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  • Kerry campaign denies 'shake-up' - 'Under new directions from former President Bill Clinton — the only Democrat to win the White House in a quarter of a century — Mr. Kerry is shedding talk of his own Vietnam War record.'
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Whose Party - ''Kerry doesn't know these people the way he knows his longtime aides,' says a Kerry adviser in Washington of the Clinton crew. 'He has talked to them in the past, but hasn't worked with them. Really, this is a trust thing on Kerry's part. Kerry is basically handing over the entire operation to Clinton, who is now saying, 'Shut up, do what I say, and I will get you elected.'''
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Kerry, Kansas City, and the FBI files - 'On November 12, 1971, a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW) was convened in Kansas City, Missouri. MIKE OLIVER explained to those present that VVAW National Office had decided to send a five-man delegation to Hanoi, North Vietnam, early in December, 1971. Some of the delegates who were present were: [redacted] Kansas City, Missouri, who was responsible for most of the arrangements; MIKE OLIVER; JOHN KERRY'
                    Steve Gilbert, American Thinker
  • MISSION: IMPLAUSIBLE - Another discrepancy erodes Kerry's story - Conflicting version of Rassman heroics supports claim made by swiftboat vets - ''He was left holding the pieces unable to fire back while one of the Green Berets [Rassman] walked along the edge of the boat to get Tommy another M–60. As he was doing so, the boat made a high speed turn to starboard and the Green Beret kept going -- straight into the river.' [John Kerry] The question of which boat Rassman was on has not been resolved by the Kerry campaign, he said, but the eulogy is the first evidence of an admission that it was the acceleration of Kerry's boat that caused Rassman to fall off. 'If you put any two John Kerry versions together, you end up with three stories,' Corsi told WND.'
                    Art Moore, World Net Daily
  • Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum Photograph - 'The photograph shows Senator Kerry being greeted by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Comrade Do Muoi.'
                    Winter Soldier
  • V for Valor or Kerry's Version? - 'Which is why we were surprised when we ran across some news accounts questioning Mr. Kerry's DD 214 ( a veteran's record of transfer or separation), which lists his Silver Star with a combat "V" (for valor) and is posted at According to military experts and historians, the combat "V" is never awarded with a Silver Star. For his book, Mr. Burkett had to read thousands of military records to uncover phony claims of awards. 'I've run across several claims for Silver Stars with combat 'V's, but they were all in fake records,' he told Mr. Lipscomb.' Over at, the Navy citation for Mr. Kerry's Silver Star does not mention the combat "V". It appears, then, that the Navy didn't mistakingly grant a "V" with Mr. Kerry's Silver Star. So, how did it get into Mr. Kerry's DD 214?
                    Washington Times
  • Something tells me Bush holds all the aces - 'the President sat back, as John Kerry's consultants, the Iowa caucus voters, the Democratic Party at large, and the media convinced themselves that the one card that trumps Bush's leadership in the war on terror was Kerry's four months in Vietnam, and bet everything on it. They have just lost that hand.'
  • If He Only Had a Heart: Kerry tanks on The Daily Show - 'From the moment the senator appeared and sat down on the gray sofa where, just last week, Bill Clinton basked in the audience's applause like a cat lapping up cream, Kerry's charisma was less than zero: It was negative. He was a charm vacuum, forced to actually borrow mojo from audience members. He was a dessicated husk, a tin man who really didn't have a heart. His lack of vibrancy, his utter dearth of sex appeal made Al Gore look like Charo. Watching Kerry strike out was especially heartbreaking given that Stewart was pitching not just softballs but marshmallows. Puffy interview marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles on them, and Kerry was letting them sail by as if he planned to get to first base on a walk.'
                    Dana Stevens, Slate
  • Nobles and Knaves - 'Knaves: The Kerry campaign, for attempting to silence the First Amendment rights of fellow Americans for pure political power'
                    Nobles and Knaves, Washington Times
  • The Political Guns Of August Are Firing: Brinkley Wrote About John Kerry's Battles In Vietnam. Now He's Fighting His Own - 'The Kerry campaign has refused to release Kerry's personal Vietnam archive, including his journals and letters, saying that the senator is contractually bound to grant Brinkley exclusive access to the material. But Brinkley said this week the papers are the property of the senator and in his full control. 'I don't mind if John Kerry shows anybody anything,' he said. 'If he wants to let anybody in, that's his business. Go bug John Kerry, and leave me alone.' The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires 'that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book.''
                    Ann Gerhart, Washington Post
  • Who's to blame for nation's Vietnam wounds? Kerry - 'Why is Vietnam a 'wound' and why won't it heal? The answer: not because it was a military or strategic defeat but because it was a national trauma. And whose fault is that? Well, you can't pin it all on one person, but, if you had to, Lt. John F. Kerry would stand a better shot at taking the solo trophy than almost anyone. oday Sen. Kerry says he's proud of his anti-war activism, but that's not what it was. Every war has pacifists and conscientious objectors and even disenchanted veterans, but there's simply no precedent for what John Kerry did: a man who put his combat credentials to the service of smearing his country's entire armed forces as rapists, decapitators and baby killers.'
                    Mark Steyn, Sun Times
  • The Not-So-Swift Mainstream Media: And how they were forced to cover a story they hated - 'Talk-radio and the blog world covered the Cambodia story obsessively. They reported on border crossings during Vietnam and the differences between Swift boats and PBRs. They also found two other instances of Kerry's talking about his Christmas in Cambodia. Spurred on by the blogs, Fox led the August 9 Special Report with a Carl Cameron story on Kerry's Cambodia discrepancy. All the while, traditional print and broadcast media tried hard to ignore the story--even as Kerry officially changed his position on his presence in Cambodia. Then on August 19, Kerry went public with his counter assault against Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and suddenly the story was news.'
                    Jonathan V. Last, Weekly Standard
  • Trying to acquire Purple Hearts - 'During my year in DaNang, a few combatants urged me to verify small abrasions as 'wounds' so they could get a Purple Heart. Each freely admitted trying to acquire Purple Hearts as rapidly as possible to take advantage of the policy allowing those with three Purple Hearts to apply to leave Vietnam early. I refused them. But some went shopping for another opinion. Unfortunately, we had some antiwar physicians in Vietnam who were happy to become accomplices in these frauds. Most with valid Purple Hearts didn't need to apply to leave Vietnam: The seriousness of their wounds demanded it. Lt. John Kerry's collecting three Purple Hearts within 100 days - all for wounds too minor to require hospitalization - recalls the distasteful memories of having to deal with those few miscreants in DaNang.'
                    Martin L. Fackler, Washington Times
  • Vetting free speech not such a swift idea - 'Because the Democrats have been perceived, rightly, as weak on defense in general, and because Kerry in particular has been among America's most dovish senators, his campaign thought it necessary to treat his 20 years in the Senate as an asterisk and his four months in Vietnam as his 'record.' The Democratic Convention, which everyone hailed as brilliantly scripted by the Kerry campaign, made Kerry's Vietnam service the focal point of everything. His biographical film barely mentioned his political career, and his speech began with Kerry saluting and declaring that he was 'reporting for duty.' But now Kerry says that his service is off-limits to criticism and inquiry. What nonsense.'
                    Jonah Goldberg, TownHall
  • Lawyer Advising Vets Quits Bush Campaign - 'Having an attorney in common does not automatically make the Bush campaign and the veterans group coordinated in the eyes of the Federal Election Commission, nor does Ginsberg's approval of the swift boat veterans' ad scripts. Whether the two are coordinated would depend on other factors, such as what Ginsberg did with the information he obtained about the ads, FEC spokesman Bob Biersack said. Ginsberg said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday that he didn't advise the veterans group on strategy, nor did he tell the Bush campaign or the group what he discussed with the other. Law firms on the Democratic side are also representing both the campaign or party and outside groups running ads in the presidential race. Washington attorney Joe Sandler represents the Democratic National Committee and a group airing anti-Bush ads,'
                    Sharon Theimer, My Way News
  • The Swift Truth - 'You know what now happens when anybody criticizes a prominent Democrat in the United States. He immediately becomes a target for this well-organized hit-and-smear, kill-the-messenger machine the Democrats have developed. I watched Chris Matthews foaming at the mouth trying to crucify you, asking you questions, cutting off your answers and then accusing you of not answering. Is this what you expected? O'Neill: Yes, I really did, Lowell. It's a shame. The problem they have is when you study the book Unfit For Command, the conclusions in the book are really difficult to assail. It's pretty obvious that they're the truth. And so, rather than attack the conclusions and the facts, what they try to do is attack the messenger. I didn't mind so much Chris Matthews attacking me, but bitterly resented Chris Matthews' treatment of Larry Thurlow, probably the greatest hero we ever had in swift boats. And I also thought that he acted like a clod in attacking Michelle Malkin, who defended us on his show and throwing her off. I think he should be ashamed of himself.'
