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Abraham G. Lansing Esq.

Oriskany April 2rd 1828

My dear Abraham & Susan

We regreat that it has not been in our power to acknowledge the reception of your kind and affectionate letter, dated teh 9th of this month, with the accompaniment of grape cuttings, which we received in fine order xx soil is cold & unkind. Lansing had a ditch dug 3 feet deep and 8 wide. A xx filled half full of small stones and gravel, after this was done, the ditch was filled with rich earth and the grape cuttings were proudly disposed in this rich earth. When all this was finished, I can assure you, we viewed it with no small pride & pleasure as coming from you. My dear Lansing is now in bed with his old complaint the gout, and is groaning with pain. This is the fourth fit he has had in less than two months, he has not had any thing of the kind for six years past, and as for myself, the day our things were sold, I was taken with the xx and was confined to my bed for a fortnight. I was allmost well when the warm weather makes its appearance I hope to gain stregnth. This my dear friends I attribute to the cruel treatment of Wm Lush, to us we do indeed live in a world of changes - at best I have found it so. I forgive those who have placed us in this situation, but I never can forget it.

Our mutual friend Col. Mappa is no more. He was buried a week ago today. A very great affliction to xx Sophia and all his friends. With regard to xx good Mr. Scriba. The last information we had was that gentleman was very ill with the gout. Frederick was to be at their some time since in order to get his spring supply of goods. We have as yet not seen him, we therefore conclude that he xx.

...if Frederick should send you xx send them to you by the first safe opportunity. Last evening Lansing had the gout in his head, today he has it in both feet, so that he cannot help himself.

I thank you for your kind wishes & invitation for our making you a visit. I fear it will not be in our powers to do so at present. Things look rather gloomy. We cannot both leave home at one time. I should not be happy to have Lansing remain at home, he is so constantly afflicted with the gout that it would make my visit very unpleasant if I was to attempt it. You will, therefore, have to take the will for the deed, and come yourselves and xx us. Lansing says that one fortnight at the Lake with Brother Abraham will restore him to perfect health. Our love to Gerrit & his dear little wife, and to every member of your interesting family. believe me dear Susan & Abraham your friend & Sister, with much affection

Mary Lansing

PS by G.G. Lansing,

Dear Friends,

You may reasonably suppose that the lamented Death of our mutual & respected Friend Colol. Mappa, has made us all very gloomy here & dread to hear from Scriba. We consequently are none of us as cheerfully disposed as when we had the pleasure of seeing you here last summer, yet although suffering under the torturing xx of this inveterate gout; I have not given up the hope of seeing you here again.

With every sentiment of fraternal affection

I am Sincerely Yours

G.G. Lansing

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