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A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

In commenting on the lack of education of the inhabitants of Laprarie, Henry wrote:
The urbanity of the peasants is very singular. The meanest of our soldiers that enter’d one of their houses was instantly regal’d with a large bowl of Bread & Milk or any other eatables their Houses afforded; and altho our soldiery seldom made them any gratuitys their kindness was still unremitted. But altho their hearts are good their Oeconomy is by no means so. After a peasants house is once built and the rain shut out, no more water ever touches their floors save a little holy water every morning which follows a partial sweeping....

In general I found the men and women much more dilatory and Idle than the people among us; to attain a bare subsistence seem’d to be the height of their wishes.

A land of slaves will ever be a land of poverty Ignorance & Idleness!

Among the common people all the learning is confin’d to the women, who are sent to school when young, which the men seldom or never are- not one in 30 of the latter can read.

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