Election 2008 Barack Obama Articles
Election 2008 Barack Obama Articles

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Acorn and Election Sleaze
Where His Money Comes From
Intimidation Alinsky-Style and Race Card
Bad Associations
Radical Agenda
Financial Mess
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  Y     The Case Against Barack Obama     National Review's David Freddoso  
  Y     Obama a lefty, not a reformer
   Aug 4 Article  
  Politico, Ben Smith  
  Y     Fleeced     Dick Morris & Eileen Mcgann  
  Y     Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right     Bernard Goldberg  
  Y     The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality     Jerome R. Corsi  
  Y     The Mainstream Media Smears 'Obama Nation'
   Aug 19 Article  
  The Bulletin, Herb Denenberg  
  Y     The Case Against Barack Obama     David Freddoso  

 Feb 16
  Obama's Revenge     Canada Free Press, Joan Swirsky  
 Nov 3    Y  
  Arab Paper: 'Obama's Historic
    Intifada' Allows Islam to
    'Impose its Point of View'  
  Canada Free Press, Warner Todd Huston  
 Nov 1    Y  
  Senator Stealth:
   How to advance radical causes
    when no one's looking  
  National Review, Stanley Kurtz  
 Oct 30    Y  
  Barack Obama: Red Diaper Baby     American Thinker, Andrew Walden  
 Oct 29    Y  
  Evidence Mounts:
   Ayers Co-Wrote Obama's Dreams  
  American Thinker, Jack Cashill  
  Negative Liberties and Obama Newspeak     American Thinker, Bruce Walker  
  GARCIA: Strange case
   of Obama birth record  
  Suburban Journals, Anne T. Garcia  
 Oct 28    Y  
  Premature Presidency     American Spectator, Mark Hyman  
  Obama's Stealth Reparations     FrontPage Magazine, Paul Sperry  
  A game-changer by Obama     Washington Times, Wesley Pruden  
 Oct 27    Y  
  In Radio Interview, Obama Laments
   Failure of Civil Rights Movement
   to Redistribute Wealth  
  Fox News, Staff  
     Y     Radio Interview Audio on redistribution      
     Y     Constitution 'reflected fundamental flaw
   of this country that continues to this day'  
  YouTube, Barack Obama  
     Y     Obama’s 2007 Senate Floor
   Commitment to an `Egalitarian Society’  
  Canada Free Press, Marinka Peschmann  
     Y     Shame, Cubed     National Review Online, Bill Whittle  
     Y     Justice and Vote Fraud     Wall Street Journal, Editorial  
 Oct 26    Y     Obama’s Religious Ruse:
   The Cult of the Marxist Messiah  
  Canada Free Press, Alex LaBrecque  
 Oct 25    Y     Point of No Return     National Review Online, Mark Steyn  
     Y     The Obama Temptation     National Review Online, by Mark Levin  
 Oct 24    Y     An Instructive Candidacy     National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson  
     Y     Business Finally Fights Back     The Wall Street Journal, Kimberley A. Strassel  
     Y     A Reality Check On Obama's Wish List     Creators Syndicate, Michael Barone  
 Oct 23    Y     Barack Obama and the End
   of the Republic  
  Canada Free Press, Sher Zieve  
 Oct 22    Y     The Consequences of Defeat     Townhall, Michael Medved  
     Y     The Unholy Triumvirate     American Spectator, George Neumayr  
 Oct 20    Y     “Spread the Wealth,” Thinking
   Caused Economic Meltdown  
  Canada Free Press, John Lillpop  
     Y     What Biden Implied     Weekly Standard, William Kristol  
 Oct 14    Y     US communists say their time has come     AFP, Staff  
     Y     Obama Hints at Communist Presidency     Canada Free Press, Sher Zieve  
     Y     Wright 101     National Review, Stanley Kurtz  
 Oct 13    Y     Obama's Three Strikes     American Thinker, J.R. Dunn  
     Y     Why Obama's socialism matters     American Thinker, Bookworm  
 Oct 10    Y     Why Obama's Communist Connections
   Are Not Headlines  
  American Thinker, Paul Kengor  
     Y     Black Racists Recruited to Guide the Jihad     FrontPage Magazine, John Perazzo  
 Oct  9    Y     Will MSM Report on Louis Farrakhan
   Declaration of Obama as the Messiah?  
