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Gansevoort/Lansing Collection
Abraham G. Lansing Esq.
Watervliet, Albany County

Oriskany Sepr 24th 1827

My dear friends

I received your kind and affection latter dated the 17th on the 20th with the box of fruit which arrived in perfect good order, indeed so much so that it had the appearance of having been gathered that day. I can x you it is many years since I have seen such a lovely sight and for which we thank you & sister Susan.

From x x hearts I should have acknowledged the receipt of your letter & the present on the day Capn Word delivered them, but my Lansing was from home after you left us he was taken with painb in his bowels. He thought a jaunt to the opening of Richfield would do him much good. I believe it has as I have been informed that next afternoon John c. Devereux arrived in Utica in perfectly good health & the x x Susan is improving in health since she weaned her little girl x the tooth x of her mother's strength and kept her very feeble. The grpes I have divided with Richard & Bleeckers families and you may rest assured we all had a grand feast. The x I kept for myself, I tell x that I have made as fine a x of preserved x as she ever has x and if she will not believe me she must come & see & taste. I have not received a line from either son, or Charlotte - a few lines would be very acceptable from them, with much love & affection to you all. I am sincerely your friend & sister.

Mary Lansing

PS by G.G. Lansing,

My Dear Sister & Brother,

I am extremely happy to find that your western excursion has had such a beneficial affect on the health & spirits of you both which gives rise to a confident hope tht you will repeat the visit next season. you must however allow me to protest in the strongest manner against the shortness of your xx here nothing less than (in the language of our friend Col Mappary which solely applys to the latter x) a week or Six will be thought of and I beg you to arrange your concerns at home in such way as to leave no loop hole for cares of that x to enter your breasts & drive you home as if you was afraid of being bitten by a mad dog at Oriskany or Utica. And now my Brother let me tell you that, notwithstanding all your crossness & finding fault with your poor unoffending and meek Brother, I would rather see you again at Oriskany, Oneida Lake than to have any other earthly whim gratified. I shall communicate to our Friends at the Lake and to those at Olden x all your kind greetings & good wishes. Mary is so delighted with your Burgundy grapes that she tells me to beg of you to put up for her a few cuttings in a small Sugar Box and send them up together with instructions as to the most approved methods of cultivating them.

The Stage horn allows me only time to send my affectionate best wishes to you all.

Yours Sincerely.

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