into her eyes he backs down and the demon leaves. V: For the devil to be driven out, one must first believe that God has not abandoned the soul. Torn as he is by good and evil, Nick does have faith. [to LC] And your acceptance of that helped to save him. LC: I did what was necessary to reclaim him. V: Yes, of course you did. LC: This never happened.

Spain, The Inquisition

During the Spanish Inquisition, Nick and LaCroix are captured as they sleep and thrown into a cell with two other prisoners, one who already sounds insane. The theory of the Inquisition is simple. If you're innocent, then being burned at the stake just means your soul goes to heaven. If you're not innocent, then you get what you deserve. Nick lets his vampire out to save the saner, kinder man. Turnabout being fair play, the man comes to help Nick and LaCroix escape.
The daughter of a murder victim, the singer Christie Black, is under the chemical influence of a live-in doctor, a situation which Nick doesn't approve. The girl escapes while the others are talking and tries to walk in front of a car, but Nick saves her and the doctor takes her back. Christie appears late at the office of her business manager and kills the woman. She then goes to the jail where her brother is being held and kills him, too. Nick and Tracy find tapes with subliminal messages to kill the people close to her. Nick has to stop her before she can kill the next victim - herself.

Russia, early 20th c

Nick is introduced to Rasputin by Czar Nicholas, who doesn't like the man's influence over the Czarina. Nick sees that influence for himself and recognizes Rasputin as a vampire. LaCroix brought the man across for mischief, and has soldiers shoot him, though it won't kill the man. Just stir up trouble, which LaCroix enjoys. Nick stakes Rasputin in front of the Czar, who sends him away.
A scientist's experiments to find a cure for his HIV status leads to accidental murder and the release of a white rat who becomes lunch for Screed, setting off a contagious disease that is decimating the vampire community. LaCroix considers the impact on his children and kills the man, discovering by accident that the antidote for the poison in the vampire's blood is the HIV contaminated blood of the scientist. Ah, irony. But too late for Screed.

London, Black Plague

A doctor during the Black Plague epidemic begs Nick and LaCroix to give him their secret for remaining plague-free so that he can save more people. Nick brings him across only to have him go bad and lose his connection to the sick of the city.
Dead of Night
A haunted house brings to Nick, Reese, Natalie and Tracy people for whom their guilt has not yet been expunged.

Nick had assured his new wife that he would be able to bring her across, and promised they would be together for eternity. Didn't work. Nick begs her forgiveness, and she explains that she needed to know that he remembered her and what they had together. She encourages him to leave before souls that aren't as forgiving get there. But she delays long enough to show Nick where the murder clue he's searching can be found.

Natalie is haunted by the ghost of her grandmother because she didn't visit her at the hospital during the woman's last illness. Nat tells her that she resented her because of her heavy hand when she took care of Nat as a child. Her grandmother apologizes and Nat apologizes, and they're both at peace.

Tracy is haunted by Susan, the girl from her childhood who was caught in the train track and couldn't get free before the train came and killed her. Tracy was too young to know what she could have done to help. Susan seems to be the one ghost that doesn't end up in forgiving mode, since she lures Tracy out into the street and Nick saves her from being hit by a car.

The Captain sees Jordan, a soldier from his platoon, and the meaning of that is never explained.

Europe, Renaissance

Nick marries a young woman and tells her that he's a vampire on their wedding night. He explains that he wants to bring her across and she agrees, wanting to be with him eternally. Unfortunately, he enjoys drinking his wife too much, and he's feeding his own blood to a corpse. When he tries unsuccessfully to awaken her, LaCroix drops by to explain that he let too much time go by for her to be saved. Too bad.
Games Vampires Play
The co-owner of a computer game company is murdered and Nick suspects the remaining owner. His problem is that he's having trouble staying interested in the job. Everything feels repetitious. Luckily for him, a major clue is the virtual reality vampire game.

Virtual Reality Game

In the game Nick must do what he stops himself from doing in the real world - kill and drink the blood of his victims. As his friends worry that he's becoming addicted, Nick uses the explanation that the person playing against him, the murderer, is overconfident enough to be leading him to the actual physical clues to the murder.
The Human Factor
Janette returns with the son of her lover to revenge the man's murder. After dropping the boy with his aunt, Janette comes to Nick for help. He's still dwelling on the fact that she left with no word to him. Janette explains that his quest for humanity was making her question her own vampirism, and she didn't want to do that. The help she needs is to get the evidence out of a locker that will clear the name of the murdered man who was an arson investigator framed for arson. Nick must really still be out of it since he doesn't realize Janette is mortal until she's shot and bleeds. You'd think Nat would be ecstatic that someone has found a way to turn a vampire human, but she's just unpleasant at the thought that Janette is still taking revenge her own way.