  News Busters, P.J. Gladnick  
      Y     Who Wrote Dreams From My Father?     American Thinker, Jack Cashill  
 Oct  8    Y     Obama’s Henchmen and the
   Rise of Commufascism  
  Canada Free Press, Shawn D. Akers  
 Oct  7    Y     Who Is Buying The White House?     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Obama's Real Problem With Ayers     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Obama’s Revolutionary Positive Behavior for
   Effective Schools Act of 2007  
  Canada Free Press, Marinka Peschmann  
 Oct  5    Y     Utterly chilling video of Obama Freikorps     American Thinker, Thomas Lifson  
 Oct 29    Y     ACORN: The Poisonous Nut That
   Ended Democracy in America  
  Canada Free Press, Cristi Adkins  
 Oct  3    Y     Welcome To Camp Obama     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
 Sep 28    Y     Barack Obama and the
   Strategy of Manufactured Crisis  
  American Thinker, James Simpson  
 Sep 27    Y     Obama Campaign's Abusive Use of
   Missouri Law Enforcement  
  Office of the Governor, by Gov. Matt Blunt  
 Sep 22    Y     How the Democrats Created
   the Financial Crisis  
  Bloomberg, Kevin Hassett  

 Nov 4    Y     Is ACORN cracked?     Washington Times, Matthew Vadum  
 Nov 1    Y     New Paltz activist linked to
   Ohio voter fraud  
  Times herald-Record, Alexa James  
     Y     Obama aunt an illegal immigrant
   who still donated to Obama campaign  
  Times herald-Record, Alexa James  
 Oct 31    Y     Where's Outrage Over The
   Septic Tactics By Lefties?  
  Creators Syndicate, Michelle Malkin  
     Y     ACORN's Tangled Money Tree     American Spectator, Matthew Vadum  
 Oct 30    Y     Yes, He Can [identify legality
   of small contributors]  
  Slate, John Dickerson & Chris Wilson  
     Y     Fired ACORN employee testifies     Philadelphia Inquirer, Mario F. Cattabiani  
     Y     Hall adviser fired over
   vote registration queries  
  Poughkeepsie Journal, Staff  
 Oct 29    Y     Virginia election board to
   count military write-in ballots  
  Roanoke Times, by Staff  
 Oct 29    Y     Former ACORN staffer testifies     Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Brad Bumsted  
     Y     Who Enforces the Constitution's
   Natural Born Citizen Clause?  
  American Thinker, Mark J. Fitzgibbons  
     Y     The Hoax     Washington Times, James Lyons  
 Oct 28    Y     Ballots from U.S. troops
   risk being discarded  
  CNN, Carol Costello  
 Oct 28    Y     Election 2008: Objective
   journalism the loser  
  Boston Herald, Michael Graham  
     Y     Ohio A Hotbed
   of Vote Fraud in 2008  
  Canada Free Press, Warner Todd Huston  
     Y     Big Media Pull Out All
   Stops to Elect Obama  
  Townhall, Phyllis Schlafly  
     Y     Judge rules Ohio homeless voters
   may list park benches as addresses  
  Columbus Dispath, Staff  
 Oct 27    Y     Voter rolls stuffed with
   dead and absent registrants  
  WLBT, Bert Case  
     Y     The coming cataclysm:
   election by litigation  
  Washington DC Examiner, Quin Hillyer  
     Y     ACORN Owes Millions in Taxes     Townhall, Amanda Carpenter  
 Oct 27    Y     The Obama campaign targets young children
   to nag parents and grandparents  
  American Thinker, Thomas Lifson  
     Y     Military Ballots Still a
   Battleground in Virginia  
  Human Events, Connie Hair  
     Y     Justice and Vote Fraud     Wall Street Journal, Editorial  
 Oct 25    Y     BAM Staffers Pull Their
   Bogus Ohio Ballots  
  New York Post, Jeane MacIntosh  
     Y     Officials begin review of
   rejected Va. absentee ballots  
  Virginian-Pilot, Dale Eisman  
     Y     ABC.com Writer 'Deeply
   Ashamed to be Called a “Journalist”'  
  NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard  
 Oct 24    Y     The press 'pulling' for Obama     Washington Times, Jennifer Harper  
 Oct 22    Y     House GOP leader asks
   Bush to cut off ACORN funds  
  AP, Jim Abrams  
     Y     Voter Fraud     American Spectator, Peter Ferrara  
     Y     Obama Moves to Silence All ACORN Critics     Canada Free Press, Matthew Vadum  
     Y     Both Sides Warned on Ohio Ballots     New York Post, Jeane MacIntosh  
 Oct 20    Y     Princess the dead goldfish
   won’t vote in Illinois  
  AP, Carla K. Johnson  
 Oct 18    Y     Obama, McCain camps trade
   barbs in voter fraud spat  
  Agence France-Presse, Jitendra Joshi  
     Y     Vote-Theft, ACORN-Style     New York Post, Editorial  
     Y     ACORN’s big scam     Boston Herald, Editorial  
 Oct 17    Y     Pennsylvania GOP Sues Acorn
   and Rendell Appointee  
  American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord  
     Y     28 Out of 92 Cast Votes in NM
   Democratic Primary Appear Fake  
  National Review, Jim Geraghty  
     Y     Boehner: ACORN Recieved
   $31 Million in Federal Funding  
  Townhall, Amanda Carpenter  
     Y   Mentally challenged man says his vote wasn't right     WALB, Jennifer Emert  
 Oct 16    Y   Pro-Obama Ohio Secretary of State
   Refuses to Stop Voter Fraud  
  Canada Free Press, Sher Zieve  
     Y     Ohio elections chief appeals     AP, Staff  
