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Dark Knight
A museum security guard with two puncture marks on his neck and not enough blood in his body. A missing antique green stone cup. Nick knows a little more about archeology than the asst curator expects. She'd be a lot more surprised if she could see Nick drinking blood out of an identical stone cup. The killing and the frustration of Nick's desire for an artifact believed to cure vampirism means one thing - Nick's vampire master, LaCroix, is back. With his talk show as "The Night Crawler." Father/son relations could use some work, and Nick plays rebellious child by killing his "father." Twice.

Paris, 1228

LC: My Nicholas. Now you are as eternal as Paris. N: I'm thirsty. LC: Yes... I know. It's very simple. It's time to kill.

N: I can hear her heart. LC: It beats for you. N: Her life. LC: Mortals die. Does it really matter how or when? Can you smell her blood? N: I'm so hungry. LC: Yield to your thirst. Drink out her goodness. Her life for yours.

For I Have Sinned
Two religious murders lead Nick to question the local priest. A good move since the priest just took the confession of the killer. Too bad he can't let anyone know so that the killing can be stopped.

France, 1429-31

Enjoying his vampire existence, Nick becomes fascinated by Joan of Arc and attempts at various points in her life to persude her to let him bring her across. She thinks martyrdom is preferable, thank you very much.
Last Act
A vampire love of Nick's commits suicide when she feels she has nothing more to contribute to society. Though he should be focused on the question of whether a young doctor was a suicide or a homocide, Nick spends quite a bit of time letting his imagination haunt him as the woman coming back and suggesting that he kill himself, too.

England, 18th-19th c

S: Your blood courses through me. So strong. So many memories. N: What do you see? S: A fight in the blazing sun. A castle - Moorish, I think. N: The Crusades. S: You were wounded, nearly killed. N: Yes. S: I hate the thought of dying. N: Then why do you think of dying yourself? S: My blood told that to you? Have I infected you with that thought? N: No. It's just that I don't understand. That's all. Not from you. S: Life is so precious, and we are so blessed with our endless years, but we must contribute to it. Add to it. To pay for those lives we've taken away. There will come a time when this lust that I have for life will wain.
Dance by the Light
of the Moon

Two men of good reputation act badly. What's in common is a strip club and a stripper, Serena. Serena likes to play it dangerous by convincing men to go bad and then commit the ultimate bad herself by killing them. Nick pretends to be seduced by her into killing Schanke.

Paris, 1228

What can turn a good woman bad in Nick's opinion? A woman. In his case, Janette, who seduced him into wanting her so much that he allowed himself to be brought across by her master, LaCroixs. A gift for the girl who has everything.
Dying to Know You
A real psychic is brought in to help solve a murder and kidnapping. She would be making more progress if Nick didn't keep hovering over her and make her see people fly. She's afraid she's going crazy. In solving the murder, she brings about her own death but as she's dying, Nick lets her know she wasn't crazy and flies her through the night.

Puritan New England, 17th c

Brother Matthew saw Nick fly and when confronted, Nick says he didn't see it. The accumulation of such events drives Matthew to pray. He feels that he can't live with his potential mental deficiency or bewitchment. Nick still won't tell him, and Matthew commits suicide rather than bear the pressure of likely insanity.
False Witness
When a scared snitch wearing a wire is discovered and killed, the killer keeps yelling that he didn't do it. Nick hadn't reached him by the time the shot was fired, but he lies and says he did to make the conviction. The cops and prosecutor are thrilled. Nick grows gradually guilty about his betrayal of the truth, and finally confesses he didn't see anything when he is on the stand under oath. The perp walks. Not the way to win friends around the station house.

England, mid 18th c

Nick allows a man to be falsely accused for the murder of his girlfriend, who was actually killed by Janette. A witness lied and the boy was condemned to death. Nick was only able to save him by helping him escape.

N: LaCroix, music feeds the soul. LC: It''s a pity that music is one of the few things that mortals excel at. Why do you think that is, Nicholas? Is it because they have a soul? N: And you do not. LC: And we do not.