                    Lowell Ponte, FrontPage Magazine
  • The Ad That Worked - 'They offer a simple and compelling message: John Kerry staked his claim to the presidency on his war record--and the men who know that record best do not think him fit for command. John Kerry has presented himself as a hero, a man wounded while valiantly battling the Communist enemy. The Swiftboat vets counter that he is no hero. In their devastating second ad, Sellout, they first air tape of a young John Kerry alleging that U.S. forces in Vietnam committed atrocities 'reminiscent of Genghis Khan.' They intersperse his voice with clips of men like Paul Galanti, an officer who spent seven years in a POW camp. Galanti says: 'John Kerry gave the enemy for free what I and many of my comrades in the prison camps of North Vietnam took torture to avoid saying.''
                    David Frum, National Post
  • John Kerry's real 'band of brothers' - 'For 25 years, he told The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, the United States Senate, and all manner of other well-known saps about his covert Yuletide operations inside Cambodia gun-running to anti-communists with his lucky CIA hat. To verify any of this would have required a trip to specialist reference libraries, looking up stuff on eye-straining microfiche, etc. So it was easier to let the old blowhard yak away and just nod occasionally. Senator Kerry couldn't have foreseen that Al Gore would invent the Internet, and there'd be this Google thingy, and all you'd have to do is tap in a few words and a nanosecond later it would all be at your fingertips – veterans memoirs, Cambodian history, declassified Johnson administration documents, previous Kerry "stretchers" (as Mark Twain called them).'
                    Mark Steyn, Jerusalem Post
  • Kerry The Appeaser - In His Own Words - 'The engagement policy advocates, including Kerry, have for over a decade claimed that economic trade with China will pull it into the civilized world, reducing its WMD proliferation and its human rights abuses. Each year we have witnessed China engaged in yet another violation of nuclear or missile technology sales to its proxy states; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan and North Korea. The Kerry, Clinton and Carter camp of China apologists continue to scream 'engagement' while China continues to sell WMD technology to hostile powers.'
                    Charles R. Smith, NewsMax
  • John Kerry's Puzzling Silver Star Citations - 'Now, on the heels of yet another revelation-that Kerry's DD 214 ("Report of Transfer or Separation"), displayed on his website, shows his Silver Star embellished with an unauthorized "V" for valor-which makes it facially false and at variance with official government records )- it has come to light that his Silver Star award is fraught with other peculiarities.'
                    Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer, FrontPage Magazine
    li>Yes, The Left Questioned Bob Dole's Medals in 1996 - 'Let's not hear any more talk about how high-minded the left was about Bob Dole and his medals eight years ago. The Nation argued that Bob Dole got his first Purple Heart for a self-inflicted wound.'
                    Jim Geraghty, National Review
  • Kerry Bid To Make Bush 'Goat' For 9/11 Seen Risky - 'Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign is belittling President Bush for his immediate reaction to the September 11 terrorist attacks, stepping up its response to recent criticism of Mr. Kerry's conduct during the Vietnam War. 'John Kerry is not the type of leader who will sit and read 'My Pet Goat' to a group of second-graders while America is under attack,' said Kerry campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter, a reference to the book Mr. Bush continued reading with children for several minutes after his chief of staff informed him of the second World Trade Center plane attack. The line of attack about the children's book could prove risky for the Kerry campaign, because it was started by polarizing liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, from whom the Kerry campaign and other Democrats in close races have tried to keep at least some distance. The strategy could be particularly risky because, although Mr. Kerry was not reading a children's book when the attacks occurred, he has admitted that he sat stunned and unable to think for more than 30 minutes in the Capitol until he and other senators were whisked out of the building to safety.'
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Inside Politics - ''The Kerry campaign is gloating this weekend over the resignation of Bush-Cheney volunteer former Vietnam War POW Ken Cordier, who's featured in the latest Swift Boat ad — saying it proves illegal coordination between the Swift vets' 527 group and the official Bush campaign,' reported yesterday. 'But [John] Kerry has no plans to fire Zach Exley, a key campaign staffer who served as the organizing director for throughout the presidential primaries,' NewsMax said. 'What's more, MoveOn, whose sole mission is to defeat President Bush in November, maintains that Exley is allowed to 'communicate' with the 527 group even as he works for the Democratic nominee.''
                    Greg Pierce, Washington Times
  • Dole Rips Kerry Over War Medals - 'He doesn't have any disability — and boasting about three Purple Hearts, when you think of some of the people who really got shot up in Vietnam,'
                    Audrey Hudson, Washington Times
  • The Weakness Candidate - 'John F. Kerry is a dove in hawk's clothing. Yes, he volunteered in Vietnam -- and none can deny him the honor he deserves for having done his duty. But he now asks to be commander in chief largely on the strength of that four-month stint -- which is like trying to build a pyramid atop a toothpick. Moreover, every position Kerry has taken on foreign policy since he left the swift boats behind stands in sharp contrast to those months of service.'
                    Mona Charen, The Southern Illinoisan
  • Why James Rassman Is Honestly Mistaken About John Kerry Saving His Life And Kerry Is Shamelessly Exploiting The Situation - 'Kerry and Rassman contradict themselves several times. However, multiple versions match on several points with other first hand accounts so I weighed those findings as being the most accurate. The closer the date of the statements to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the more embellished and divergent Kerry's and Rassman's statements became as compared to older first hand observations. The Kerry Presidential campaign news release dated January 17, 2004, appended to this article, represents the most divergent, carefully crafted, and falsified account of the incident I was able to find.'
                    Grant K. Holcomb, MichNews
  • Sunshine Policy: John Kerry should sign an SF 180 - 'Thanks to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Senator John Kerry's Vietnam sojourn faces fresh scrutiny. Kerry can easily answer their claims that he has exaggerated or falsified details of his four months in combat: He should sign the Pentagon's Standard Form 180 to assure that his military records are fully public. Total transparency would help voters decide if Kerry should become commander-in-chief.'
                    DeRoy Murdock, National Review
  • Dear Kerry supporter - 'Now you’re beginning to learn the truth about this candidate you’ve bought. In short, you’ve discovered that you bought a lemon. I understand. You were so very anxious to get the primary circus over and done with, chose a champion, and ride off to battle against the forces of darkness. You were so anxious, so eager that you drove the wrong car off the showroom floor. You would like to return it now, but you’re too many miles down the campaign road, and there’s no lemon law in politics. Look, I just have to ask: How is it that you selected this candidate without knowing that he had absolutely nothing to run on, and I do mean nothing, except four months in Vietnam? Didn’t it occur to you that you might want a candidate with at least some record of accomplishment over a twenty-year period of service in the Senate?'
                    Neal Boortz, TownHall
  • John Kerry's Mysterious Combat 'V' - 'Kerry's DD 214 lists a Silver Star with a combat 'V' (for valor). As the major correctly observes, the 'V' is never awarded with the Silver Star. But the actual wording on Kerry's DD 214 is: 'SILVER STAR WITH COMBAT 'V'.''
                    Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer, FrontPage Magazine
  • Brinkley Excerpt Confirms Swift Vets' Eyewitness Claims - 'Published excerpts include a startling claim by Kerry's peers that the candidate obtained his first Purple Heart for a self-inflicted wound. Military regulations prohibit such awards, and Kerry sought the decoration on the basis that the wound resulted from hostile fire. As told by Cockburn and St. Clair, in 'an entry from his diary about a subsequent excursion, written on Dec. 11, 1968, nine days after the incident that got Kerry his medal,' Kerry asserted that his crew remained cocky and feeling invincible 'because we hadn't been shot at yet, and Americans at war who haven't been shot at yet are allowed to be cocky.' Brinkley cites this same entry but avoids assigning it a date. Regardless, this plainly reads as an admission that two weeks after a purported firefight, Kerry in fact had yet to face combat. Given that Kerry's boatmates of that night also question the presence of hostile fire, this should settle things.'
