Richard C. Monnier

Aug 31, 1961

8/31/61 1 AM - 5:00 PM
My Dearest Darling Mary,

I love you and miss you greatly!

At the present we are about seventy miles from Springfield Mo. I'm in the back seat of the car and so you can guess who must be driving.

I've read and reread your letters for the first day out. It was beautiful. You'll never know how much I think of it and appreciate it. I also read very carefully through the letter you wrote while you were waiting for me.

Let us understand one thing that you seem to question - I love you! More than anything else on earth.

I never mean to hurt you although at times I no doubt do as at times you do to me. You must realize that if things I do or say bother you it was a mistake - they are never meant to.

You are the dearest thing I have in life - nothing can ever mean more to me than the girl that I want to marry.

I love you, you must understand that. I give you my life which is everything I have to give. My words can never hope to reproduce all that I feel nor all that I really mean. It's like the shadow of some delicately formed structure cast into a rough and hewn surface which distorts it.

I miss you very much as I told you I would. But yet, I feel that you're close to me, for I have you in my heart.

We should be back on the 16th not the 18th as we had thought.

Please forgive the total absence of organization and all of the errors; it's difficult to write while riding and I'm very tired - that's why I'm not driving at the moment.

I've been thinking about our home as I've seen some very beautiful ones while driving West. I think that you're going to have to learn to like (what a structure!) the West. It's likely that you'll be living there.

I'll read your second letter a little later and write again either late tonight or early tomorrow so that you'll receive it on the day after. How I wish I could hold you in my arms instead of only this letter which you in turn will hold.

I can't imagine how I could love you anymore than I do. My whole life and happiness is now tied up in you.

Just so that you'll have it, here is Albert's add.

Albert V. Shatzel
Ferson Optical Co., Inc.
Ocean Springs
If I could be any fonder of you than I am - then this short absence has made my heart grow fonder.
All My Love To My Loving Wife,

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