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PSALM 51. Third Part. L.M.
Repentance and faith in the blood of Christ. (cont.)

  7 Then will I teach the world thy ways:
Sinners shall learn thy sov 'reign grace;
I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood,
And they shall praise a pard'ning God.
  8 O! may thy love inspire my tongue;
Salvation shall be all my song:
And all my pow'rs shall join to bless
The Lord, my strength and righteousness,

PSALM 52. First Part. L.M.
The destruction of tyrants and persecutors.

  1 WHY should the haughty tyrant boast,
His vengeful arm, his warlike host?
While blood defiles his cruel hand,
And desolation wastes the land.
  2 He joys to hear the captive's cry,
The widow's groan, the orphan's sigh;
And when the weary sword would spare,
His falsehood spreads the fatal snare.
  3 He triumphs in the deeds of wrong,
And arms with rage his impious tongue;
With pride proclaims his dreadful pow'r,
And bids the trembling world adore.
  4 But God is good, and with a frown,
Casts to the dust his honours down:
The righteous, freed, their hopes recall,
And hail the proud oppressor's fall.
  5 How low the persecutor lies,
Who dar'd th' eternal pow'r despise;
And vainly strove, with impious joy,
The church and nation to destroy.
  6 We praise the Lord, who heard our cries,
And sent salvation from the skies:
The saints who saw our mournful days,
Shall join our grateful songs of praise.

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PSALM 52. Second Part. L.M.
The experience of the Lord's people in his house.

  1 A WORD in season, spoke with pow'r,
I've often heard within these walls;
But none surpassing, what this hour
Attends the precious gospel calls.
  2 When Christ unveils his lovely face,
And grace for grace is largely giv'n;
A glory shines, which makes this place
The house of God, the gate of heav'n.
  3 Here, in thy courts, let me be seen,
Growing in faith, and hope, and love:
Like olive fair, and fresh, and green,
And rip'ning for the world above.
  4 Here will I view thy glory, Lord,
And songs for all thy goodness raise:
Here will I wait to hear thy word,
And join with saints who sing thy praise

PSALM 53. First Part. L.M.

  1 "THERE is a God," all nature cries:
The heav'ns and earth this truth confess;
Yet this, the atheist fool denies,
And dares his impious thoughts express.
  2 The Lord, from his celestial tow'r,
Look'd down, the sons of men to view;
To see if any own'd his pow'r,
If any truth and justice knew.
  3 But all he saw were gone aside,
All, in their hearts, were atheists grown:
None took religion for iheir guide,
Not one did God his sov 'reign own.

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