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Single Page Chapter IX

PAGE 388:

When to this state of things, I add the full discovery that my advanced years have rendered it impossible for me to fulfil, as I ought and wish, any longer the duties of the ministry, the objection, which of all others has always been the highest, and indeed the only one, is quite removed, and I am compelled to conclude that it has now become my duty, without longer delay, cheerfully and thankfully to apply to the sole and immediate labours of the professorate; for which considering previous preparations, and long habits, I may humbly hope, with the divine aid, a competent degree of vigour and strength may yet remain."

To this communication, the Consistory returned

PAGE 389:

an answer by the hands of three of their respected members, expressive of the affection they felt for their venerable pastor, and of their regret at parting with him. The reader would, no doubt, like to see the whole of his answer, but as it is long, the insertion of two or three parts will be sufficient to show what were their sentiments and feelings upon the occasion.

"Rever and very dear Father
  and Brother in the Lord:

"The Consistory of the Reformed Dutch Church in this city, which has so long enjoyed the blessing of your ministry, has, with deep and unfeigned regret, received the tidings of your intention soon to transfer your labours to another quarter of the Lord's vineyard; though they rejoice to find you are to be employed during the remnant of your days, in the honourable and necessary duties of the theological professorate."

"While they cannot but approve the measures taken by the Reverend Synod, for providing an efficient and learned ministry, to supply the wants of the churches under their care; while they adore the goodness of the Lord, in thus far prospering their endeavours; and admire the distinterestness and steady perseverance displayed throughout the


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