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Memories of Aquinas

Lyric of the Leaves
Lyric of the Leaves

November 25, 1959

A swirl of moonbeam touched the night
As ___________________________ rang the bell,
And off we flew on a leaf so light
To our autumn carousel.
We danced in rusty ecstacy
To Saint Rita's musical spell
Then rode on star drops to _____________________
From Autumn's carousel.
As night drew up her curtain at __________________
And stardust shadows fell
We tripped a pathway homeward
While autumn sang farewell.

My "Lyric of the Leaves" memory is:

  • Brighter than the harvest moon
  • Like a flickering star
  • Strictly cloudy

Homecoming '60
Homecoming '60

November 24, 1960


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bonardi
Mrs. James Flanigan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kubiak
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Webster

Homecoming '61
Homecoming '61

November 22, 1961


Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Kewley
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Rafferty
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pilat
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kotas



Where is the heart that does not keep
Within its innmost store
Some fond remembrance hidden deep
Of days that are no more.

Who hasn't saved some trifling thing
More prized than all the rest--
A crumpled, faded Homecoming bid
Imprinted on that bid our Crest.

Once this crest joined us as one
With ties so strong and true
May these memories live tonight
In each and everyone of you.

Canary Tryst
Canary Tryst

April 22, 1962

South Shore Juniorettes of Marillac

Louis XVI
Sherman Hotel

April the Twenty-second
Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-two

Music by Chuck Cavallo

Eight-thirty to Eleven-thirty



This is the night
Of our Canary Tryst
With dreamy music
We cannot resist.

All a-flutter
As dreams come true
Enchanted hours
Shared with you.

At ______ o'clock
As we unwind
Romance and memories
Remain intertwined.

Date was:

  • Twisted
  • Untwisted
  • Simply bent

Memories Linger On

May 19, 1962

Class of 1962
Aquinas High School

Crystal Ballroom
Shoreland Hotel

May the Nineteenth
Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-two

Music by
Chuck Cavallo and His Orchestra

Nine to Twelve



President Peggy Fergeson
Vice-President Clarice Strauch
Social Chairman Eileen O'Connor
Secretary Leslie Bloom
Treasurer Jean Skoronski



Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Skoronski



Tonight, a curtain closes,
And we take a final bow,
To the many years we have spent
Which are slowly ending now.

But let time stop this evening,
For just an hour or two
And we will recall the memories
That seem, right now, too few.

And gathered all together
We will not say "Goodbye"
For thoughts that will remain
With you, will never die.

One phase of life is ended,
But one day we may arrive
Assembled all together
As the class of Aquinas High.

Loretta Sieg

Lynn Meister (thanks, Clarice).

I remember well the floor length, white chiffon dress that I wore to "The Memory Lingers On." I just crawled through my attic and found it stuffed into a suitcase. It had floor length sashes falling from each shoulder and, as we walked along Lake Michigan, the sashes blew out behind and my date sang to me "Simple Gifts" from "Appalachian Spring." I have never before or since felt like a fairy princess, but I did for that walk.

I also remember the nuns going crazy about the dress as they were checking us for too thin straps because the dress actually had sleeves!
Mary Van Deusen, 4/25/06

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