                    Christopher C. Horner, Commentary
  • Kerry seeks to scuttle vets' ads - 'Mr. Kerry's strong criticism appears to have raised the profile of the veterans opposing him, focusing attention on their first TV commercial that criticized Mr. Kerry's service record. The veterans said yesterday afternoon that in the past 24 hours they received more than $250,000 from more than 3,500 donors, bringing total contributions to date to $935,000.'
                    Stephen Dinan and Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Kerry's fellow 'Swiftees' dispute his Purple Hearts - 'In the history of Swift Boats in Vietnam, all military personnel served a tour of duty of at least one year unless seriously wounded. Among the few exceptions was John Kerry, who requested to leave Vietnam in 1969 after four months, citing a regulation that permitted release of personnel with three Purple Hearts. Kerry, now the four-term senator from Massachusetts and the Democratic presidential nominee, is also the only known 'Swiftee' who received the Purple Heart for a self-inflicted wound.'
                    John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi, Washington Times
  • 'Sampan incident' belies heroic image - 'John Kerry invented a 'war hero' persona in his private journals and in the home movies he filmed and staged in Vietnam. Playing the lead role, he developed a past intended to advance his future political ambitions. In reality, Kerry was regarded by his Navy peers as reckless with human life.'
                    John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi, Washington Times
  • An angry dispute over a rescue in the river - 'There is only one problem with this scenario involving five Swift Boats on the Bay Hap River...It is another gross exaggeration of what actually happened and, in several ways, a fraud perpetrated upon the Navy and the nation. Kerry's conduct on March 13, 1969, was more worthy of disciplinary action than any sort of medal.'
                    John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi, Washington Times
  • Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has been formed to counter the false 'war crimes' charges John Kerry repeatedly made against Vietnam veterans who served in our units and elsewhere, and to accurately portray Kerry's brief tour in Vietnam as a junior grade Lieutenant. We speak from personal experience -- our group includes men who served beside Kerry in combat as well as his commanders. Though we come from different backgrounds and hold varying political opinions, we agree on one thing: John Kerry misrepresented his record and ours in Vietnam and therefore exhibits serious flaws in character and lacks the potential to lead.'

  • Former FBI Agent Warns Swift Boat Vets - 'So, my warning to the Swift Boat Vets is this: When you take on the establishment, be prepared to suffer serious assaults to your reputation, at least in the short run. Over time, you will be proven to be honest, as well as brave. Eventually, your reputations will be mostly restored, but nothing will ever be the same for you again. The mainstream media will work diligently to alter the population's perception of you in ways that you could not possibly imagine. They will demonize, and then marginalize you so that your impact on this coming election will be minimal.'
                    Gary W. Aldrich, GOP USA
  • A 'Sensitive' War - photoshopped image
                    Jay D. Dyson, Sacred Cow Burgers
  • Bush campaign targets Kerry's 'sensitive war' - 'Vice President Dick Cheney led yesterday's attack, telling a Dayton audience that there is nothing 'sensitive' about Islamist militants who videotape their decapitations of innocent civilians.'
                    James Lakely and Bill Sammon, Washington Times
  • Fact and fiction - 'My job in the political section of our embassy in Saigon was to be the 'Cambodia Man.' My principal tasks were to follow border incidents involving U.S. forces along the Cambodian border. The bottom line of all this is that in the 15 years of active American military involvement in Vietnam and Cambodia, between 1961 and 1975, there was ongoing attention and scrutiny paid to the border because of the political sensitivities over the neutrality of the Cambodians. While things may have happened that no one ever found out about in Saigon, the Cambodians yelled bloody murder to the world press and the ICC whenever they found Americans trespassing.'
                    Andrew Antippas, Washington Times
  • This Is Reform? McCain-Feingold Accentuates the Negative - 'You wanted campaign finance reform. You got campaign finance reform. McCain-Feingold promised to take the money out of politics. If you believed that, you deserve what you got.'
                    Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
  • 'Nonpartisan' Swift Boat Ad? - 'This year, left-leaning groups, led by Democrats who were McCain-Feingold's backers, decided that the reform bill actually worked to their disadvantage since Republicans were always going to have a deeper pool of people who could offer up the max $2,000 donations for a general election. Jim Jordan, a former top official at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, who later served as Kerry's campaign manager until he was fired in December, now is at the nexus of the left's effort to exploit the reform loophole. His consulting firm, Thunder Road Group, is serving as the message manager for the Media Fund, America Coming Together and other well-funded groups seeking to influence the November election.'
                    Terry M. Neal, Washington Post
  • A question of character - 'While the full truth about how Mr. Kerry won his medals may never be known, we do know this: Mr. Kerry has backed away from the more lurid charges of genocide against U.S. forces he made when he came home. He misled his biographer, Douglas Brinkley, when he denied being at the Kansas City meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, where the assassination of Sens. Tower, Stennis and Thurmond was discussed. His campaign staff tried to get former VVAW men to disremember that Mr. Kerry was there. Now we have the issue of whether Mr. Kerry has told the truth about a critical moment in his life, that Christmas Eve of 1968 inside Cambodia, where young John Kerry was taking fire as U.S. leaders were lying to the nation by denying we were in Cambodia. There is a simple way to discover who is telling the truth. That is for a journalist to ask Mr. Kerry to elaborate a bit on that Christmas Eve in Cambodia that is so 'seared' in his memory and so affected his life.'
                    Patrick J. Buchanan, Washington Times
  • Kerry's Cambodia confusion - 'But why would Mr. Kerry tell such a misleading tale on the floor of the Senate? Throughout his political career, Mr. Kerry has referred to his Christmas in Cambodia as the moment when he became disillusioned with the American political leadership, and why he became such a vociferous opponent of the war upon his return from duty. Indeed, it is a moving lesson, as he recounted in 1986 on the Senate floor: 'I have that memory which is seared — seared — in me that says to me, before we send another generation into harm's way we have a responsibility in the U.S. Senate to go the last step, to make the best effort possible in order to avoid that kind of conflict.' But it didn't happen. And what are Americans to make of a presidential candidate whose life-altering moment was a figment of his imagination?'
                    Washington Times
  • Brothers Band Together Against Kerry - 'About 60 eyewitnesses to Kerry's service are cited in the book, describing Kerry fleeing comrades who were under attack, disregarding orders, putting others in danger, sucking up to his commanders, creating phony film footage of his exploits with a home-movie camera, and recommending himself for medals and Purple Hearts in vainglorious reports he wrote himself.'
                    Ann Coulter
  • The Poodle's Lucky Hat - 'Are all of the Swift Boat Vets liars and is John Kerry the one telling the truth? The Poodle also has talked about carrying a 'lucky hat' given to him by a CIA guy when they supposedly ran missions to Cambodia. He talked about it in a Washington Post interview over a year ago. Is he carrying a fictitious lucky hat? Could it be that John Kerry has not only distorted his Vietnam service, but just made stuff up? Is he just a serial liar? It's sure looking that way.'
                    Neal Boortz
  • Unfit for command? - 'The book appears to be meticulously researched and reported. It is replete with copious footnotes, a detailed index and two appendices. First-hand witnesses are named and quoted verbatim to support each specific, shocking charge. Each charge of false heroics is logically presented.'
                    Tony Blankley, Washington Times
  • Kerry's Cambodia question - 'Are the allegations true? Specifically, is it true he lied about being in Cambodia. Unlike the debate over Kerry's medals, this is a matter that can be checked and verified. If it turns out Kerry was there, the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth are liars and their charges are, in the words of Kerry's friend John McCain, 'dishonest and dishonorable.' But if he wasn't there, the Kerry campaign is saddled with a problem it can't solve by calling Republicans names, threatening TV stations or even bringing up President Bush's less than stellar war record. Kerry has staked his candidacy on Vietnam. His running mate has publicly invited the country to judge Kerry by listening to his comrades in arms. A lot of them, to Edwards' obvious chagrin, are saying that John Kerry is unfit for command. If it turns out he made up the story of Christmas in Cambodia, they could very well be right.'