 Oct 15    Y     Community-Organizer-in-Chief     National Review Online, Mark Hemingway  
 Oct 14    Y     Court casts doubt on Ohio voter rolls     Cincinnati Enquirer, Jon Craig & Dan Horn  
     Y     Temporary restraining order reimposed in
   Ohio voting scandal  
  American Thinker, Clarice Feldman  
     Y     Obama shields ACORN from Criminal
   Prosecution in the Economic Crisis  
  Canada Free Press, Marinka Peschmann  
     Y     How to Steal Ohio     American Thinker, Rick Moran  
     Y     ACORN's Rap Sheet     Townhall, Amanda Carpenter  
     Y     Rotten boroughs     National Review Online, Mark Steyn  
     Y     Election Theft: Try, Try Again     Canada Free Press, Bob Parks  
     Y     Bogus Voter Booted amid Probe of ACORN     NY Post, Jeane MacIntosh & Maggie Haberman  
     Y     Obama and Acorn     WSJ, Editorial  
 Oct 13    Y     ACORN voter registrations probed     McClatchy-Tribune, Staff  
     Y     Obamacorn     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Obama to ACORN: You will Set Policy     Rush Limbaugh.com, Rush Limbaugh  
     Y     Cleveland Election Officials Launch
   Probe of ACORN  
  Fox News, Staff  
     Y     What were they thinking?     Washington Times, Editorial  
 Oct 12    Y     7-Yr-Old Gets An ACORN Vote     New York Post, Ginger Otis Adams  
 Oct 11    Y     Stealing Pennsylvania: Massive Fraud     American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord  
     Y     Court halts voter verification     AP, Terry Kinney & Jessica Brown  
     Y     ACORN: A Clear and Present Danger     Townhall, Burt Prelutsky  
     Y     Obama camp downplays payments to ACORN     Washington Times, S. A. Miller  
 Oct  9    Y     Obama Hired ACORN For GOTV     Townhall, Amanda Carpenter  
     Y     It's time to shut down ACORN     Midwest Voices, Ross Balano  
     Y     ACORN fraud and other
   Democratic voting shenanigans  
  American Thinker, Rick Moran  
     Y     Vote-Fraud-A-Go-Go     New York Post, Editorial  
 Oct  8    Y     Is ACORN Stealing the Election?     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     The ACORN/Obama Voter Registration
   'Thug Thizzle'  
  Creators Syndicate, Michelle Malkin  
 Oct  7    Y     Sowing ACORNs to reap
   the biggest oak tree in DC  
  American Thinker, James Lewis  
 Oct  6    Y     Voter-Fraud Chaos     New York Post, bKen Blackwell & Ken Kukowski  
 Oct  4    Y     Obama Claims He Never Worked For Acorn     sweetness-light.com  
 Oct  3    Y     ACORN vote fraud continues     American Thinker, Clarice Feldman  
 Sep 30    Y     An ACORN Falls from the Tree     Townhall, Ken Blackwell  
     Y     ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess     Creators Syndicate Inc., Mona Charen  
 Sep 27    Y     Law puts thousands of Florida
   voter IDs in question  
  Miami Herald, Marc Caputo  
 Sep 26    Y     Rescuing ACORN     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
 Sep 18    Y     Voter Fraud: More Than
   1,000 Voter Cards Suspect  
  Canada Free Press, Jim Kouri  
 Sep 15    Y     More ACORN Vote Fraud Attempts     Canada Free Press, Warner Todd Huston  

 Oct 29    Y     Obama accepting Untraceable Donations     Washington Post, Matthew Mosk  
     Y     Obama's Mansion, Saddam's Money     FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Pipes  
     Y     Ex-subprime bank executive
   finances Obama  
  Washington Times, Jerry Seper  
 Oct 27    Y     Dubious Donations     New York Post, Scott W. Johnson  
 Oct 22    Y     Fake Donors, Phony Pledge     National Review Online, David Freddoso  
     Y     Big Donors Drive Obama's Money Edge     Washington Times, Matthew Mosk & Sarah Cohen  
 Oct 20    Y     RNC raising questions about
    legions of Obama small donors  
  Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet  
     Y     In Fine Print, a Proliferation of Large Donors     New York Times, Michael Luo & Griff Palmer  
     Y     Obama's Soros Ties     Townhall, Carol Platt Liebau  
 Oct 16    Y     Obama Contributors Emerged from
   ...Annenberg Grantees  
  CNS News, Fred Lucas  
 Oct 14    Y     Northland Couple Warns of
   Political Credit Card Fraud  
  FOX4 News (MO), Megan Cloherty  
 Oct  9    Y     Fictitious Donors Found in Obama Finance Records     NYT, Michael Luo and Griff Palmer  
 Oct  2    Y     Obama's Fishy $200 Million     The American Spectator, The Prowler  
 Aug 14    Y     Obama's Foreign Donors     American Thinker, Pamela Geller  

 Nov 1    Y     Seattle paper publishes pictures and
    addresses of homes with McCain signs  
  NewsBusters, Warner Todd Huston  
 Oct 31    Y     America Is Better Than All That     Canada Free Press, Yomin Postelnik  
     Y     State employee says she was ordered to
   check out Joe the Plumber  
  Columbus Dispatch, Randy Ludlow  
     Y     Disgruntled Congressman
   Hastings Threatens Life
   of Opponent Marion Thorpe  
  National Review Online, Mark Hemingway  
     Y     The politics of mass hysteria     Spectator, Melanie Phillips  
 Oct 30    Y     FCC Probe Signals
   Democratic Attack Machine  
  Human Events, Rowan Scarborough  
 Oct 29    Y     Who Enforces the Constitution's
   Natural Born Citizen Clause?  
