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HYMN 52. Seventh Part. L.M.
Amen. (cont.)

  3 He'll teach and help me when I pray,
Nor shall I go asham'd away.
  4 Amen! The words, my lips pronounce,
The wishes of mny soul announce;
And God more willing is to give,
Than I am willing to receive.
  5 Amen! I said, when first I gave
Myself to Christ, that he might save;
And still my tongue repeats that word,
Whene'er I call upon my Lord.
  6 Amen! I will not faint or cease,
But wait as long as he shall please;
Depending, praying, pressing on,
Till to himself he takes me home.
  7 Amen! The cov'nant is secure,
In all things order'd well, and sure;
The promises confirm'd remain;
In Christ they're yea, in him Amen.
  8 Amen! This is the Saviour's name,
He is the faithful, true Amen;
As he hath said, so shall it be,
Amen to all eternity.

PAGE 387

HYMN 53. L.M.
Let a man examine himself, and so let him cut.

  1 WHAT strange perplexities arise?
What anxious fears and jealousies?
What crowds in doubtful light appear?
How few, alas, approv'd and clear!
  2 And what am I? My soul, awake,
And an impartial survey take;
Does no dark sign, no ground of fear,
In practice or in heart, appear?
  3 What image does my spirit bear?
Is Jesus form'd, and living there?
Say, do his lineaments divine
In thought, and word, and action shine!
  4 Searcher of hearts, O search me still;
The secrets of my soul reveal;
My fears remove; let me appear
To God, and my own conscience clear.
  5 May I, consistent with thy word,
Approach thy table, O my Lord!
May I among thy saints appear?
Shall I a welcome guest be there?
  6 Have I the wedding garment on,
Or do I naked, stand alone?
O! quicken, clothe, and feed my soul,
Forgive my sins, and make me whole.


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