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PAGE 204:

immediately and unanimously resolved that they would endeavour to ascertain whether a sufficient sum of money could be raised by subscription, to warrant the procedure solicited, and directed a subscription-paper to be prepared for the purpose. The friend [Mr. Lott] who advised him of these preparatory measures, thus concludes the account: "Almost every body I have heard, seems well pleased that you should be called, and so they appear to be with every part of your character. All they fear is, whether you will have voice enough for our Church; for if you have not, say they, we are undone; what shall we do with a minister who cannot be heard throughout the Church? I could, therefore, heartily wish that you may for some time past have exercised your voice in the pulpit, as I am convinced it may be there much modelled and improved. And if it is strong enough, can't you get one or more of your friends to give a certificate about it, and enclose it to me? Much good may come from such a step."

By a letter from the same person, dated April 1, 1769, it appears that the Consistory had the day before resolved to call Mr. Livingston; and that the call, when made out, was to be sent to some Ministers in Amsterdam, with particular

PAGE 205:

instructions not to deliver it, unless they were well assured that he had sufficient strength of voice to fill a large building. In another letter, written the following June, he says: "Our third, or rather North Church, was opened for Divine service by Mr. Laidlie, on the 25th ult. (May,) by a very pathetic discourse from John 4th and 23d, showing wherein the true Gospel doctrine consists; in which he approved himself very much to the satisfaction of all who heard him, and particularly to our Governor, who honoured us with his presence on that occasion. Mr. Laidlie now preaches three times every Sunday; to wit: in the morning and evening in the New, and in the afternoon in the North Church, to which if we add his catechising, you will agree his labours must be weighty. You cannot, therefore, be surprised to hear our call to you to come over to our Macedonia to help us. May the ever blessed Jesus make your way prosperous to us, and may you come among us with a full blessing of the everlasting, covenant!"

Having finished his studies at the university, Mr. Livingston appeared before the Classis of Amsterdam, on the 5th June, 1769, to be examined for licensure, and the evidence given of his personal piety, and of his acquirements, literary and theological, being satisfactory to that rev. body, he


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