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Hillside Farm, General Burnett's Summer Home in Goshen

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Hillside Farm was located just outside of Goshen on the Chester Road and was the summer residence of General Burnett. The Orange County Atlas of the late 1800's marks it as 200 acres in the ownership of the General. The barns were destroyed by fire in 1914, and he had barely moved into the new house (the old one having been destroyed, also by fire) when he passed away in 1916.

Racing in Goshen

HORSE WORLD, May 17, 1910, page 352:
Goshen's Entry List for Orange County Driving Club meet August 16 to 19, 2:30 class trotting, purse $1000. MAYNER, bay, horse by Moko, dam May Wagner, Hillside Farm, Goshen NY. (MAYNER did not end up racing in this meet.)

Obituary in HORSE WORLD, Jan 18, 1916, page 37:
General Henry L. Burnett, Civil War veteran, breeder of trotting horses and a member of Goshen (NY) Driving Club, died in NY a few days ago at age 78. He was a lawyer and belonged to many clubs in the metropolis.

driving club

Fire Destroys Hillside Farm House

The beautiful summer home of Gen. Henry L. Burnett at "Hillside Farm," one mile from Goshen on the Chester State road was destroyed by fire about two o'clock yesterday afternoon. The blaze is believed to have been caused by a defective chimney and started in the roof in the front part of the dwelling.

A telephone message was sent to the plumbing shop of Chief Engineer, Fran C. Hock, and an out of town call -- 6-1 --- was turned in. The new LaFrance type No. 10, triple combination motor pump of Catarack Engine and Hose Company and Minisink Hook and Ladder Company's motor truck were taken to the scene and both did effective work, although the house was destroyed.

Throwing a stream of 600 gallons a minute Cataract's motor pump emptied the well and cistern in short order and but for the supply of water giving out the dwelling might have been saved. Owing to the recent dry spell the cistern and well did not contain a very large supply of water. Ladders from Minisink's trucks were run up the side of the house and used to get the furniture out. All of this was saved, except one mahogany bed which was fastened to the floor. Gen. Burnett's library was taken out by the firemen.

Too much credit cannot be given the firemen and others who worked so faithfully in getting out the household goods. Gen. Burnett had just returned to Goshen for the Summer from New York. He was home when the fire started.

October 13, 1914, fire destroyed the stables on the place. There was an insurance of $6,000 on the house through the Wallace agency. This will not cover half of the loss. Gen. Burnett spent last night at the home of Campbell Steward.

Hillside Farm Sold

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The General's Summer Home is Again a Horse Farm

Thanks to the love of a new owner, the General's old home is being beautifully restored, and is once again bright with a family's laughter and the sound of horses' hooves.


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