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PSALM 53. First Part. L.M.
Atheism. (cont.)

  4 O wretched state! how fall'n are men!
How guilty, helpless, lost, and dead!
They're all concluded under sin,
Their hope is gone, their peace is fled.
  5 To such, the Lord his gospel sends;
For these, a Saviour he appoints;
To them his grace with pow'r extends;
And changes atheists into saints.

PSALM 53. Second Part. C.M.
Deliverance from persecution. (cont.)

  1 ARE all the foes of Zion fools,
   Who thus devour her saints?
Do they not know her Saviour rules,
   And pities her complaints?
  2 They shall be seiz'd with sad surprise:
   For God's avenging arm
Scatters the bones of them, that rise
   To do his children harm.
  3 In vain the sons of Satan boast
   Of armies in array:
When God has first dispers'd their host,
   They fall an easy prey.
  4 O for a word from Zion's King,
   Her captives to restore!
Jacob with all his tribes shall sing,
   And Judah weep no more.

PSALM 54. P.M.
Prayer for deliverance from enemies.

  1 MY God, preserve my soul;
O make my spirit whole:
   To save me let thy strength appear;
Strangers my steps surround;
Their pride and rage confound,
   And bring thy great salvation near.

PAGE 099:

PSALM 54. P.M.
Prayer for deliverance from enemies. (cont.)

  2 Those that against me rise
Are aliens from the skies
   They hate thy church and kingdom, Lord
They mock thy fearful name:
They glory in their shame,
   Nor heed the wonders of thy word.
  3 But O thou king divine,
My chosen friends are thine,
   The men, that still my soul sustain:
Wilt thou my foes subdue,
And form their hearts anew,
   And snatch them from eternal pain.
  4 Escap'd from ev'ry woe,
O! grant me, here below,
   To praise thy name with those I love:
And, when beyond the skies,
Our souls unbodied rise;
   Unite us in the realms above.

PSALM 55. First Part. C.M.
Support for the afflicted and tempted soul.

  1 O GOD, my refuge, hear my cries,
   Behold my flowing tears:
For earth and hell my hurt devise,
   And triumph in my fears.
  2 Their rage is level'd at my life;
   My soul with guilt they load;
And fill my thoughts with inward strife,
   To shake my hope in God.
  3 With inward pain my heart-strings sound,
   I groan with ev'ry breath:
Horror and fear beset me round,
   Among the shades of death.
  4 O! were I like a feather'd dove;
   Soon would I stretch my wings;

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