                    Zev Chafets, NY Daily News
  • Kerry on the war - '95 percent of delegates were opposed to the Iraq war. A July 19-21 Gallup Poll found that 72 percent of Democrats believe the United States should not have gone to war. In short, Mr. Kerry, the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, is at odds with the vast majority of Democratic voters on the fundamental issue in this year's presidential election.'
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry's war record - 'O'Neill told me neither he nor his co-author (Jerome R. Corsi, a writer and expert on the Vietnam antiwar movement) has had contact with the Bush White House or the Bush-Cheney campaign. He said he and Corsi, on their own initiative, went to conservative Regnery Publishing to offer the book.'
                    Robert Novak, TownHall
  • Kerry was Thrown Out of Vietnam - 'Working with call sign 'Boston Strangler' [John Kerry] became problematical. 'I had a lot of trouble getting him to follow orders,' recalls Wright. 'He had a different view of leadership and operations. Those of us with direct experience working with Kerry found him difficult and oriented towards his personal, rather than unit goals and objectives. I believed that overall responsibility rested squarely on the shoulders of the OIC or OTC in a free-fire zone. You had to be right (before opening fire). Kerry seemed to believe there were no rules in a free-fire zone and you were supposed to kill anyone. I didn't see it that way.' t got to a point where Wright told his divisional commander he no longer wanted Kerry in his boat group, so he was reassigned to another one. 'I had an idea of his actions but didn't have to be responsible for him.' Then Wright and like-minded boat officers took matters into their own hands. 'When he got his third Purple Heart, three of us told him to leave. We knew how the system worked and we didn't want him in Coastal Division 11. Kerry didn't manipulate the system, we did.''
                    Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
  • Anti-Kerry Vets Gather for Assault: Book Claims Kerry War 'Fabrications' - 'Two of John Kerry's three Purple Heart decorations resulted from self-inflicted wounds, not suffered under enemy fire. A 'fanny wound' was the highlight of Kerry's much touted 'no man left behind' Bronze Star. Kerry turned the tragic death of a father and small child in a Vietnamese fishing boat into an act of "heroism" by filing a false report on the incident. Kerry's reckless behavior convinced his colleagues that he had to go -- becoming the only Swift Boat veteran to serve only four months.'
                    Drudge Report
  • Why the Democrats use 12-year-olds - 'But compared to Republicans, liberals and Democrats are often adults who do not wish to grow up. When George W. Bush was elected, I felt as if adults would now run the country after the adolescent-like President Clinton. Liberals and Democrats are not comfortable with adult-child distinctions. They therefore frequently treat and regard children as adults and frequently treat and regard adults as children.'
                    Dennis Prager, TownHall
  • Kerry's campaign theme: judge me by my words alone - 'On negative campaigning, Kerry lectured President Bush, 'In the weeks ahead, let's be optimists, not just opponents.' This was after Kerry had pledged to "restore trust and credibility to the White House, accused V.P. Cheney of conducting illicit secret meetings with 'polluters' and accused President Bush of 'mislead(ing) us into war,' playing footsie with the Saudi Royal family, not guiding policy by facts and "distorting facts with politics." Campaigning doesn't get any dirtier than this. And if Kerry meant to suggest that Bush either pressured the CIA or distorted the intelligence provided to him, he is contradicting the 9-11 Commission and the agencies themselves.'
                    David Limbaugh, TownHall
  • The truth gap - 'In his nomination acceptance speech Thursday night (July 29), today's JFK claimed there is a huge economic gap. Really? Not according to Business Week magazine in an article that says the economy is creating more high-paying jobs than low-paying jobs: It reports in its July 26 issue that '40 percent of American workers belong to occupation/industry groups where the median pay is $559 a week or more. Yet employment growth in those higher-paying groups accounted for well over half of total job growth during the past year. Average monthly employment in the higher-paying groups was 744,000 higher in the 12 months ended in June, 2004, than in the previous 12-month period. By contrast, only 408,000 jobs were added in groups whose median pay was $553 a week or less, even though they account for 52 percent of total jobs.' Average growth in the gross domestic product amounted to 3.1 percent in 1996, but GDP has grown 5.6 percent this year. Mortgage rates are 2 points under the Clinton rates. Consumer confidence in June was 95.2, which is almost 3 points higher than in 1996. Unemployment today (5.6 percent) is roughly what it was during the height of the Clinton administration (5.5 percent in 1996). Yet Kerry says America is 'in the worst job recovery since the Great Depression''
                    Cal Thomas, TownHall
  • Kerry's Sister Angers Abortion Foes - 'A Catholic antiabortion group sharply questioned the propriety of John F. Kerry's sister, Peggy Kerry, giving a speech to "a campaign crowd of feminists" in Boston and telling them that, if elected, her brother would overturn various Bush policies -- such as barring funds for U.N. population control efforts. Not surprising that she'd be campaigning for her brother, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute noted, but she 'works for George W. Bush' as part of the U.S. mission to the United Nations. The institute said Kerry was a Clinton political appointee whose 'job was made permanent in the early days of the Bush administration.''
                    Al Kamen, Washington Post
  • Kerry-Kennedy liberalism I - 'Among the ADA's 200 key votes throughout the 1990s, Mr. Kennedy voted the ADA way 191 times, compared to 190 times for Mr. Kerry. On the political continuum, the American Conservative Union (ACU) resides at the opposite end from ADA. Mr. Kerry has compiled a lifetime ACU voting rating of 5 percent, not much different from the 3 percent Mr. Kennedy has achieved over the same period. Mr. Kerry has compiled a 90 percent rating from the AFL-CIO, virtually indistinguishable from Mr. Kennedy's 93 percent over the same period. The ACLU grades senators for each two-year Congress. From the 99th Congress (1985-86) through the 107th (2001-02), Mr. Kerry's average ACLU rating is 78 percent; Mr. Kennedy's is 80 percent. From 1985 through 2002, the League of Conservation Voters, the self-styled 'political voice of the environmental movement,' has given Mr. Kerry an average rating of 96 percent per year, including 10 years of perfect voting records. Over the same period, Mr. Kennedy's average annual rating has been 87 percent.'
                    Washington Times
  • Blowin' in the weird - 'To anybody else, including those sought-after 'swing voters' in 'battleground states,' it's starting to sound a little weird. John Kerry says he's running on his record, but, of his four decades of adult life, he's running on his four months in Vietnam. Of the other 39 years and eight months, there's nary a word.'
                    Mark Steyn, Washington Times
  • Kerry Envisions No More U.S. Troops for Iraq - 'He rejected the suggestion that his plans were vague. 'No, not at all,' Kerry said.'
                    Patricia Wilson, My Way News
  • Poll: No boost for Kerry after convention - 'But it was nonetheless a stunning result, the first time in the Gallup Poll since the 1972 Democratic convention that a candidate seemed to lose ground at his convention. A Newsweek survey taken Thursday and Friday showed the Democrats with a lead of 49% to 42%, a four-point bounce compared with a poll taken three weeks earlier — the smallest in the history of the Newsweek poll.'
                    Susan Page, USA Today
  • CNN/USA/Gallup: Bush Got Bounce from Kerry's Convention - 'President Bush reaped a five point bounce from the Democratic confab, and he now leads Sen. Kerry, 50 to 47 percent.'
                    Carl Limbacher, NewsMax
  • Kerry Edwards Nixed Wendy's, Feasted Instead on 5 Star Fare - 'When John Kerry, John Edwards and their wives descended on a Newburgh, New York, Wendys on Friday for a 'lite" lunch with the common people, it was all just a photo op. Team Kerry Edwards had already ordered their real lunches - consisting of five star gourmet food from a tony local restaurant - with instructions to have the haute cuisine ready for pick-up after the top Democrats ditched Wendy's.'
                    Carl Limbacher, NewsMax
  • He was complacent, arrogant and humourless. How they loved him. - 'On Thursday, for his first big moment in the national spotlight, his only concession to the occasion was to speed up his delivery, in order to cram a 90-minute address into the hour of primetime the networks were prepared to give him. But otherwise it was classic Kerry: verbose, shapeless, platitudinous, complacent, ill-disciplined, arrogant, and humourless.'