Cherry Blossoms
Nick tries to find and protect an injured murder witness, but is recognized by the girl's grandfather as the vampire who killed his own mother. Following the man, Nick finds the girl and sends Natalie to help her. His report to the station is intercepted by one of the bad guys and Nick is forced to use vampire powers to defend the group. He uses accupuncture to paralyze Nick so that he can kill him. Janette rushes to Nick's defense in the daylight and convinces the man that it was not Nick who killed his mother, but LaCroix.

Chinatown, 19th c

The mother of Nick's attempted killer is attempting to cure Nick's vampirism with accupuncture, and has temporarily paralyzed him. Not a good idea when LaCroix and Janette arrive. THe woman is killed by LaCroix, the murder witnessed by her son.
I Will Repay
Trying to help with a station house shooter, Natalie's baby brother is shot and the doctors say he's going to die. Natalie can't deal with that and uses Nick's debt to her to coerce him into bringing her brother across. It's Nick, rather than Natalie, who turns out to be right. Richard finds the need for blood and his desire to put away bad guys (he's a prosecutor) as too strong and uncontrollable. He kills the bad guys and the good one. When he would have attacked Nick and maybe his own wife, Nick kills him and erases from Richard's wife's mind the horror that she's seen.

Irish coast, 18th c

Coming across a woman who was likely a leper who had been an intended victim of rape, and then of murder, Nick asks her permission and brings her across. He expects her to use this gift of life and beauty for good, and is shocked when she takes revenge on the men who stabbed her. Bad judge of character. Nick, in his turn, kills the woman and buries all three of them in the sand.

Paris, 1228

LC: You will live longer than in your wildest dreams. You'll see life begin, and end, and begin again. I taught Nero the tune, and together we watched Rome burn. I rode with Charlemagne and taught Genghis Khan the lessons of war. All of these opportunities I have given you. A life never threatened by age or disease. You are a blessed man.
Dead Air
A talk show psychiatrist gets call-ins from a serial killer, Matthew, who kills while on the radio. Matthew turns out to be one of her patients, and not one of her happier ones. When he calls into the show to talk about fantasy versus reality with Nick as guest host, Nick taunts him into staying on the phone too long so that Nick can find him.

England, Middle Ages

J: He does look like your father. N: How can you be so cruel? LC: It was bred into me. N: No. No, we're killers, not torturers. LC: You're right. The resemblance is uncanny. Tell me you love me, father. Say, "I love you, Oedipus." Say "I'm sorry, Oedipus," and "Forgive me, Oedipus, my son, for the treacherous introduction to the world that I gave you." N: Oedipus killed his father by accident. LC: Nobody believes that. Not anymore.
Dead Issue
When the police commissioner's wife is found with a man she shot, office politics comes into the picture. Nick sees problems with her story, but his boss wants everything dropped. Against orders, Nick proceeds with the case until his boss, too, has to face the evidence. The woman didn't shoot the man. Her husband did, but made her feel that she was responsible for the man's death because of her infidelity.

Europe, Renaissance

Nick becomes angry when a nude model assumes that it was her beauty that made the painter rape her. The painter suggests that Nick reap the same reward and mentions the girl's strenuous objections. Nick is unable to convince the girl that society's image of her as evil female seductress is just plain wrong. In her guilt, the girl poisons herself. Faced with an uncaring artist, Nick turns the painter into a quick snack.
First Schanke's friend is killed, then Schanke gets a warning that he's next. A secret police location doesn't prove secret enough when it blows up, so Nick parks Schanke in the safest place he can think of, Janette's Raven. Janette entertains Schanke with the story of how Nick protected the three of them with uncommon, for Nicholas, violence against the Chicago mob. An ad in the police magazine, sends Schanke off to solve his own problem. Nick arrives in time to distract the cop dropout so Schanke can take him down.

England, 19th c

Forced into the daylight to flee for their lives, LaCroix, Janette and Nick take shelter in an abandoned house. But their refuge seems more like a prison with no way out when the attackers surround it and shoot LaCroix through the door. Their salvation comes from Nick being able to be violent when it's needed.
Father Figure
A young witness to a murder so endears herself to Nick et al that he takes her home to avoid having her sent to the dangers of the social system. There's danger, and then there's danger when the killer break into Nick's to permanently silence her just when she's blinded Nick with reflected sunlight.

