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Single Page Chapter VII

PAGE 300:

shall agree upon the selection from the respective authors."

Upon this subject, he again writes to the same: "It was of consequence to us to obtain a copyright of our Psalm Book. As our Synod is not a body corporate, I took it out in the name of our Dutch Church of New-York; and, to ascertain the property for the Synod, I have got an instrument sealed with the seal of the Consistory, in which a declaration is made that this right is held in trust for the Synod, and shall always be subject to the direction of the same."

This step was taken at the suggestion of Dr. Linn, and some other friends; and so rapid was the sale of the book, that a second edition was soon called for. Such a work was, indeed, much needed: and with all its faults for defective it was, in several respects, it gave great satisfaction at the time; and, wherever the use of it obtained, had a beneficial influence.

Among the papers of the Doctor, copies have been met with, of two letters, the one to Dr. Hardenbergh, of New-Brunswick, having respect to the College in that place, the other to a private friend, Mrs. Judge Livingston, the mother of the

PAGE 301:

late chancellor, relating to points upon which, as it would appear, his advice had been asked: and parts of the same, it may not be amiss to present here, on account of the important opinions contained in them, and the evidence they furnish of the deep interest he took in all the concerns of the Church, whether they were of a general or a local nature. The first is dated March 4th, 1790:

"Reverend and dear Brother,

"The subject we often have conversed upon, has never been brought to any decided point; whether we differ in sentiment or are fully agreed, when every preliminary respecting the execution of the plan, is taken into consideration, we do not yet know. I am sincerely glad that you have brought it forward, in your very acceptable letter of the 23d ult. and I will give you my thoughts in answer, with candour and confidential freedom; for, if I know any thing of my own heart, I have no particular advantage or interest in view, but wish to examine the question, as I am sure you do, only as it relates to the prosperity of the Church, and is calculated to promote the general welfare of our Zion. Your being at the head of the College, and my being placed in the professorate, may, to others, appear as an evidence of our being partial to whatever is calculated to promote the one or the other of these


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