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PAGE 206:

came a candidate for the ministry, or what is called in Holland, a proponent. His first sermon he preached in the Dutch language, for the Rev. Mr. Van Issum, his examinator in the Classis, at Hilversum, a village to the east of Amsterdam.

Soon afterwards, he preached again in Dutch, at Purmerend, a small city in North Holland: in English in the English Church in Amsterdam; and again in English in the Scotch Church in Rotterdam, whether in the same building in which his distinguished ancestor had often proclaimed the glad tidings of salvation, or another, is not known, but that it was the same is thought probable.

This commencement of his public labours' was of a very promising character. Enjoying, in no common degree, the confidence and esteem of numerous Christian friends, as a young man experimentally acquainted with the power of Divine grace; [Among the letters and notes addressed to him about this time, by his Holland friends, there is one containing a postscript in these words; "Mrs. ****** expresses her most friendly regards for the good Mr, Livingston;" a familiar way, it would seem, of speaking of him, that shows the high estimation in which his piety was held.] with intellectual powers and attainments much above mediocrity; with a voice naturally weak

PAGE 207:

and effeminate, and concerning which so many fears had been entertained and expressed In New-York, now greatly improved by the attention he had paid to its modulation, and susceptible of the richest intonations; with a manner peculiarly interesting and solemn, he made by these early efforts in the pulpit a very favourable impression. Of the opinion formed of his talents as a preacher, and of his qualifications for the situation to which he was invited, this fact is evidence enough that in about a month after he was licensed, the call was put into his hands by the gentlemen who were conditionally charged with its delivery.

Expecting to remain yet some time in Holland, and thinking, probably, that it might be of considerable advantage to him to be able to produce when he should return to America, what was then regarded as a valuable testimonial of proficiency in theology, the degree of Doctor of Divinity, he concluded to present himself before the theological faculty of the university of Utrecht, a candidate for the same. And here it ought to be remarked, that it was not customary for that university to confer honorary degrees; and that the distinction now sought, could not be obtained but by his submitting to a pretty severe ordeal. He must be examined and reexamined, and after being sifted by the learned


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