  American Thinker, Mark J. Fitzgibbons  
     Y     Matt Drudge gets called out
   over unhelpful Obama postings  
  Los Angeles Times, Don Frederick  
 Oct 28    Y     Clerk charged with unlawful
   search of Joe the Plumber  
  WNWO-TV, Staff  
     Y     The Left Keeps Hate Alive     American Thinker, Paul Miller  
 Oct 26    Y     Guess What An Obama Halloween
   Costume Is? Yep, Racist!  
  Newsbusters, Warner Todd Huston  
 Oct 24    Y     Obama campaign cuts off WFTV
   after interview with Joe Biden  
  Orlando Sentinel, Hal Boedeker  
     Y     Big Labor Payoff: Obama & Pelosi
   Plot to Destroy Secret Ballot Rights  
  Townhall, John Boehner  
     Y     Government computers used
   to find information on
   Joe the Plumber  
  Columbus Dispatch, Randy Ludlow  
     Y     Racy Content     Townhall.com, Jonah Goldberg  
     Y     Group asks IRS to investigate
   Catholic bishop against Obama  
  USA Today, Daniel Burke  
     Y     McCain supporter robbed, assaulted     Tribune-Review, Jill King Greenwood  
     Y     Republican HQ Manager's Home
   Shot Up Over McCain Signs  
  local6.com, Staff  
 Oct 21    Y     Media Polls: Pimping for Obama?     American Thinker, William Tate  
     Y     'Socialist' label called 'old code word for black'     Kansas City Star, Lewis Diuguid  
     Y     Police prepare for unrest     The Hill, Alexander Bolton  
 Oct 17    Y     Obama Camp Alleges 'Frenzied'
    GOP Plot to Inflate Voter Fraud Claims  
  Fox News, Bonney Kapp  
     Y     Obama Supporter Assaults
    Female McCain Volunteer in NY  
  pajamasmedia.com, Oleg Atbashian  
     Y     Plumber Joe Didn't Go With the Flow     The Orange County Register, Mark Steyn  
     Y     Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt     Fox 35 News, Melissa DiPane  
 Oct 14    Y     John Lewis's Race Grenade     Wall Street Journal, Editorial  
     Y     Obama's acolytes turn it ugly     Washington Times, Wesley Pruden  
     Y     Still Time for Voters to Wake Up     Creators Syndicate, David Limbaugh  
 Oct 13    Y     The next step in post-racial politics     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Ruth Ann Daile  
 Oct 12    Y     Candidate Banners Can Leave
   Clients, Businesses Bruised  
  Washington Post Staff, Avis Thomas-Lester  
     Y     Fierce new row rocks White House race     AFP  
     Y     Playing the Race Card     Creators Syndicate, Debra Saunders  
 Oct 11    Y     Think Again: Ignore the grandchildren     Jerusalem Post, Jonathan Rosenblum  
 Oct 10    Y     Obama's M.O.: Government
   By Thugocracy  
  Creators Syndicate, Michael Baron  
     Y     Enter the Race Card     New York Post, Editorial  
 Oct  9    Y     Ayers Has Not Left Radicalism Behind     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Obama, Ayers, and the
   Politics of Intimidation  
  Townhall, Frank Pastore  
     Y     Voting against Obama
   doesn't make you a racist  
  CNN, Glenn Beck  
 Sep 28    Y     Rejecting Obama     Townhall, Austin Hill  
 Sep 27    Y     Obama 'truth squad' seeks to
   squash free speech with police power  
  Springfield News-Leader, Chad Livengood  
 Sep 25    Y     Is Obama Campaign Sending the Law
   after Critics?  