                    Mark Steyn, Telegraph
  • Why the Dems Will Lose: And why they’ll be disconsolate - 'In a minority, Democrats are fairly useless creatures. In victory, they cultivate grand visions of benefits to be shaken from government largesse; defeat, however, freezes the core of their being. Democratic defeat defies the natural order. For them, history halts. What had been an onward rushing tide swirls round and round, becoming still. So loss at any time (as in 2000) is almost inadmissible by Democrats. But a loss in 2004, particularly a solid loss, will be for them a disaster beyond imagination'
                    Michael Novak, National Review
  • Kerry’s 9/10 Acceptance Speech - 'To be sure, Kerry acknowledged that 'we are a nation at war,' and that he would not 'hesitate to use force when it is required,' but who wouldn't? You shouldn't even be eligible to be commander-in-chief if you're not willing to use force when you think it required.'
                    Robert N. Hochman, National Review
  • Exit the Wacky General - 'And then he said (paraphrased, I couldn't write his words fast enough) the Iranians would be more receptive to working with a President Kerry. Yes, I'm sure they would be.'
                    Jim Geraghty, National Review
  • Swift Boat Veterans vs. Kerry’s Movie - ''This thing about being under intense enemy fire is a falsehood...There was no fire off either bank [of the river]. This thing about getting Jim out of the river under a hail of bullets with these serious injuries is totally fabricated. We fired our weapons onto the bank to suppress any chance that there might be snipers that might try to pick off guys in the chaos,' Thurlow says. 'But I don't remember any fire from the banks.' Thurlow also says he saw Kerry briefly toward the end of the day, and 'he wasn't bleeding, and he wasn't hurt.''
                    Byron York, National Review
  • The Biggest Liar of Them All - 'No matter how hard the Kerry camp spins her outburst, regular folk - those so beloved by the two-Americas, two-John ticket - see it as behavior unbecoming a first lady.'
                    Kathleen Parker, TownHall
  • Yes, I Gave Michael Moore Money - 'Rather, what we have to worry about is the uninformed people who will see the movie – or even hear about it from others – and allow such lies and propaganda to dissuade them from supporting the War on Terror that we must win.'
                    Charles Mitchell, TownHall
  • The Biggest Liar of Them All - 'Pardon me while I hurl. This is a man who came back from Vietnam to stab not only his country but his comrades-in-arms in the back.'
                    David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine
  • Hell Is on the Way - 'John Kerry clothed himself on Thursday night in the American flag that his friends used to boast of burning. He relied on ribbons he once flung at the White House as proof of his fitness to occupy it.'
                    George Neumayr, American Spectator
  • The impostures of pretended patriotism - 'so, what do we take away from all of this Demo-babble? We thought Bill Clinton was good at faking right and running left, but Kerry and company make Clinton's antics look like child's play.'
                    Mark Alexander, TownHall
  • Teresa's Odd Speech - 'None of the details of her marriage would be of the slightest interest to me or anyone else, if it weren’t for the fact that her husband could well be the next President. A man bought and paid for, with a willful, short-tempered, somewhat angry and defensive, egotistical spouse, one who is used to getting her own way whenever she demands it.'
                    Thomas Lifson, FrontPage Magazine
  • The making of a star - 'Just four months 'in country,' as Vietnam vets say, during which time he earned three Purple Hearts, one Silver Star and one Bronze Star, and he comes home with what are reportedly hours — hours! — of 8 millimeter film. How did Mr. Kerry do it?'
                    Diana West, Washington Times
  • Bush Derides Kerry as Man of Few Achievements - 'In his sharpest attack yet, Bush said Kerry had little to show for nearly 20 years in the U.S. Senate, including eight years on the Intelligence Committee. During that time, Bush said, Kerry had 'no record of reforming' the intelligence services.'
                    Adam Entous, Reuters
  • The Bagel Candidacy - 'And then there was John Kerry. All around him was eloquence but, in the center of the bagel, there was a speech that was a letdown. And did he just tell 140,000 men and women fighting in Iraq that they are there because of a mistake?'
                    Dick Morris, NY Post
  • Kerry's Big Speech: Going Negative - 'Kerry has every right to go after Bush with everything he's got. But in essence, while calling on the president to engage with Kerry in a battle of "great ideas," Kerry articulated only one big idea last night. Kerry's big idea is this: He was a war hero and Bush is a lying scoundrel. So, in the end, it appears Kerry has decided to run as Howard Dean with some medals.'
                    John Podhoretz, NY Post
  • Rushed speech, lost opportunity - 'At a Democratic convention planned to showcase a candidate and his basic approach to two huge situations -- a bogged-down military adventure in Iraq and a fragile economy -- Kerry obscured his presentation in a blizzard of hard-to-follow verbiage dictated by the clock.'
                    Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe
  • Missed Opportunity - 'Yet in economics as in national security, Mr. Kerry missed an opportunity for straight talk. His promises to stop the outsourcing of jobs and end dependence on Middle East oil are not grounded in reality.'
                    Washington Post
  • Kerry's exploits in Vietnam are disputed in best seller - ''We're going to tell the truth — the fact that he was a perpetual, habitual liar,' Adm. Hoffmann said. "I don't care whether it was perjury or lying before the Senate of the United States, or that two of his Purple Hearts are at least very specious, if not absolutely false, because he filed false after-action reports.'
                    Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times
  • Kerry's muddle on pre-emption
                    Washington Times
  • Courting 'the People': To Cross Ideological Blocs, Kerry Says Little
                    George F. Will, Washington Post
  • The king's court
                    Peter Huessy, Washington Times
  • Kerry's exploits in Vietnam are disputed in best seller
                    Drudge Report
  • An 'Independent' Spending Blitz
                    Thomas B. Edsall, Washington Post
  • Kerry Leaves a Large Hole in His Resume
                    Calvin Woodward, Newsday
  • Unfit For Command, by John E. O'Neill
  • Kerry War Comrades Prepare Battle - Against Kerry
                    Drudge Report
  • NASA defends photos of Kerry during his tour of space center - 'NASA spokesman Bill Johnson said the Kerry campaign asked that the pictures be taken of the senator's unusually up-close tour of the Discovery and that processing be expedited so reporters could have them.'
                    John Kelly, Florida Today
  • 'Bunny Suit' Boo-hoo Besets Kerry - with picture
                    Carl Limbacher, NewsMax
  • Kerry Film Director: The Bullets in the Water Were Not From the Actual Event
                    Drudge Report
  • Oops . . . The Democrats feature the worst convention speaker of all time while trying to marginalize one of the best. Plus: Is it time for the Dump Edwards movement to catch fire?
                    Jonathan V. Last, Daily Standard
  • Here Comes Trouble: Howard Dean and Michael Moore join forces for an unforgettable afternoon of Bush-bashing and intra-party scheming. Forget Bush--can John Kerry survive these guys?
                    Jonathan V. Last, Daily Standard
  • The Straight Talk Heiress
                    Jonathan V. Last, Daily Standard
  • Dems' New Slogan: No Teacher Left Behind
                    Ann Coulter, TownHall
  • Delegates, here's your T-shirt, what's your hurry?
                    Howie Carr, Boston Herald
  • Kerrys raced to dump foreign stocks
                    David R. Guarino, Boston Herald
  • Channeling Jimmy Carter
                    Amir Taheri, NY Post
  • Kerry's Foreign Follies: Standing by Joe
                    Deborah Orin, NY Post
  • J'accuse! The Republicans want to win in '04
                    Jonah Goldberg, TownHall
  • Health-care fantasies
                    Richard Ralston, Washington Times
  • Kerry Iraq Documentary by RNC
                    Republican National Convention
  • Red China Endorses Kerry - Communists Pick Kerry Over Bush
                    Charles R. Smith, NewsMax
  • Officials: Democrat’s Biggest Money Man Has Mob Connections
                    Brian Ross, ABC News
  • Controversy Surrounds Kerry Convention Film: War Scenes Reenacted
                    Drudge Report
  • Spielberg Protégé James Moll May Just Save Private Kerry
                    Joe Hagan, NY Observor
  • Democrats hopping mad over 'bunny suit'
                    Charles Hurt and Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
  • Dems Claim NASA Leaked Photos to Smear
                    Drudge Report
  • Nader to Crash Dems' Party?
