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of the Church in its public worship; and in a letter to the same individual, dated March, 1788, he says, in reference to this business "For my part, I have digested only from the first psalm to the fiftieth inclusive. I mean, if it please, God to spare health, to go through the whole, and I wish we might be so prepared in the work, that we could compare our several digests, and make a report to the Synod at the next sitting in May." He then adds, "I suppose it will be proper, when we get the new Psalms printed, to have the Catechism, Articles of Faith, and Liturgy, printed and bound up with some of the books, and leave it to the purchasers to get the Psalm-book either with or without those additions, as the difference in the price will be considerable. But a fair opportunity will now be offered to publish with our articles and liturgy, the form of our discipline and government. The Churches in America are all assuming a new complexion. From being the appendages of national Churches in Europe, they now become national Churches themselves in this new Empire. All the denominations of any importance in America, have considered themselves in this new light, and have made regulations accordingly: and it deserves our attention to see what ought to be done with respect to ourselves in this particular, and how far we may proceed (consistent with the relation we yet claim

PAGE 299:

to our mother Church in Holland. We are not represented, and we cannot have a representation in the Churches in Holland, as such, we have already formed ourselves into an independent Synod, and we have sufficient proof that some of our brethren in Amsterdam would rather we had not done this, but their views are contracted, and cannot be our rule. It is necessary we should revise some articles in our fundamental agreement respecting our church government of 1771, and see whether some of those articles do not militate against our independent state."

Under date of March, 1789, to the same, he says, "I have received answers from all the gentlemen of the committee, and am authorized and requested by them to proceed with the printing. The expectation and wishes of our Churches are raised, and I am continually asked when our Psalms will be published. * * * I now only wait for a letter from you * * *. As to the translations, and what respects our Church discipline and government, these, I suppose, may be brought in such readiness as to enable us to make some report in the Synod of May, and take such further steps, as to lay the whole before the Synod of October. But the Synod has empowered the Committee, respecting the Psalms, to proceed to the printing as soon as they


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