  Civil Liberties Examiner, J.D. Tuccille  
     Y     Barack Obama and Alinsky's
    Rules for Psychopaths  
  American Thinker, James Lewis  
 Sep 22    Y     Smear videos against Palin
   linked to Obama campaign  
  Washington Examiner, Ray Robison  
     Y     How Obama Applies Alinsky's Rules     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Hope, Change, & Lies:
       Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns
       & the People that Run Them  
  The Jawa Report  
 Sep 19    Y     Obama Is Stoking Racial Antagonism     The Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh  
 Sep 18    Y     Joe Welch Moment     National Review Online, Hadley Arkes  
     Y     The new 'digital brownshirts'     Washington Times, Editorial  
     Y     Obama Camp Slimes David Freddoso     American Spectator, Matthew Vadum  
 Sep 17    Y     Obama mobilizes rapid response on Web     Chicago Tribune, John McCormack  
 Sep 16    Y     Community Organizer In Chief     Investor's Business Daily, Staff  
 Sep 12    Y     Obama's Plumbers     Human Events, John Batchelor  
     Y     Putting Lipstick on
   the Community Organizing Pig  
  American Thinker, Kyle-Anne Shiver  
 Sep  8    Y     Organizer in Chief     New York Post, Steven Malanga  
 Sep  2    Y     Obama's Motion To Suppress     Investors Business Daily, Editorial  
 Aug 21    Y     Who was blocking 'The Path to 9/11'?     Politico, Jeffrey Ressner  
 Aug  3    Y     It's a "lie" to say Obama
   not injecting race into campaign  
  Politico, Lindsey Graham  
 Aug  1    Y     Ugly game of who's the bigot     Washington Times, Wesley Pruden  
     Y     Obama's racism card     King Features Syndicate, by Rich Lowry  
     Y     Racy Politics     National Review, Editorial  

 Nov 3    Y     Are Obama's Friends Fair Game?     Wall Street Journal, Bari Weiss  
 Oct 31    Y     Getting the 'Ayers Issue' Straight     American Thinker, M. Jay Wells  
 Oct 28    Y     Obama’s Friendship with Khalidi     Creators Syndicate, Mona Charen  
 Oct 25    Y     LA Times Witholds Video of Obama
   Toasting Former PLO Operative
   at Jew Bashing Dinner  
  Newsbusters, John Stephenson  
 Oct 24    Y     Runnin' with the Devil     National Review, Andy McCarthy  
 Oct 22    Y     Ayers: Radical Loon When
   Obama was Only 47  
  Universal Press Syndicate, Ann Coulter  
     Y     Another Communist in Obama’s Orb     National Review, Andrew C. McCarthy  
     Y     Ayers' Agenda: First-Grade Guinea Pigs     Human Events, Margaret Hemenway  
 Oct 21    Y     Obama and Dohrn and Ayers     American Thinker, Zee Towner  
     Y     Obama's campaign built on lies     American Thinker, Richard Baehr  
     Y     Bill Ayers' Scary Plans for Public Schools     Townhall, Phyllis Schlafly  
 Oct 20    Y     Made My Obama Friends List,
   Now Checking It Twice  
  PajamasMedia, Kyle-Anne Shiver  
     Y     Obama Praised 'Searing and Timely'
   Book by Ayers  
  Fox News, Staff  
 Oct 18    Y     Complaint hits Rezko land deal     Washington Times, Jerry Seper  
     Y     How Obama Would Stifle Drug Innovation     Wall Street Journal, Scott Gottlieb  
 Oct 17    Y     Matthews Denies Ayers Said
    He Regretted Not Bombing More  
  Newsbusters, Mark Finkelstein  
 Oct 16    Y     Ayers Is No Education 'Reformer'     Wall Street Journal, Sol Stern  
     Y     A Messiah Manufactured by Marxism     Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod  
 Oct 15    Y     Re: Ayers     National Review Online, Andy McCarthy  
 Oct 14    Y     Obama-Run Foundation Gave Millions
    to Liberal Groups, Including
   One Run by Bill Ayers  
  CNS News, Fred Lucas  
     Y     Wright 101     National Review, Stanley Kurtz  
 Oct 13    Y     Obama Friends Call Character
   Into Question  
  Creators Syndicate, Charles Krauthammer  
     Y     Introducing Bill & Bernadine
   To 30-Something & Younger Voters  
  American Thinker, Lee Cary  
 Oct 12    Y     Everyone is out to destroy Palin
    but it's Obama's past
    we should examine  
  Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips  
     Y     When Will MSM Report Obama's
    Support for Kenyan Tyrant Odinga?  