Toronto 1993

LC: Cold, barren, bleak, winter is the kindest season. The heart will not melt in winter. Chilled by the cold, we're spared the grief, the sorrow, the messy emotions of life. Winter is solace for the lonely. It's cool touch soothes the tattered heart. ...

J: I've had a wonderful few years here. This is my home. It has sheltered me and allowed me to shelter others who needed. To be a mother to the strays, as it were. LC: Ah, yes, the joys of parenting strays. We really must compare notes someday. {she pushes papers to him] And what is this? J: The deed. I'm giving The Raven to you. LC: Why? J: Because I'm leaving. LC: Really. Why? J: You always told me I would know when the time came. LC: And how do you know that your time has come? J: Because what you feared most has happened to me. Doubt - of what I am. LC: What you are is a vampire. It's quite simple, really. J: No. It's not so simple anymore. LC: Nicholas. J: I like what I am and I don't want to change. I don't want to end up like him - drawn to mortals and their humanity. I must get away from him to reaffirm what I am. I agree you go. Nicola must not know. He already has enough doubt in his life. LaCroix, be sure that there is always a place where strays like us have a x.

Montreal 1993

Janette has fallen in love with a man and lets him know what she is. He lets her feed and each time she needs less. She feels her humanity growing and when he is killed, she is unable to save him and bring him across. The bitterest irony.


Nick dreams that what worked for Janette and her lover could work for himself and Natalie. In his dream, she tells him that she's pregnant and they're both joyful.
Avenging Angel
A shelter for battered women is the site of a murder of the mother of a young woman. The girl accuses her father, but the evidence doesn't quite fit the case, though all want to believe that an abuser could also be the murderer. Tainted evidence means that the man is to walk free, but the woman in charge of the house can't stand the thought and shoots him herself, never knowing that the daughter has finally confessed to the crime.

Mid 19th century

During a cockfight, Nick is disturbed by a man beating his wife and interferes against LaCroix's advice. At a scream they both run and find the woman has been killed. Nick searches out the man and kills him.
Fallen Idol
A wrestler's young brother is mentally retarded, though he was of normal intelligence at birth. The wrestler has been accused of murdering another wrestler, and it's not clear what will happen to the boy. Nat is frustrated because Nick won't allow her to experiment with giving the boy Nick's blood, so she does it behind his back. Though the boy's intelligence skyrockets so, too, does his aggression. Eventually he falls back to his previous mental state, but now at peace with his brother.


LaCroix's anger returns when he stands at Fleur's grave and Nick says that it was her choice to stay mortal. LaCroix reminds him that it was Nick's decision, not Fleur's. Fleur had contacted him when she knew she was dying and asked him to take care of her son. LaCroix sees it only as Nick's way to absolve himself from guilt. Since Nick intends to tell the boy eventually about being a vampire, LaCroix decides better sooner than later and brings the boy to see Nick kill and drink women in the basement.
Jane Doe
A serial killer of anonymous black women, and a virulent racist, has become a famous author and gotten out of prison on a technicality. Reese seems obsessed with the man, whom he is sure has killed the most recent victim. Reese is finally able to prove it, though the man avoids justice by killing himself.

Germany/Austria, 1930's

Traveling on a train, Nick and LaCroix meet a young German corporal with strong dislike of gypsies and an aura of such evil that even LaCroix can't bring himself to bring the man across for mischief. In fact, LaCroix can't even bring himself to drink the man. The signature on the drawing the man did of LaCroix is of A. Hitler. How might the world have gone if LaCroix had been really hungry that night.
A psychiatrist specializes in past life regressions and is working with a young man who becomes the female Francesca while under hypnosis. He names Nicholas as both lover and killer. The young man kidnaps the psychiatrist who has gone to the police because of the possibility the young man is the one who has killed and drained the blood out of recent victims. Dressed as a woman, the young man is about to kill the psychiatrist but is caught and killed by Nicholas. Again.

Avignon, 18th century

Nicholas and LaCroix arrive at the home of a daughter of LaCroix, Francesca. She is known for the quality of her entertainments, LaCroix notes, and the musical performance that evening was brilliant. In the evening, she takes Nicholas to her bed and gives him a wine, waiting to see his pleasure. At his first taste, he's shocked. It's the musician Flaubert. He's horrified; she doesn't understand. Nicholas sets free the men in her basement and in the fight that follows, Francesca dies.
Ashes to Ashes
LaCroix finds a head in a box on his bar, and the headless body in a cabinet. An anonymous call to the police bring them to the bar where he has to find some explanation. To Nick he tells a story he has never told before. He was brought across by his own daughter and killed her when she wanted them to become lovers. As Divia is starting to kill those around him, LaCroix questions whether he should have become her lover, but Nick says he would have despised himself. After Divia kills Urs, and mortally wounds Vachon, she attacks Nick and thinks that she's killed him.

