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Canary Tryst

Spring Concert
Program, Chorus and Orchestra

Science Fair 1962

April 14, 1962 - International Amphitheatre
Donovan Hall - 42nd and Halsted Sts

Library Pin Science Fair Pin

Science Fair
What do I remember from my days at Aquinas?

The Victorian style green gym costumes.

Thunderous cheering for volleyball and basketball games.

Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

Energetic dancing at lunchtime.

The green uniforms and marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown.

Clarice Strauch's heavenly singing voice.

Trips by bus to the state Science Fair in Champaign-Urbana - it seemed such an adventure.

Terrie Benson, 4/11/06
Science Fair
My favorite place was the library, and my favorite events were the science fairs. My projects always had to do with astronomy, but I loved wandering the huge gym looking at Joanie Donovan's latest weather project, and all of the amazing experiments people would think up. The project in the picture was from my freshman year. My brother made the projector for me out of a Hawaiian juice can insulated with a Skippy peanut butter jar top. Fellow students in Sr. Thomas Owen's homeroom saved Quaker Oats container tops, which I painted black and stuck nails in to show the constellations.
Mary Van Deusen, 4/7/06
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