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Single Page Chapter IX

PAGE 390:

whole of your conduct in the promotion of this laudable work, they cannot be unaffected by the loss they must sustain by your departure: they feel, - they deeply feel, the expected separation; - a separation that tears asunder the finest, the tenderest cords that bind the heart."

"Many, Reverend Sir, still look up to you as their spiritual father; and all revere you, as under Christ, their solace in distress and in difficulties; their support in the hour of trial; and the endeared tie, that has so long preserved in harmony the various and sometimes conflicting interests and passions, that necessarily arise in an extensive congregation, composed of so many distinct members of different ages, characters, and circumstances, and influenced by views and motives often irreconcileable - sometimes oppsite."

"A gracious Lord has mercifully continued your labours among this people for forty years. They have been blessed in the conversion of sinners, and edification of the saints. You have been the instrument of peace, and the healer of breaches in the church."

* * * *

"The prospect of your future usefulness to the Church of God, in an employment which requires

PAGE 391:

the full exercise of distinguished and matured talents, without great exertions of bodily powers, in some measure satisfies and consoles the mind, though it contributes little to the abatement of grief."

* * * *

"We commit you, and your amiable consort, to the superintending care and gracious protection of a God, infinite in mercy and love."

* * * *

"With sentiments of unfeigned respect, ardent affection, and unabated zeal for your happiness here and hereafter -

"We subscribe ourselves, your sincere friends, brothers and children in the Lord.

"Signed by order, and on behalf of Consistory,

JACOB BROADHEAD, Pres. pro. temp.

"Rev. Dr. John H. Livingston.
"New-York, 25th June, 1810."

On the tenth of October following, the Doctor removed to New-Brunswick; and his arrival there was greeted as an event of most favourable augury, ensuring success to the whole plan that had been formed in relation to the college and the professorate,


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