She next goes to her father, almost killing him before Nick arrives and stakes her.

That night he stands with LaCroix in a junkyard where LaCroix will burn her body on the roof of a car. This time LaCroix intends to get it right so Divia doesn't come back!

LC: They say that there's no greater suffering for a parent than to outlive his child. Fortunately there are exceptions. I never thought I'd say this, Nicholas, but for once I'm glad of your insistent search for your humanity. Perhaps your resurgent goodness was all that was needed to defeat Divia's evil. NL Urs and Vachon were young. They didn't know how to deal with it. I'm sorry for your loss, LaCroix. LC: Thank you. Urs' body? N: I've had Nat take care of that. LC: And Vachon? N: Tracy buried him next to Screed. She knows what they are. LC: Indeed. Is this going to be a problem? N: Vachon once told me she's a resister, but I've seen you work around that. LC: What exactly would you like her to remember? N: That Vachon was a good friend, a vampire who thought it was time to move on. LC: A vampire? N: The knowledge of our existence was Vachon's gift to her. We have no right to take that away. LC: If that is what you wish. I will stay here with Divia until her body is turned to ashes and then commit them to the wind. I may even say a prayer. N: Good night, LaCroix. LC: Nicholas.

Pompeii, 79

LaCroix was brought across by his daughter Divia to save him from the destruction of Pompeii. She had been ill and was brought across herself by an old healer. When Vesuvius explodes, LaCroix can hardly believe that someone of his power could die. Prescient of him. Divia asks him to choose death or life. He chooses life.

Egypt, 99

While inspecting the tomb of Aya-Hotep, Divia mentions that she killed and buried her own master here, with him guarded by the sun god on the coffin lid. LaCroix is appalled that she would kill an ancient, one who knew so much of their origins and was deserving of respect. Divia can't see it at all. He had plans for her and she intended to be put to no one's purpose but her own. In explaining herself to her father, she sees their kind as being outside normal mores and ethics and suggests that they be lovers. LaCroix is horrified and seizes a scythe and decapitates her, placing her in that same coffin .
Last Knight
One of Natalie's closest friends, a psychiatrist, kills herself in the bathtub while LaCroix speaks of suicide.

LC: Life is a gift, as sweet as a ripe peach, as precious as a gilded jewel. I have never been able to understand the logic of willfully surrendering such a treasure, and what is there to gain? How dark can your existence be? Don't trade a treasure for an empty box.

The suicide note the woman left for Nat was a wakeup call for her, in Nat's opinion. Time to remember that she has to have a life outside of her work.

LC: Love, it warms our senses, twists our souls, can take us past hope, past cure, past help. I know about love. It's suffering; it's anguish; it's pain. Heaven makes means to kill our joy with love, and yet we must have it at any cost. But are you so enamored that you will overlook your love of life, and you do love it. I've seen you smell the sea, gaze at the stars at night. Are you willing to sacrifice one mistress for another? Look into your heart and tell me that you're willing to make the choice.

Natalie tries to corner Nick into committing to her; into bringing her over. He doesn't want to do it. But then Tracy is shot in the precinct because Nick tried to talk a suicidal man out of shooting. Tracy was an accident.

LC: Haven't you tired of this incessant guilt? Hasn't it swayed your back, and stooped your shoulders to the point of throwing it off? You insist on taking responsibility for the actions and emotions of those around you when they alone are truly responsible. It is so foolish. It is so unnecessary. It is so x(?maudlin?) and it must stop. This and all else that has happened tonight should make that clear to you.

The Captain tells him there's going to be an investigation and it will be hard on him. Nick accepts that. As he looks at her in the hospital bed, the vampire rises and he wants to save Tracy by bringing her across, but Natalie arrives and stops him. (N: And why is it so easy to consider bringing her across and so impossible to consider bringing me.) It's her jealousy speaking, but Nick backs away. He goes to LaCroix, only to find LaCroix packing to leave. He returns to his home to find Natalie there. She tells him that Tracy passed away twenty minutes ago. And again she presses for him to bring her across. Now, emotionally weakened, he does, only to find that, again, he's drunk too much.

LaCroix arrives on the scene and Nick implores him, as his closest friend, to kill him so he can be with Natalie. LaCroix's agreement is assumed, but no final stroke is seen.

No flashbacks are described because they're not there for good reason, but to take up screen time to allow the episode to be made cheaply.


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