General Burnett

General Burnett

Scottish Ancestors
American Ancestors


Alexander Burnard, 1st Laird
Bef. 1324 -

emptySymon Burnard, 2nd Laird

emptyWilliam Burnard, 3rd Laird
emptyBef. 1378 - Bef. 1400

emptyRobert Burnard, 4th Laird 1
emptyBef. 1391 -

emptyJohn Burnet, 5th of Leys
empty- 1454

emptyAlexander Burnet, 6th of Leys 2
empty- Bef. 15 Jul 1505
emptyElizabeth Forbes 3
empty- Bef. 1497

emptyAlexander Burnet, 7th of Leys
empty- Bef. Oct 1529
emptyJanet Gardine

emptyAlexander Burnet, 8th of Leys
empty- Bef. 11 Feb 1525/26
emptyAgnes Lichtoun

emptyAlexander Burnet, 9th of Leys 4
emptyAbt. 1500 - 1574
emptyJanet Hamilton, dau of Canon of Kincardine
empty- Bef. 1567

emptyAlexander Burnet, 10th of Leys
emptyAbt. 1521 - 1575
emptyElizabeth Lumsden 5

emptyAlexander BURNET 11th of Leys 6
empty1540- Before May 1578
emptyKatherine Arbuthnot 7

emptyDr. Thomas Burnet, M.A. 8
emptyAbt. 1570 - Aft. 1634
empty+ Jane Foys
emptyAbt. 1581 -


1 Alexander Burnet, 4th of Leys - was Deputy Sheriff of Kincardineshire and is believed to have fought for the King against the island rebels in one of the bloodiest and most savage encounters in Scottish history (The Battle of Harlaw Hill in July 1411).

2 Alexander Burnet, 6th of Leys - was rewarded with Banchory as a free barony by fighting for James I (or III).

3 Elizabeth Forbes - 3rd great granddaughter of Robert II Stewart, King of Scotland.

4 Alexander Burnet, 9th of Leys - he and his wife began the construction of Crathes Castle in 1553. In 1563 he fought for Mary, Queen of Scots, at the Battle of Corrichie.

5 Elizabeth Lumsden - direct descendent of James Stewart I, King of Scotland and also of Duncan I "the Gracious" King of Scotland

6 Alexander Burnet, 11th of Leys - When he died, Crathes Castle had been under construction for 25 years. 15 years later the castle was completed by his son Alexander, 12th of Leys. According to his son Duncan, one of his ambitions was that his sons be men of learning and culture.

7 Katherine Arbuthnot - 1st cousin of her husband, and a direct descendent of Robert II, King of Scotland and Niall "of the nine hostages" King of Ireland

8 Thomas Burnet - attended Cambridge University and became a "Doctor of Physique" and "physician of eminence" practicing in England.


Thomas Burnet of Southampton, LI 1
empty1612 - Dec 1684
+ Mary Cooper
emptyAbt. 12 Aug 1621 - Aft. 26 Dec 1700

emptyJohn Burnet
empty+ Mary

emptyJohn Burnet

emptyHenry Burnett
empty+ Ruth
empty24 Oct 1711 - 4 Mar 1749/50

emptyHenry Burnett, Jr.
empty+ Zeruiah Corwin
emptyAbt. 1730-Abt. 1814

emptySamuel Burnett 2
empty5 Oct 1763 - 23 Jan 1842
empty+ Nancy Halliday
empty1 Jul 1770 - 17 Feb 1853

emptyHenry Burnett, 3 emptybio [Underground Railroad], will
empty10 Apr 1801 - 28 Aug 1876
empty+ Nancy Jones
emptyDec 1801 - 29 May 1880

emptyBrigadier-General Henry Lawrence Burnett


1 Thomas Burnet - was a doctor in Boston, then moved to Southampton LI, where he was a "Husbandman."

2 Samuel Burnet - listed on the "Official Roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio." Born in New Jersey, Samuel Burnet became a fervent Baptist and moved to Ohio.

2 Henry Burnett, Sr. - was a farmer, and a provided a station on the Underground Railroad.


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General Burnett

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