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Class of 1962 Student Index

Latin scholars who brought distinction upon themselves and their school are (standing) Theresa Drew, Kathy O'Keefe, Patrice Ward; (sitting) Bonnie Meyers and Jean Drumm.

Auxilium Latinum is more than the magazine Kathy is reading in the above picture. To all Latin students it means a challenge. Each year, a nation-wide contest is sponsored by the Association for Promotion of Study of Latin.

Schools having three medalists are presented with a trophy. 1960 brought a trophy to Aquinas and medals to Bonnie Meyers, Jean Drumm and Kathy O'Keefe. Jean and Bonnie teamed with Theresa Drew for the 1961 awards.

Freshmen at Aquinas know that Latin lives today! These freshmen are beginning to understand that Latin lives in English, too, and next year they will find it in history - Caesar's conquests.

Joanne Morgan, Mary Kay Maher, Sherry Nauer, Sandra Gray and Kathleen Fitzgibbons work over the vocabulary drill.

As upperclassmen, they will realize Latin's impact on English and American literature. Advanced studies of Cicero's famous speeches, Ovid's poetry and Vergil's epic preserve a lively language in its ripe old age.

Kathy Lusk discusses Vergil's epic with an advanced Latin class.

A bulletin board serves as an important reminder.

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