                    CBS News
  • From Beantown
                    Debra Saunders, TownHall
  • Right-wing nut job, reporting for duty
                    Howie Carr, Boston Herald
  • Poll Shows Support for Kerry Weakens on Issues and Attributes
                    Gary Langer, ABC News
  • Kerry Vs. Health Care
                    Michael Cannon, NY Post
  • Kerry's Moment
                    NY Post
  • GOP To Track Kerry's 'Extreme Makeover'
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • She Said, She Said
                    Washington Times
  • Covering for Teresa
                    Eric Fettmann, NY Post
  • Feed the Press
                    Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
  • SEIU Chief Says The Democrats Lack Fresh Ideas - 'Stern's dissatisfaction with the AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party is not new, but his decision to voice his frustration on the opening day of a carefully scripted convention was an unwelcome surprise to Kerry's convention managers, who had been proclaiming their delight at the absence of any internal conflicts.'

                    David S. Broder, Washington Post
  • Put the speakers in a cage - 'Only one major newspaper – the Boston Herald – reported Gore's 'Brown Shirt' comment, though a Bush campaign spokesman's statement quoting the 'Brown Shirt' line made it into the very last sentence of a Los Angeles Times article. The New York Times responded with an article criticizing 'both' Republicans and Democrats for using Nazi imagery. Democrats call Republicans Nazis, the Republicans quote the Democrats calling Republicans Nazis and 'both' are using Nazi imagery. (It's a cycle of violence!)'

                    Ann Coulter, WorldNetDaily
  • Kerry can't shoot deer or stop terror - 'Crawling around on your stomach is a lousy way to hunt deer, but it's proved a smart way to campaign for president. For months now, George W Bush has been up there getting fired on from all directions. Meanwhile, down in the scrub, John Kerry was crawling forward on his stomach, a stealth candidate advancing slowly, off the radar, prone alone.'

                    Mark Steyn, London Telegraph
  • Teresa's Ted K tirade - 'Teresa Heinz Kerry, years before becoming a Democrat, railed against the party's 'putrid' politics, said she didn't trust Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and angrily called the liberal lion a 'perfect bastard.''

                    David R. Guarino, Boston Herald
  • Teresa Tells Reporter to 'Shove It' - 'Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democratic nominee John Kerry, told a reporter to 'shove it' on Sunday evening -- immediately after giving a speech calling for a more civil tone in politics.'

                    Drudge Report
  • Internal Fight Over How Much Bush Bashing at Convention
    - 'But the temptation to rip Bush without mercy is proving to be too much for many of the speakers. Kerry operatives are editing convention speeches, sources say, with only Al Gore and Ted Kennedy believed to be off-limits.'
                    Drudge Report
  • Kerry's contortions on abortion
                    Washington Times
  • Who is John Edwards - 26 pages
    - 'Kerry hasn't been taking regular intelligence briefings for weeks.'
                    Republican National Committee
  • Kerry camp spins its wheels
    - 'So it was a little strange that the campaign picked as its press-pass logo for its Motor City tour the gleaming showcase car of a foreign auto company — Rolls-Royce — that makes cars priced far outside the financial reach of any middle-class voter.'
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • GOP Gears To Spread Message on Airwaves
    - 'But the video clips, a daily 10 a.m. news conference, a new Web site and a stream of interviews with high-profile Republicans -- at least 90 for television and 112 for radio on Monday alone -- will propagate the GOP theme of 'Extreme Makeover,' which the party said is a play on words to suggest Kerry is trying to foster an image as a judicious moderate when he has the record of an out-of-the-mainstream liberal.'
                    Mike Allen, Washington Post
  • Kerry, Edwards and values
                    Washington Times
  • Rescued: Data the Kerry/Edwards Campaign Tried to DELETE from its site! - Google Cache ^ | 7-21-04
                    Free Republic
  • Kerry's skewed priorities
    - 'Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned that al Qaeda might attempt a large-scale attack on the United States before the election. Most lawmakers received special briefings on that threat from homeland security and terrorism officials. Mr. Kerry was not informed because he chose not to be.'
                    Washington Times
  • Inn-censed Kerry Donors Losing Out
    - ' The Four Seasons is shaping up as the ultimate power hotel at the July 26-29 Democratic convention in Boston, and word is that some of John Kerry's super-fat cats are furious when they hear there's no room at the inn.'
                    Deborah Orin, NY Post
  • No commander in chief
    - 'Mr. Kerry asserted to then-Secretary of State designee James Baker that, as far as right-thinking people went, the issue of global warming was at least as important as the reduction of nuclear weapons. In 1996 hearings on missile defenses, Mr. Kerry questions the entire premise behind missile defenses by asserting that no one could possibly be concerned because 'there are no Russian missiles aimed at the United States.''
                    Peter Huessy, Washington Times
  • GOP calls Kerry adviser 'a liar'
    - 'Republicans are calling a Kerry presidential adviser who insisted the president misled the country about Iraq's nuclear weapons program "a liar" after intelligence reports released the past week showed his contentions were false.'
                    James G. Lakely, Washington Times
  • Kerry's take on the left coast
    - 'The Kerry-Edwards campaign is trumpeting a new theme: values. They have been somewhat unclear about just which values they're talking about, but last week, at a star-studded fund-raiser that raised $7.5 million, we found out. 'Every performer tonight in their own way either verbally through their music or through their lyrics have conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.''
                    Washington Times
  • No Time For Details
    - 'The Kerry-Edwards campaign is trumpeting a new theme: values. They have been somewhat unclear about just which values they're talking about, but last week, at a star-studded fund-raiser that raised $7.5 million, we found out. 'Every performer tonight in their own way either verbally through their music or through their lyrics have conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.''
                    NY Post
  • Camejo: Dems Using 'Dictator' Tactics Against Nader
    - ''This is how people act when they are under a dictator,' Camejo said. 'This is a capitulation to the role of money, and we are the rebels.''
                    Fox News
  • Kosher Kerry?
    - 'His voting record has been solidly pro-Israel, though his campaign's insistence that the Democratic candidate 'has been at the forefront of the fight for Israel's security' is wishful thinking at best.'
                    Eric Fettmann, NY Post
  • The 9/10 Democrats
    - 'Kerry said: 'The Bush campaign must remind Americans that the Iraq war was no mistake--that the case for the war was and is compelling, and that it used to be bipartisan.'
                    William Kristol, Weekly Standard
  • Review of David Bossie's book, 'The Many Faces of John Kerry'
    - 'Kerry said: 'I am against the — the war.' The words are now out there and can't be taken back.'
                    Lyn Nofziger, Washington Times
  • The John-John bump
    - 'The John-John bump may turn out to be a blip. As for the Bush-Cheney ticket, the good-news economic story is written and fact-checked. All they need to do is read it.'
                    Larry Kudlow, TownHall
  • See No Terror
    - 'And not only did Kerry not mention Iraq, he didn’t even utter the words “al Qaeda” or “radical Islam.” Nor did “terror” or “terrorism” pass through his lips.'
                    Joel Mowbray, TownHall
  • Two Johns, many Iraq positions
    - 'What to make of a political party that doesn't officially have a position on the biggest policy question in our politics? The Democratic platform language on Iraq is almost meaningless.'
                    Rich Lowry, TownHall
  • Kerry's Intelligence Deficiency
    - 'Although convention officials have not released their full slate of speakers for the July 26-29 convention, Dukakis is not expected to be high on the list.'
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Democrats Grapple With Dukakis' Legacy
    - 'Although convention officials have not released their full slate of speakers for the July 26-29 convention, Dukakis is not expected to be high on the list.'
                    Jennifer Peter, Las Vegas Sun
  • Kerry missing in action
    - 'Indeed, it seems that Mr. Kerry has spent more than three decades repeatedly showing up at the Capitol seeking military-related photo-ops in an effort to jump-start his political career.'
                    Washington Times
  • In Desperate Move, Kerry Adopts Puppy
    - 'In one of the many stratagems Democrats have developed to avoid telling people what they believe, all Edwards wants to talk about is his cracker-barrel humble origins story. We're supposed to swoon over his "life story," as the flacks say, which apparently consists of the amazing fact that ... his father was a millworker! That's right up there with 'Clinton's stepdad was a drunk' and 'Ted Kennedy's dad was a womanizing bootlegger' on my inspirational life-stories meter.'
