Rev. Dr. Timothy Dwight, Yale President
A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

Reverend Timothy Dwight was married to Sally Welles first cousin, Mary.
Rev. Benjamin Woolsey + Abigail Taylor
    Abigail Woolsey + Rev. Dr. Noah Welles
        Sally Welles + Henry Livingston
    Benjamin Woolsey
        Mary Woolsey + Rev. Dr. Timothy Dwight
            Timmy Dwight
            Benjamin Woolsey Dwight

When Sally's father had died, it was Rev. Dwight who had given the funeral oration. And when Henry's Sally died, it was Dwight, again, who tried to bring comfort to the grieving survivors.

Besides the connection through their wives, Henry was also connected to Dwight through Henry's own family history. Timothy Dwight was the grandson of Rev. Solomon Stoddard, the Congregational minister with whom Henry's grandfather, Gilbert Livingston, had studied for the ministry.

Dwight had been a Yale Tutor from 1771-1777, chaplain in Parson's brigade of the Connecticut line 1777-78, representative in the Massachusetts legislature in 1782, and had refused a nomination as representative in congress. At the time of Sally's death, Dwight was pastor of the Greenfield Hill church, and established there his celebrated academy and became the pioneer of higher education of women.

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