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PSALM 107. Fifth Part. C.M.
Nations blest and punished. A psalm for America. (cont.)

  7 Again he makes their cities thrive,
And bids the dying churches live.
  8 The righteous with a joyful sense,
Admire the works of Providence;
And tongues of atheists shall no more
Blaspheme the God, that saints adore.
  9 How few with pious care record
These wondrous dealings of the Lord!
But wise observers still shall find,
The Lord is holy, just and kind.

PSALM 108. First Part. L.M.
Praise to God for his care of his church.

  1 AGAIN, my tongue thy silence break,
My heart, and all my pow'rs, awake;
My tongue, the glory of my frame,
Awake, and sing Jehovah's name.
  2 O'er heav'n exalted is his throne;
In ev'ry world his glory shown:
The church, he loves, his hand shall save
From death, and sorrow, and the grave.
  3 Ye kingdoms, hear his awful voice!
"In Zion shall my heart rejoice;
"This hand shall all her foes dismay,
"And make their scattered strength a prey.
  4 "Mine are the sons of Zion, mine
"Their glory, grace, and truth divine;
"My sceptre shines in Judah's hands,
"And still my strength in Ephraim stands.
  5 "My foes to ruin shall be giv'n,
"The shame of earth, the scorn of heav'n;
"Their eyes shall see my church prevail;
"Their strength shall shrink, their courage fail."

PAGE 189

PSALM 108. First Part. L.M.
Praise to God for his care of his church. (cont.)

  6 O thou, beneath whose sov'reign sway
Nations, and worlds, in dust decay,
Tho' thy sweet smile has been withdrawn,
Thine aid denied, thy presence gone;
  7 Yet wilt thou still with love return;
With duty teach our hearts to burn:
Our dying graces, Lord, revive,
And bid thy fainting children live.
  8 Save us from sin, and fear, and woe,
From ev'ry snare, and ev'ry foe,
And help us boldly to contend,
Falsehood resist, and truth defend.

PSALM 108. Second Part. C.M.
Fervent praise.

  1 AWAKE my soul, with fervent praise,
   Awake my heart to sing;
Join all my pow'rs the song to raise,
   And morning incense bring.
  2 Among the people of his care,
   And thro' the nations round,
Glad songs of praise will I prepare,
   And high his name resound.
  3 Be thou exalted, O my God,
   Above the starry train;
Diffuse thy heav'nly grace abroad,
   And teach the world thy reign.
  4 The church is thine; thou wilt maintain
   Her cause in ev'ry age:
Built on a rock, her foes in vain
   Against her rights engage.
  5 Then let thy chosen sons rejoice,
   And throng thy courts above;
While sinners hear thy pard'ning voice,
   And taste redeeming love.

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