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Abraham G. Lansing Esqr.

Dear Brother

I have the pleasure to inform you that our subscription for a Bridge at the falls has xx been attended with as much success as could well be expected. xx Walter & myself have been to Salem on that business and our sum stands this Day at one hundred and fifty two pounds very little of which is on slender foundation - will it not be in your power to obtain something in the City of those person who are proprietors of lands in the County if there is any prospect let me know and I shall send down a subscription list.

I have not yet been able to procure a master workman to examine the Mill place and undertake the building as the only two persons who are not concerned in Mills and of whom I have got proper recommendations are as John Schuyler informed me engaged by him. I shall see one of them this week and learn upon what terms he is agreed with Schuyler and if he is out of reach I will go at a distance to get another.

Mr Rogers will go down this Week, you may expect to pay fifty pounds for the spot you are to have from him for I find he has been consulting with several of his friends on the Hill. I hope he may disappoint me but his schemes I should are not without some meaning altho I would not let him escape yet I think it would not be amiss to let him know your opinion respecting his conduct as the value of the lands in question cannot at any remote period be of very great advantage to himself or his heirs since it is not left in his power to do any thing with the Creek and the ground back if the spot is as well-calculated for building Tavern & as that nearer the Creek, the only principle then upon which he can proceed (if he demands so much) is the ungenerous one of taking the advantage of your situation. Your letter to Lush can I think hardly fail of success, but be alert notwithstanding as I have reason to belieft that Tesst is also in pursuit of it.

Jacob Hempseed & Co are here & well but I am disappointed by not having a little of the golden kitesfoot to smoke with them. They join Maria & me in complements to all their friends.

Harry has twenty five Bushels of wheat if you send more stone ware do not put up any thing but xx 1 Quart Juggs & large stone Potts.

Yours Affectionately

G. Lansing

6 Feby 1792

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