                    Ann Coulter, TownHall
  • Edwards Surges Ahead of Kerry on Democratic Ticket
    - 'In an unforeseen consequence of presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry's pick of John Edwards as his vice presidential candidate, Edwards is now leading Kerry by 20 points among Democrats who think there's still a choice to be made regarding who's at the top of the ticket.'
                    Steve Hornbeck, American Spectator
  • Political malpractice
    - 'The political packaging of Senator Kerry's personal military record in Vietnam in the 1970s is far less important than how he has repeatedly voted in the Senate since then to cut military spending and to cut spending for the intelligence services.'
                    Thomas Sowell, TownHall
  • A Mean Mess
    - 'Boles adamantly denied any ideological vetting, saying there were "conservative bloggers" approved. But all of the bloggers I could find touting their credentials were left-of-center, leading me to wonder just who these conservative bloggers were.'
                    John Tabin, American Spectator
  • Edwards and the Future of the Democrats
    - 'the only hope for Hillary is a Dukakis-style loss for Kerry; the Clintons might be able to engineer that, but it is an exceptionally risky business, one that could easily blow up in their faces.'
                    Jay Bryant, TownHall
  • Kerry's Chinagate - Loral Money Going to DNC
    - 'Lt. Colonel Liu was then an executive of China Aerospace, a PLA military owned company that produces nuclear tipped missiles. Liu's sponsor Johnny Chung made it clear during a meeting in Senator Kerry's office that she was interested in getting China Aerospace listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange. In response, Kerry ordered his aides to contact the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to Newsweek, 'the next day Liu and Chung were ushered into a private briefing with a senior SEC official.' Within a week of the SEC meeting, Kerry's staff wrote Chung asking him to host a Sept. 9 fund-raiser.'
                    Charles R. Smith, NewsMax
  • Bush Slams Edwards Role in Blocking Judicial Nominees
    - 'President Bush is making a public push for congressional action on his judicial nominees from North Carolina'
                    Fox News
  • Vice presidential matters
    - 'Interestingly, having espoused the boilerplate rhetoric that the most important qualification for a prospective running mate would be his or her fitness to immediately assume the duties of the commander in chief, Mr. Kerry selected the one candidate whose inexperience he ridiculed during the primaries.'
                    Washington Times
  • Bush aide foresees early lead for Kerry
    - 'history shows a challenger always gets a 'dramatic, if often short-lived' bounce from the convention and the selection of a running mate.'
                    Ken Herman, Deseret News
  • Kerry Announces Edwards As Running Mate
    - 'By selecting Edwards, Kerry went with the smooth-talking Southern populist over more seasoned politicians in hopes of injecting vigor and small-town appeal to the Democratic presidential ticket.'
                    Ron Fournier, My Way News
  • Kerry's veep variations
    - 'even Mr. Edwards' home-state supporters acknowledge his background leaves something to be desired in a vice president, let alone a potential president.'
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • Coalition of the Wild-Eyed
    - 'According to a Clinton Senate staffer in New York City, late on Wednesday, a staff colleague called from the road and indicated that "the Senator may need to change some things around next week." "But we weren't told to do anything for now," says the staffer.'
                    Mark Goldblatt, American Spectator
  • Kerry Says Get Ready
    - 'Those attacks killed 74 Americans and left hundreds more wounded. In one retaliation, Mr. Clinton bombed sites in Sudan and Afghanistan that later turned out to have little or no value.'
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Leaving blacks cold
                    Perry Bacon, Jr., CNN
  • Kerry Cited in Catholic Heresy Case
                    Julia Duin, Washington Times
  • Bush’s Churchill vs. Kerry’s Atlee
                    Dick Morris, The Hill
  • Mayor slams ‘incompetent’ Kerry camp
                    David R. Guarino and Noelle Straub, Boston Herald
  • Kerry and welfare reform
                    Washington Times
  • A Republican Subs for Kerry With Relish
                    Pam Belluck, NY Times
  • Kerry vs. Kerry
                    Alfred Tella, Washington Times
  • Heinz Kerry's family fortune worth estimated $1 billion
                    Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times
  • Aid and comfort to the enemy: The Kerry record...
                    Mark Alexander, TownHall
  • Kerry's empty Senate seat
                    Neal Boortz, TownHall
  • Ex-Diplomats Support Kerry: Much Like Current Foreign Service
                    Joel Mowbray, TownHall
  • Teacher unions get active
                    Linda Chavez, TownHall
  • Kerry Drops Campaign Trip for Senate Vote That Wasn't
                    Paul Farhi and Helen Dewar, Washington Post
  • The Secret Service Is Out
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • The Men Who Defeated John Kerry?
                    Lowell Ponte, FrontPage Magazine
  • A Kerry-McCain what?
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry and the Mark of McCain
                    Colbert I. King, Washington Post
  • Kerry commits
                    Alan Nathan, Washington Times
  • Kerry's Cruel Realism
                    David Brooks, NY Times
  • Kerry woos middle class
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Flushing Kerry out - 'Query: If Democrats are so sure the nation is evenly split along ideological fault lines, why won't Kerry own up to his liberalism and be happy to paint George Bush as a conservative?'
                    David Limbaugh, TownHall
  • Kerry on Reagan - 'In February 1984, Mr. Kerry expressed his concern that Mr. Reagan 'has mortgaged our future in order to pay for a bloated military budget.''
                    Washington Times
  • Doubts Linger as Kerry Advances - 'We're going to start to try to highlight the fact that Senate candidates are going out of their way not to endorse Kerry and not to say a word about him'
                    Jim VandeHe, Washington Post
  • Kerry's liberalism a weapon for Bush - 'These Democrats say the enthusiasm for defeating Bush runs much stronger and deeper than the passion for electing Kerry.'
                    Bill Sammon, Washington Times
  • McCain Rejects Kerry's VP Overture - 'Republican Sen. John McCain has personally rejected John Kerry's overtures to join the Democratic presidential ticket and forge a bipartisan alliance against President Bush'
                    Ron Fournier, Guardian Unlimited
  • Reaching Out To McCain - 'Despite McCain's public demurrals, he has been privately deliberating how things might work if he ever did agree to run as Kerry's vice presidential candidate.   He rejects the idea not in principle but in practice.'
                    David Ignatius, Washington Post
  • Simi Tough - 'had to ask aides what behavior they felt would look appropriate.'    'It's just fiction that Kerry had any kind of relationship with Reagan.'
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Behind the Scenes, a Restless and Relentless Kerry
                    Jodi Wilgoren, NY Times
  • Boss Kerry
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Critical Mass for Kerry
                    George F. Will, Washington Post
  • Kerry quiet on jobs, economy
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • A Texas Soldier's Letter to Senator John Kerry
                    Michael Connelly, FrontPage Magazine
  • Liberal activists lukewarm on Kerry
                    Mary Leonard, Boston Globe
  • Zombie Democrats
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • McCain Talk Haunts Kerry
                    Deborah Orin, NY Post
  • Party Drooper
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • Lurch Gone to Choate
                    Raines, Editor & Publisher
  • Missile-Defense Contortions
                    Robert Moran, National Review
  • Kerry Spot
                    Jim Geraghty, National Review
  • RNC Mocks Kerry Lifestyle in Web Game
                    Fox News
  • Base Yet to Unify Behind Kerry
                    Washington Times
  • Democrats call in Clinton to rescue Kerry's campaign
                    London Telegraph
  • A Trial Balloon Made of Lead?
                    John Tierney, NY Times
  • Kerry the Prevaricator
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry Surrounds Himself With Fellow Veterans
                    Jim VandeHei, Washington Post
  • Why the Democrats' Left Wing Is Muted
                    Adam Nagourney, NY Times
  • Boston mayor flexes his political muscle
                    Bill Schneider, CNN
  • The Real Band of Brothers
                    Max Friedman, FrontPage Magazine
  • He’s Really Done It This Time
                    David Hogberg, American Spectator
  • Kerry's Double Standard
                    Washington Times
  • Campaign Calculations...and Curiosities
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • Kerry to Accept Nomination at Convention
                    Ron Fournier, Yahoo AP
  • Kerry's war record: Where are the media?