  NewsBusters, Kerry Picket  
     Y     Obama's Kenya ghosts     Washington Times, Mark Hyman  
     Y     Obama's Weatherman shows
   which way the wind blows  
  The Australian, Mervyn Bendl  
     Y     The Exact Word     American Thinker, Jerry A. Kane  
 Oct 11    Y     10 things to know about Bill Ayers     Chicago Sun-Times, Abdon M. Pallasch and Chris Fusco  
 Oct 10    Y     Why Obama's Communist Connections
   Are Not Headlines  
  American Thinker, Paul Kengor  
     Y     Obama & Friends: Judge Not?     Washington Post Writers Group, Charles Krauthammer  
 Oct  9    Y     Questions Linger Over When
   Obama Learned of Ayers' History  
  FoxNews.com, Cristina Corbin  
     Y     Obama's Earmark for Fr. Pfleger     FrontPageMagazine.com, Tom Fitton  
     Y     A Revolutionary's 'Education' Advice     New York Post, Ronald Radosh  
     Y     Guilt by Agreement     American Spectator, George Neumayr  
 Oct  7    Y     Why Won't Obama Talk About Columbia?     National Review Online, Andrew C. McCarthy  
 Oct  6    Y     The missing SNL bailout skit and
   the Soros connection  
  michellemalkin.com, Michelle Malkin  
 Oct  3    Y     Obama and '60s Bomber:
   A Look Into Crossed Paths  
  New York Times, Scott Shane  
 Sep 27    Y     Obama's radical relationship     Toledo Blade, Jack Kelly  
 Sep 24    Y     Founding Brothers     National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz  
 Sep 23    Y     If Ohio polling looks like Chicago,
   'thank' Brunner  
  Cincinnati Enquirer, Peter Bronson  
     Y     Obama’s Challenge     National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz  
     Y     Obama and Ayers Pushed
   Radicalism on Schools  
  Wall St. Journal, Stanley Kurtz  
 Sep 16    Y     Barack’s PIRG Past     National Review Online, Mark Hemingway  
     Y     Obama's Foul Weather Friends     American Thinker, Scott Swett & Roger Canfield  
 Sep 14    Y     Obama supporters ready for fight     Financial Times, Andrew Ward  
     Y     Obama's missing years     American Thinker, Clarice Feldman  
     Y     Obama admits a terrorist
   launched his career  
  directorblue.com, Doug Ross  
 Sep 11    Y     Obama covers his tracks     American Thinker, Ed Lasky  
 Sep  5    Y     Barack Obama - Magna Cum Saudi?     Investors Business Daily, Editorial  
 Sep  4    Y     Obama Had Close Ties to
    Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age  
  Canada Free Press, bKenneth R. Timmerman  
 Sep  2    Y     Obama's Years at Columbia Are a Mystery:
   He graduated without honors  
  New York Sun, by Ross Goldberg  
 Aug 31    Y     Resume of a Terrorist:
   Obama's Buddy Ayers  
  Canada Free Press, Jim Kouri  
 Aug 26    Y     Ayers Unrepentant for Radical
   Group's Violence in 1960s, 1970s  
  Fox News, Staff  
     Y     Newly Released Documents Highlight
   Obama's Relationship With Ayers  
  Fox News, Staff  
 Aug 24    Y     Ayers' long march through education     American Thinker, Clarice Feldman  
     Y     Frank Marshall Davis, alleged Communist,
   was early influence on Barack Obama  
  The Telegraph, Toby Harnden  
 Aug 22    Y     Will Ayers and Obama
   radicalize our schools?  
  American Thinker, Ed Lasky  
 Aug 14    Y     Obama's Radical Roots And Rules     Investors Business Daily, Editorial  

 Nov 3    Y     Classical economics
   according to Barack Obama  
  Crossville Chronicle, Jerry McDonough  
     Y     Obamanomics     Townhall, Ken Blackwell  
 Nov 2    Y     Hidden Audio: Obama Tells
   SF Chronicle He Will
   Bankrupt Coal Industry  
  NewsBusters, P.J. Gladnick  
     Y     Barack Obama, exposed:
   View of constitution  
  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Cal Thomas  
     Y     Obama camp changes
   tax-cut beneficiaries  
  Washington Times, Donald Lambro  
 Nov 1    Y     'Share The Wealth'
   With the World?  
  New York Post, Peter Schweizer  
 Oct 31    Y     Obama's Gun-Restriction
   Policy Playbook  
  Town Hall, John Sigler  
     Y     Spreading the Wealth
   and Killing the Goose  
  American Thinker, Gregory V. Helvering  
 Oct 30    Y     Obama Judges Courting Left     National Review Online, Peter Ferrara  
     Y     Viva the Bill Ayers Revolution:
   Did it influence
   Obamas Remarkable Movement?  
  Canada Free Press, Marinka Peschmann  
 Oct 28    Y     Socialism in disguise     The Washington Times, Ian de Silva  
     Y     Obama and the Law     Townhall, Thomas Sowell  
     Y     Will Obama Gut Defense?     Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens  
 Oct 27    Y     Obama's radicalism:
   Destroying the Constitution  
  Union Leader, by Staff  
     Y     Dean: One-Party Rule Would Rule     Roll Call, Tim Taylor  
 Oct 28    Y     Barack Obama Admits:
   "I Chose My Friends Carefully...
   Marxist Professors and Structural Feminists  
  Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft  
     Y     Obama Affinity to Marxists
   Dates Back to College Days  
  Fox News, Bill Sammon  
     Y     A game-changer by Obama     Washington Times, Wesley Pruden  
     Y     Obama's Stealth Reparations     FrontPage Magazine, Paul Sperry  
     Y     Obama's Ideas For A Radical Court     New York Post, Robert Alt  
     Y     The NRA vs. Obama     Human Events, A.W.R. Hawkins  
     Y     Why the Left Wants
   to Change America  
  Townhall, Dennis Prager  
     Y     Obama's 'Redistribution' Constitution     Wall Street Journal, Steven G. Calabresi  
 Oct 27    Y     Democrats for Despotism     Wall Street Journal, Mary Anastasia O'Grady  
     Y     Wash out Dems and spin dry 'em     Creators Syndicate, Mona Charen  
     Y     Obama's radical agenda     Washington Times, Editorial  
     Y     Department of Early Indoctrination     American Spectator, Shawn Macomber  
 Oct 26    Y     America asks for a king     Townhall, Laura Hollis  

 Oct 30    Y     Obama on Taxes     Commentary Magazine, John Podhoretz  
 Oct 29    Y     Barack Wrote a Letter...     Wall Street Journal, Editorial  
     Y     Exactly Wrong, Again     American Thinker, Randall Hoven  
     Y     Taxing Times     Creators Syndicate, Thomas Sowell  
 Oct 28    Y     Who's Behind the
   Economic Collapse?  
