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 Oct 27    Y     The Palin Trig-ger     Daily Beast, Elaine Lafferty  
 Oct 24    Y     The Palin Trig-ger     National Review Online, Kevin Burke  
     Y     Little-Noticed College
   Student to Star Politician  
  New York Times, Monica Davey  
     Y     Palin: 'Now is not the time
   to experiment with socialism'  
  Springfield News-Sun, Lynn Hulse  
     Y     Betting Against the Elites on Sarah Palin     American Thinker, J. Robert Smith  
 Sep 22    Y     How Palin Governed     National Review, Byron York  
 Sep  8    Y     Sliming Palin Fact Checking  
 Sep  3    Y     Acceptance Speech in St. Paul     Anchorage Daily News, Sarah Palin  
 Feb       Y     Vogue Interview     Vogue  
     Y     Draft Palin for Vice-President  

 Oct 26    Y     Halloween Palin Prop Sparks
   Controversy In WeHo  
  CBS News, Staff  
 Oct 24    Y     Palin And The Elitists     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
 Sep 19    Y     Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin:
   '[Expletive] You.'  
  Weekly Standard, Mary Katherine Ham  
 Oct 13    Y     Palin Falls Prey to Fey     New York Post, Jeremy Olshan  
 Oct 12    Y     NYT Pulls Misleading Account
   of Palin Puck Dropping Ceremony  
  Newsbusters, Terry Trippany  
 Oct 10    Y     The Media's Vendetta Against Palin     Human Events, Rowan Scarborough  
 Oct  6    Y     Newsweek: Palin Too Common, Too Stupid
    to be Vice President, She's 'Dangerous'  
  NewsBusters, Warner Todd Huston  
 Oct  6    Y     Is This Daily Kos or the AP     NewsBusters, Mark Finkelstein  
 Oct  5    Y     Palin Power: Base motivator     The Politico, Jonathan Martin  
     Y     Sarah Palin is taking a bigger beating
   because she's a Republican woman  
  New York Daily News, Michael Goodwin  
 Oct  3    Y     Palin: Obama Not Qualified
   to Be Commander-in-Chief  
  ABC News, Teddy Davis  
 Oct  2    Y     You're An Angry Feminist?
   That's So Cute.  
  Townhall, Matt Barber  
     Y     The day that truth and fairness died     Boston Herald, Michael Graham  
 Sep 28    Y     CBC offers online apology for Mallick
   column maligning Sarah Palin  
  The Canadian Press, Staff  
 Sep 25    Y     Democratic Congressman Warns
   Jews, Blacks to Beware of Palin  
  Fox News, Stephen Clark  
 Sep 23    Y     Axelrod Astroturfs an Attack Against Palin     Human Events, Erick Erickson  
 Sep 22    Y     Bloggers sniff out anti-Palin astroturf     PajamasMedia, Michelle Malkin  
     Y     Mad Libs     The Weekly Standard, William Kristol  
     Y     Responses to Ongoing Allegations
   Popping Up Against Palin  
  Canada Free Press, Aaron I. Reichel  
 Sep 21    Y     Dems Threaten Anti-Iran Rally Organizers
    With IRS Attack if They Let Palin Speak  
  NewsBusters, Warner Todd Hust  

 Oct 24    Y     Palin denies accepting
   $150K in designer clothes  
  AP, Brendan Farrington  
     Y     No Matter Who Wins, Palin
   Will Be a Force in GOP  
  Wall Street Journal, Gerald F. Seib  
 Oct 23    Y     Sarah Shows the Way     National Review Online, Michelle Easton  
 Oct 21    Y     Transcript of CNN Palin interview     CNN, Staff  
     Y     Could 'Palin factor' save McCain?     CNN, Ed Henry  
     Y     Palin Wields Biden's Words Against Dems     MSNBC, Matthew Berger  
     Y     Palin's People Power     American Thinker, Ben Voth  
 Oct 20    Y     Sarah Palin's Eskimo grandmother-in-law:
   'She honors my Native side'  
  Anchorage Daily News/SHNS, Tom Kizzia  
 Oct 19    Y     Her hero Sarah: compassion in action     Canada Free Press, Staff  
 Oct 17    Y     Sarah Style     National Review Online, Myrna Blyth  
 Oct 18    Y     Sarah Palin's Future     The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes  
 Oct 17    Y     Palin rallies before thousands in Indiana     Journal Gazette, Niki Kelly  
 Oct 14    Y     US communists say their time has come     AFP, Staff  

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