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Deaths in Attleboro, MA
Vital Records of Attleborough, MA to the End of 1849


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Anna24 Oct 180259w. Lt. Eliphaz [G.R.13]
Benj[ami]nMar 184459laborer
Benj[ami]n13 May 1844..
Betty2 Oct 1748.d. William and Jerusha (Day)
Bridget22 Aug 174018y2m22dd. Benjamin [P.R.79]
Bridget10 July 1750.John and Hannah (Robbins)
David19 Jan 176864[G.R.13]
Dorcas17 Dec 17395David and Ruth [G.R.13]
Lt. Eliphaz19 Feb 182077[G.R.13]
Eliza J.1846.[G.R.5]
Elizabeth20 Sep 172451w. Joseph [P.R.79]
Eunice21 Jun 1825752nd w. Lt. Eliphaz; d. Rev Abijah Weld [G.R.13]
Ezekel1 May 1735.s. Mordica
Jerusha20 Nov 1739.William and Jerusha (Day)
Jerusha18 Aug 1751.William
Jerusha23 Sep 175134w. William [G.R.13]
Joseph14 Jun 174271[G.R.13] [P.R.79]
Joseph23 Aug 184760y:11m:4dfell off load of hay
Loammi30 Nov 182775[G.R.13]
Lydia Anna14 Jun 184115y:8m:8dyoungest [G.R.13]; d. Dexter and Lydia M. (Bowers)
Marcy17 Mar 1749-5022d. Samuel and Mary [G.R.13]
Mary8 Jan 17392md. David and Ruth [G.R.13]
Mary27 Dec 17482y:7m:18dd. Jonathan and Bethia (Ev[e]ret), d. Richerd [G.R.13]
Mary27 Jul 175161w. Samuel [G.R.13]
Mary14 Feb 182576w. Loammi [G.R.13]
Minerva B.29 Jun 182513y6meldest d. Dexter and Lydia M. (Bowers) [G.R.13]
Molle3 Apr 1753.d. Daniel jr and Hannah (Tyler)
Nathaniel25 Feb 1734-571"ye aged" [P.R.79]; probate will
Rachel19 Sep 172326d. Nathaniel [and Ruth [G.R.13]], suddenly
Ruth10 May 173665Mrs. "ye aged" [wid. Nathaniel [G.R.13]]
Ruth178981wid. David [G.R.13]
Samuel11 Nov 1749."the aged"
Sarah14 Apr 174725w. B; d. John and Hannah Robbins [G.R.13]
Sarah26 Mar 176721d. Benj[amin] jr. and Sarah (Robbins) [G.R.2]
Walter Robinson11 Sep 184617m:17ds. Cornelius T. and Ann A.[G.R.13]

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