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resisting the immediate agency of Heaven among the nations. Hence, I am not ashamed to say, it is not without the superintendance of Providence, that men, who are, in their hearts, unfriendly to the establishment of the equal rights of man, are put down from office, in the United States - "the finger of God is pointed against them." No matter who is the instrument, God is the cause.

Think not that I am electioneering for a party; in that respect, I have no interest to prompt me to write a syllable, neither have I any motive for so doing, but only to shew that the times demand that we keep an eye upon the prophecies - that we follow the cloudy pillar - that, in giving our suffrages, we be careful to examine the character of the candidate: Is he favourable to the two witnesses? Are the rights of man sacred to him? &c. &c. If I could be heard to the seat of government, I would address myself to our greatly-beloved Jefferson: Hail Patriot! favoured of Heaven! go on to co-operate with the Prince of Peace: fear not thy opposers - "the finger of God is pointed against them" - it dethroned thy predecessor - it will put them all to shame. This is the day, long looked for, in which politics involve prophecies, and prophecies politics: The eye of Heaven is now fixed upon politicians; if they thwart the purposes of their Celestial President, "his finger is pointed against them."

The present times demand a degree of seriousness, which, by the way, is much out of fashion; and no man can act consistently, in political concerns, who doth not view the present revolution as a prelude to the millenium, and conduct himself, or the concerns intrusted to him, as knowing the grat Revolutionist takes a minute cognizance of him.

To be brief, the true politician sustains a dignified character at the present day. To such I address my closing lines. Keep your eyes upon the end that Heaven hath in view; lend all your aid to establish freedom and equality among mankind - to suppress the intrigues of the abettors of tyranny and usurpation; set your faces as a flint against them, nor be partakers of their crimes: Feel the dignity of acting in concert with the King Immortal, expecting, ere long, to see the mystery of God finished; when, by the seventh trumpet, every mountain of monarchy, or island of usurpation, shall be moved out of its place, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ.


Page 19-20, for "imparted," read impacted.
Page 22, seventh line from top, for "by," read past.
Page 173, eighth line from bottom, for "iternum," read sternum
       Do. fifth line from bottom, for "turned down," read turn downward.
Page 188, add, in the parenthesis, in such cases
Page 212, sixteenth line from top, for "and," read of.
Page 225, eighteenth line from top, for "ramifactions," read ramifications.

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Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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