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A Regency Christmas Carol has been on the Ingram A-List of Top Fifty Romances (by bookstore orders) for four weeks! Thank you all and, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us. Every one.

My Christmas gift to all of you.
Insider pages for all my Christmas Stories.

And some wonderful Christmas covers you can copy and send on to your friends as E-mail Christmas Greetings too!

Xmas97 - ISBN 0-451-169387-3
May all your wishes come true.

Xmas '92 - ISBN ISBN 0-451-17442-9
May your family
be always around you.

Xmas '95 - ISBN 0-451-18014-3
May your journey
be never alone.

Xmas '89 - ISBN 0-451-16484-9
May every place
you visit
become a loving home.

A joyous season of love and romance
from me and mine
to you and yours.
Edith Layton

Xmas '95 - ISBN 0-451-40527-7
Wishing you
the lover of your dreams.

Xmas '96 - ISBN 0-451-19046-7
Wishing you
sugarplums and cremes.

Xmas '91 - ISBN 0-451-16364-8
And wishing you the best year that you have ever seen.

Edith Layton
Mary Van Deusen, web mistress

Romance can be a special holiday present.

You can send any of these images to your friends as holiday greeting email attachments. For example, to save an image in Netscape Navigator on a PC, just hold your cursor over the image and rightclick your mouse and click Save Image As ... on the menu that pops up.
Then when you send mail, attach the image file to your email message.

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