  Canada Free Press, Cliff Kincaid  
 Oct 25    Y     Barack's Jobs Baloney     New York Post, Jacob Sullum  
 Oct 24    Y     The Coming Obama Spending Explosion     DC Examiner, Editorial  
     Y     Capital Punishment     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     How's Obama Going to Raise
   $4.3 Trillion?  
  WSJ, Alan Reynolds  
 Oct 24    Y     McCain: Obama Would
   Harm Middle Class  
  AP, Staff  
 Oct 22    Y     Obama and the Tax Tipping Point     Wall Street Journal, Adam Lerrick  
     Y     The Continuing Crisis     The Wall Street Journal, James Taranto  
 Oct 21    Y     Obama Talks Nonsense on Tax Cuts     Wall Street Journal, William McGurn  
     Y     Get Ready for the New New Deal     The Wall Street Journal, by Paul H. Rubin  
 Oct 20    Y     Dems to hold Fannie, Freddie hearing
   – post election  
  The Hill, Mike Soraghan  
 Oct 19    Y     Ms. Information
   The bill for Michelle Obama  
  Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore  
 Oct 18    Y     How to Never Need the Cash
    Obama Intends to Take
    from Joe the Plumber’s Pocket  
  Townhall, Doug Giles  
 Oct 17    Y     Four Freakin’ Words.
    We. Can't. Afford. It.  
  Townhall, John Hawkins  
 Oct 13    Y     An Obama 'Rescue' Plan That Doesn't     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Obama to Plumber: My Plan Will
   'Spread the Wealth Around'  
  FOX News.com, Staff  
     Y     An Obama Panic?     New York Post, Charles Gaparino  
     Y     Fannie, Freddie and the Left     FrontPage Magazine, John Perazzo  
 Oct 12    Y     Specter, Schumer clash over attack ads     The Hill, Manu Raju  
     Y     Campaign hides candidate's
   true socialist agenda  
  Herald Sun, Mark Bonner  
 Oct 10    Y     Dems to Blame for Fan, Fred Debacles     Newsbusters, by Tom Blumer  
 Oct  4    Y     Baldwin Blames Financial Crisis
   on Clinton, Dems and Barney Frank  
  Newsbusters.org, by Noel Sheppard  
     Y     U.S. mess started with Carter     Edmonton Sun, Salim Mansur  
 Oct  3    Y     Lawmaker Accused of Fannie Mae
   Conflict of Interest  
  Fox News, Bill Sammon  
 Oct  1    Y     Clinton Democrats are to
   blame for the credit crunch  
  Spectator, Dennis Sewell  
 Sep 30    Y     Democrat Leaders Played to Lose     American Spectator, The Prowler  
 Sep 27    Y     Re-Seeding the Housing Mess     Wall Street Journal, Editorial Staff  
 Sep 24    Y     Media Mum on Barney Frank's
   Fannie Mae Love Connection  
  Business and Media Institute, Jeff Poor  
 Sep 26    Y     Blind Ambition     Townhall, Linda Chavez  
     Y     Out of bounds! Obama camp
   distorts a GOP leader's remark  
  McClatchy Newspapers, Steven Thomma  
     Y     Who's Really Injecting
   Presidential Politics?  
  American Thinker, Marc Sheppard  
     Y     Obama's Ghostbusters Strategy     American Thinker, Lee Cary  
     Y     Dems Bailout Proposal Redirects
   'Paulson's Profits' To Left-Wing Groups  
  NewsBusters, Warner Todd Huston  
     Y     Doesn't Hang Together     Commentary Magazine, Jennifer Rubin  
     Y     Obama in the Tank for Pritzker     American Spectator, Edward Sisson  
     Y     Politics at the edge of an abyss     Washington Times, Wesley Pruden  
 Sep 25    Y     Obama's Scandalous BankUnited Appearance     Canada Free Press, Yomin Postelnik  
 Sep 24    Y     House of Cards     New York Post, by Stan Liebowitz  
     Y     How A Clinton-Era Rule Rewrite
   Made Subprime Crisis Inevitable  
  Investor's Business Daily, by Terry Jones  
 Sep 22    Y     Change: Remove the Democrats
   Responsible for Mortgage Mess  
  RushLimbaugh.com, Rush Limbaugh  
 Sep 19    Y     Obama votes 'Present' on
   new economic rescue plan for now  
  LA Times, Andrew Malcolm  
     Y     ...And the Wrong     Investor's Business Daily  
     Y     Obama's economic policies are 'naive'     The Live Feed, James Hibberd  
     Y     Obama misstates McCain's position on regulation     McClatchy Newspapers, Steven Thomma  
     Y     Obama's Fannie Mae 'Connection'     Washington Post, Michael Dobbs  
 Sep 18    Y     Obama Dusts Off Hoover Playbook     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
     Y     Fannie Mae CEO to Democrats:
   You Are Our 'Family' and 'Conscience'  
  NewsBusters, P.J. Gladnick  
 Sep 17    Y     Congress Tries To Fix What It Broke     Investors Business Daily, Editorial  
 Sep 16    Y     Barack Obama's Fannie/Freddie Connection     Fox News, John Gibson  
     Y     McCain Accuses Obama of Exploiting
   Financial Turmoil  
  Fox News, Staff  

 Nov 3    Y     Aunt Zeituni's Protectors     American Spectator, The Prowler  
 Nov 2    Y     How Many Laws
   Can One Break?  
