Dutchess County Historical Society and Adriance Library
A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

What Don and I were searching for was the poetry manuscript book we had found referred to in these various articles and talks about Henry. It seemed reasonable that they might be found in the Duchess County Historical Society, or in the Adriance Library. Some valuable material belonging to the Poughkeepsie DAR had been divided between the two organizations many years ago.

It's not easy for an archive to keep current track of what they have. As times change, the way you reference material changes. This usually means a lot of hard, gritty work to change the index references for material already owned. Sometimes it's easier to try to keep two different reference schemes going simultaneously, and only use the newer one for material coming in after the new index is put into operation. Let this happen a few times, and it can be very hard for an archive to guarantee that it still has something referred to a hundred years ago.

Don and I worked with both locations to try to find the manuscripts, but without success.

Until we saw another thread to pull, I expanded my research on Henry to include the people with whom he interacted.

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