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existence at all beyond the present state: and, certainly, if they deny the Lord that bought them, and call him a hypocrite, an imposter, and, if I may dare to write it, a bastard, no one will doubt that they blaspheme the God of heaven. I write not this to upbraid any man; but, if any of my readers should be overcome and darkened by this judicial flood, which hath spread itself throughout the Christian world, I must beseech him to be careful of himself, to be careful of the seduction of the times, and finally, to be careful that he doth not baspheme God in the person of the holy Galilean, lest God should resent it, to his own incalculable loss.

Again, we read, "The spirit of life from God pervaded the dead bodies in the streets of the great city Babylon; and they arose, and stood upon their feet, an exceeding great army, about twenty-six millions," as we are now able to number that army of Frenchmen, called the two witnesses, or witnesses to two things, viz, the civil and religious rights of man. This hath been done before our eyes - the prophecy amply fulfilled; but who heeds it? A few, as I said before, who keep their eyes upon the sacred index, that points to them and us to observe them, if we will. But observe, this spirit of life, &c. does not imply sanctifying grace, but only a resolute civil compact, by which they, viz. the French nation, resolved, almost as one man, to break the bands of civil and religious tyranny, and assume their unalienable rights. To this Heaven bore them witnesses, and gave them ample success against their enemies, who are insatiably voracious for the usurption of all rights. And, not withstanding the present cessation of hostilities, there is no doubt but that there is more to be done by these two witnesses; they must proceed to the utter overthrow of this usurpation, and establish the broad basis of civil and religious liberty among the nations. heaven may not make use of the same instruments; but the spirit will be one, and the success of it one, till an effectual door is opened for the display of gospel grace with great power. The opposition to this reform, Heaven will punish, in various forms, till it is brought to silence: Hence it is prudent, not only for nations, but for individuals, to take heed that they are not found even to fight against God: I must own, that I have always thought that the besom of destruction, which has swept away, in so dreadful a manner, thousands of people from several of our metropolis cities, during our shameful neglect of a sister republic, was nothing less than the finger of God pointed against us. And that President Adams made a great mistake, when he said, "the finger of God was pointed against France." It is more likely to me, that had not we pointed so many fingers against the two witnesses, the finger of God would not have been so eminently pointed against us. Besides we had just been liberated from the same accurst spirit

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13 Chapter 1 - Animal and Vegetable Electricity
26 Chapter 1 - Astronomical
70 Chapter 2 - Of the Conductors
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277 Thoughts on the Times
Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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