  National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson  
 Oct 31    Y     The case against Obama     BBC News, Peter Wehner  
 Oct 30    Y     What you were never intended
   to know in this election  
  Red State  
 Oct 29    Y     Scarborough Stumps Sachs
    on Obama Accomplishments  
  NewsBusters, Mark Finkelstein  
 Oct 27    Y     Justice and Vote Fraud     Wall Street Journal, Editorial  
 Oct 27    Y     'I'm not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me' Jan 28, 2007     NYT, Jodie Kantor  
 Oct 24    Y     Media's Presidential Bias and Decline     ABC News, Michael S. Malone  
     Y     Is America really going to do this?     The Spectator, Melanie Phillips  
     Y     'Son of Frankenstein,'
    Starring Barack Obama  
  Townhall, Burt Prelutsky  
     Y     Messiah Deficit Disorder     Creators Syndicate, Oliver North  
 Oct 23    Y     Joe Biden's gift     Townhall, Cal Thomas  
     Y     Obama "Rushes" to Grandmother's Bedside
   (After Just a Few Days)  
  rushlimbaugh.com, Rush Limbaugh  
     Y     Obama's Publicists     Investor's Business Daily, by Editorial  
     Y     Creepier and Creepier     American Spectator, Christopher Orlet  
     Y     The Case Against Barack Obama,
   Part 2  
  Creators Syndicate , Larry Elder  
 Oct 22    Y     Obama's Mandate for Nationalized
   Same-Sex Marriage  
  Creators Syndicate, Terence Jeffrey  
     Y     Barack & the Jews     New York Post, Gabriel Schoenfeld  
     Y     Marquis V Reed - WA Sec Of State
   Wants Proof Of Obama's US Citizenship  
  The Post Chronicle  
     Y     The Populism Divide     Townhall, Dick Morris & Eileen McGann  
     Y     Biden's Bungles: A Blatant Bias     New York Post, Kirsten Powers  
     Y     Joe the Bumbler     Creators Syndicate, Brent Bozell III  
     Y     Obama the 'Light-Worker'     American Thinker, Lance Fairchok  
     Y     Flawed Thinking     Newsweek, George Weigel  
     Y     Obama's Education Idiocy     New York Post, Editorial  
 Oct 21    Y     Polls and Pols     Creators Syndicate, Thomas Sowell  
     Y     Obama Sends His Kids to Private School
   But Opposes School Choice Vouchers  
  CNS News, Fred Lucas  
     Y     Boasting Weakness     Investor's Business Daily, Editorial  
 Oct 18    Y     Obama's Big Lie in the Last Debate     American Thinker, James Simpson  
 Oct 17    Y     pre-dinner snack at the Waldorf     Townhall.com  
     Y     Obama's transition team meets     The Associated Press, David Espo  
     Y     Liberals Lie, Conservatives Die...
  Townhall, Burt Prelutsky  
     Y     Obama Whopper on
   McCain Health Care Plan  
  CBS News, Wyatt Andrews  
     Y     Obama Hasn't Closed the Sale     Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove  
 Oct 15    Y     Obama Laments Media Image,
   Says Fox News Cost Him in Polls  
  Fox News, Staff  
 Oct 14    Y     A Clear and Present Danger     Canada Free Press, Jim O'Neill  
     Y     Worst Case Scenario     Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes  
 Oct 13    Y     Vera Baker Obama's Secret
   Girlfriend - Bradley Effect?  
  The Post Chronicle, Mitch Marconi  
 Oct 10    Y     Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal     Washington Times, Barbara Slavin  
     Y     Barack Obama's Health Care Rx
   has Dangerous Side Effects  
  New York Daily News, Robert Goldberg  
 Oct  9    Y     Obama’s Climate Change Education Bill
   for Kindergartners  
  Canada Free Press, Marinka Peschmann  
 Oct  6    Y     Obama's Payoff to Unions     Human Events, Mark Skousen  
 Oct  5    Y     Michelle Obama Was Discontented     sweetness-and-light, Lynn Sweet  
 Oct  3    Y     Do Facts Matter?     Townhall, by Thomas Sowell  
 Oct  2    Y     Obama's Foreign Policy:
   Appeasement and Groveling  
  American Thinker, Gary Wolf  
 Sep 27    Y     Verdict on Obama: Mealymouthed, Pathetic     The Nation, Robert Dreyfuss  
     Y     The Tale Of Two Bracelets     New York Post, Charles Hurt  

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