                    David Limbaugh, TownHall
  • John Kerry's Anti-Veteran Legacy
                    Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, FrontPage Magazine
  • Vet: Officers told Kerry to leave Vietnam
                    World Net Daily
  • Kerry rips 'photo op' homeland security
  • Unconventional Approach Is Warning Sign of Kerry's Weakness
                    Peter Roff, Insight
  • Kerry Spot
                    Jim Geraghty, National Review
  • A pattern of opportunism
                    Thomas Sowell, TownHall
  • Daley says Kerry went too far with joke about president's fall
                    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Delayed Acceptance
                    Jim Geraghty, National Review
  • Unconventional Behavior
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Kerry's Stalinist Slogan
                    The Insider, Insight Magazine
  • Kerry pokes fun at Bush mishap
                    Washington Times
  • Potemkin Convention
                    WSJ Opinion Journal
  • Top Ten Questions On The John Kerry Running Mate Application
  • Yes, Democrats Can Win (Some) White Male Voters
                    Rick Lyman, NY Times
  • Kerry's New 'Flip' Flap Over Anti-Abort Court
                    Deborah Orin, NY Post
  • Janus-Faced Kerry Compass
                    Paul M. Weyrich, American Spectator
  • Kerry the energy guzzler
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry's Aspirin Factory Moment
                    David Hogberg, American Spectator
  • Kerry's Cunning Calls
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • In Kerry's Defense: He suggests a Pentagon chief for every point of view
                    WSJ Opinion Journal
  • Undeterred by McCain Denials, Some See Him as Kerry's No. 2
                    Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jodi Wilgoren, NY Times
  • Kerry's Antimilitary Campaign Loses Its Head
                    Scott Stanley Jr., Insight Magazine
  • Racicot: Kerry Has a 'Defective' Character
                    Byron York, National Review
  • Kerry Lite
                    The Prowler, American Spectator
  • Kerry's Silly Analogy
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry Assails Bush On Iraq
                    Jim VandeHei, Washington Post
  • Why Isn't Bush Losing?
                    James Taranto, WSJ Opinion Journal
  • Do You Know Who I Am? (Part V)
                    Prowler, American Spectator
  • Kerry's patroness
                    Washington Times
  • What Kerry means to say...
                    Karen Tumulty, CNN
  • Ted Reckoning
                    John Fund, Wall Street Journal
  • Kerry's fiscal irresponsibilities
                    Washington Times
  • In Vast Philanthropy, Kerry's Wife Wields Sway
                    Stephanie Strom, NY Times
  • Kerry in the Dole-Drums
                    Robert Moran, National Review
  • Kerry's New Woe
                    John Podhoretz, NY Post
  • Kerry's Vietnam Quagmire
                    David Hogberg, American Spectator
  • Bush League Kerry
                    Washington Prowler
  • New allegations surface about Kerry war wound
                    Stephen Braun, LA Times
  • Vietnam vets group attacks Kerry's war record
                    James Rosen, Sacramento Bee
  • Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues
                    Marc Morano, CNS News
  • What went down in Kansas City?
                    Pat Buchanan,
  • The Trans-Atlantic Nostalgia of John Kerry
                    Thomas Patrick Carroll, FrontPage Magazine
  • Kerry family's deep pockets on display this election cycle
                    Howie Carr, Boston Herald
  • Kerry's Low Profile May Cost Crucial Latino Votes
                    Michael Finnegan, LA Times
  • Voters don't see Kerry as likable
                    Donald Lambro, Washington Times
  • Meet John Kerry's valet
                    Jodi Wilgoren, NY Times
  • Kerry Spending $25M on Ads in May
                    Liz Sidoti, Yahoo AP
  • Kerry's Character Can We Trust This Man?
                    William Voegeli, Claremont Institute
  • Kerry Plans Early Veep Pick
                    Howard Fineman, MSNBC
  • Berkshire's Buffett, Apple's Jobs Join Kerry Advisers
  • Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear
                    Adam Nagourney, NY Times
  • Newsview: Dems Fear Kerry Looks Like Gore
                    Ron Fournier, Yahoo AP
  • Kerry Struggles on Iraq Issue
                    Jim VandeHei, Washington Post
  • Honesty Problems with Kerry and Gorelick: Pin the Truth on the Donkey
                    John Armor, Free Republic
  • The 'presumptive' nominee
                    Cal Thomas, TownHall
  • Kerry's fatal flaw
                    Tony Blankley, TownHall
  • Papers Highlight Kerry Backing Away from Vietnam “Atrocity” Claims, But TV Networks Stay Quiet
                    Media Research Center
  • Terrorists Cheer Kerry's Rhetoric
                    J. Michael Waller, FrontPage Magazine
  • The Kerry medals mystery - and why it matters
                    Jeff Jacoby, TownHall
  • "Personal Reasons of Necessity" The self-serving senator.
                    Rich Lowry, National Review
  • Teresa's tax returns
                    Washington Times
  • Kerry Draws Fire Over Lack of Minorities
                    Genaro C. Armas, Yahoo AP
  • Kerry's jabs at Bush grow more personal
                    Patrick Healy, Boston Globe
  • Sen. Kerry: the record
                    Peter Huessy, Washington Times
  • Kerry Criticizes Bush, Cheney on Military
                    Nedra Pickler, Yahoo AP
  • John Kerry Must Go
                    James Ridgeway, Village Voice
  • $1000 Haircut?
                    Drudge Report
  • John Kerry's Quiet Collapse
                    John Podhoretz, NY Post
  • Kerry's Medal Muddle
                    Brian Blomquist, NY Post
  • Cheney criticizes Kerry for antimilitary votes
                    Bill Sammon, Washington Times
  • Kerry Responds on GMA
                    Drudge Report
  • Well-manored Wife
                    Braden Keil, NY Post
  • Discarded Decorations
                    http:Brian Ross and Chris Vlasto, ABC News
  • Kerry Lobbied for Contractor Who Made Illegal Contributions
                    Lisa Getter and Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
  • Kerry's incredible budget promises
                    Washington Times
  • Privacy of Wife's Fortune Casts a Shadow Over Kerry
                    Katharine Q. Seelye and David E. Rosebaum, NY Times
  • Kerry gets Audi-ted
                    Deborah Orin, NY Post
  • Discrepancies noted in Kerry's record
                    Michael Kranish, Boston Globe
  • Kerry Adrift
                    Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
  • Kerry interview butt of GOP jokes
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Kerry Abortion Flip
                    Drudge Report
  • Heinz Kerry delays filing 2003 tax forms
                    Patrick Healy, Boston Globe
  • Kerry Says His 'Family' Owns SUV, Not He
                    Guardian Unlimited
  • Abandoned Brothers
                    Don Bendell, American Spectator
  • TV Elite Downplays Kerry vs. Russert
                    Media Research
  • International Man of Apology
                    Hugh Hewitt, Weekly Standard
  • Records on medals spark questions
                    Charles Hurt, Washington Times
  • Kerry Issues List Detailing Contacts With Lobbyists
                    Jim VandeHei and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, Washington Post
  • Kerry posts military records online
                    CNN Inside Politics
  • Patriot Games
                    Jonah Goldberg, National Review
  • On Kerry's Honor
                    Kate O'Beirne, National Review
  • Mr. Kerry Revises
                    Editorial, Washington Post
  • 527 surge takes Kerry past Bush
                    Alexander Bolton, The Hill
  • Kerry refuses to release more records
                    Michael Kranish, Boston Globe
  • How Would Senator Kerry’s Tax Proposals Affect the Economy?
                    William W. Beach, Heritage Foundation
  • Kerry's budget fallacies
                    Editorial, Washington Times
  • Purple Hearts: Three and Out
                    Stephen Crump, Insight Magazine
  • John Kerry's Phony Misery Index
                    Neal Boortz
  • Index De Le Miserables
                    Republican National Committee
  • Competition swells in 'Who Knew' sweepstakes
                    Kathleen Parker, Jewish World Review (humor)
  • Kerry voters may suffer buyers' remorse
                    Paul Crespo,
  • Kerry's unanswered questions
                    Oliver North,
  • Soldier's Letter
                    Michael Connelly


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