England, WWII

Nick and Janette are tempted into adopting a sassy young orphan. LaCroix isn't as pleased with this addition to his family until he lets his sense of mischief loose and really makes the boy a member of his family.
Dying for Fame
Deep in the drunk and drugged life of a rock star, a woman wakes up next to a dead body. But rather than foretelling a future spent in jail, a series of threatening notes might be warning of a future spent dead.

America, 1960's

In a series of fantasy flashes, Nick walks down empty streets where he is watched by the characters on a TV set in a window, and is applauded by an audience as he and his guitar rises into the air.
Spin Doctor
Schanke and Natalie take their political arguments to extremes as each volunteers for the campaign of their choice. There they learn just how much of a blood sport a campaign can be.

Chicago, 1950's

Nick's beloved life as an archelogy professor at University of Chicago is ripped from him when he is brought before the House on Unamerican Activities.
Only the Lonely
With yet another birthday arriving, Nat examines her life. Wanting to get closer to Nick but not thinking it's possible, Natalie begins to date a man who is a serial killer. Great luck picking men, Nat.

Toronto 1990

While attempting to save someone, Nick is mortally wounded and brought to the morgue. Well, mortally isn't probably the right word, as Natalie sees her dead body sit up.
Unreality TV
Followed by a video crew from a reality cop show, Nick is caught using vampire powers. Because proof exists, Nick is unable to modify her memories, and needs to save her from the vampire cleanup squad, the Enforcers.

Mid 19th century

A doctor during an American war, Nick is brought a photograph which shows an Angel of Death hovering over the bodies on the battlefield. Good going, LaCroix! When Nick won't solve the problem of the photographer being unmodifiable, the Enforcers arrive and LaCroix puts himself at fault, saving Nick.
Feeding the Beast
On undercover assignment, Nick attends an addiction support group and is drawn into its promise of ending addiction. Unfortunately, his sponsor talks a better game of sex addiction than she acts out, and Nick spins into a massive depression and loses himself in blood until he can be pulled out by Natalie.


A visual expression of his vampire side, LaCroix appears again offering Nick a different solution - the accepting of himself as a vampire. For some reason, this just doesn't help.
A crazy man takes Natalie hostage in the police station and Nick tries to figure out how to defuse the situation, save Natalie, and not give himself away by the use of his powers.

Eastern Europe, 1950's

In his quest for an ancient book that promises a solution to vampirism, Nick volunteers to help an undercover group trying to escape from the Communist east. His payment? The book. Their suspicions aren't his only problem. LaCroix has shown up and is willing to let the Eastern block police do the work for him as long as they realize that the American is his.
If Looks Could Kill
Beautiful women seem to be going crazy and killing in rage. What do they all have in common? The same physician, a vampire from Nick's past who understands their desire for beauty.

Paris, 18th century

A lover just passing her prime has figured out Nick's secret and wants it for herself so that she will stay young and beautiful. Guess she hasn't looked in a mirror lately. But what Nick won't do for her, Janette will. It's a girl thing.
Fatal Mistake
Nick's boss shoots a young boy and a question is raised whether or not there was a gun. Nick finds that there was and reduces his boss's guilt. Probably a good career move.

England, mid 17th c

A happy Cavalier, Nick takes up LaCroix's suggestion that the bar maid would be good for more than just alcoholic drinks. But Nick's guilt at seeing the girl laid out and mourned leads LaCroix to interfere by bringing her across. What good that will do Nick is unexplained since LaCroix doesn't tell him. The girl, now a vampire, is thirsting herself - for revenge on Nick for a really bad first, and last, date.
Love You to Death
A nerdy photography helper falls in love with a lingerie model and begins by killing people he thinks were unkind to her, and ends by locking her up for himself alone.

London or Paris, late 19th c

Nick points out his new love to LaCroix, a ballet dancer. Bad idea. LaCroix informs him that she is of easy virtue and really quite debached. Taken in by some of LaCroix's vampire friends, Nick becomes angry and drinks her to death. At which point, LaCroix admits his little joke. Bad timing. From therein on, Nick means to not even drink from those who deserve killing.

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