Elizabeth Breese

Sidney Breese, et al

4th Gen Sarah Breese 4th Gen
+ Barent Bleecker Lansing
+ James Platt

[Arthur, Samuel, Sidney]
Sarah Breese
(6 Dec 1795, Saybrook CT)
(16 Jun 1879, Whitestown NY)
+ Barent Bleecker Lansing 1815
(17 Jan 1793, Argyle, Washington Co NY)
(3 Dec 1853, Brooklyn NY)

Captain Arthur Breese Lansing [married Janet Suffern]
Brigadier General Henry Livingston Lansing
Manette Antill Lansing
Brigadier General Henry Seymour Lansing
Barent Bleecker Lansing, Jr. [married Sophie E. Williams]

+ James Platt Jan 1855
(2 Jan 1788, Poughkeepsie NY)
(8 May 1870, Oswego NY)

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[American Biographical Notes]
LANSING, BARENT BLEECKER, son of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing of the army of the revolution; b. in Argyle, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1793; merchant in Utica, 1813 to 1830; in 1831-2 bookkeeper of U. S. Branch Bank of Utica; in 1835 cashier of Bank of Belleville, N. J.; in 1837 cashier of Oneida Bank of Utica; d. Dec. 3, 1853

[Pioneers of Utica]
Barent Bleecker, second son of Colonel Garret G. Lansing, was born Jan 17, 1793, and had been a clerk for William G. Tracy, at Whitesboro, before joining Mr. Platt in business in Utica.

After their separation, he was a short time in trade in Rome, but returned to Utica about 1822, and opened a store just below the Ontario Branch Bank. In this he was unsuccessful, and after a short service as bookkeeper of the United States Branch Bank, he became cashier, about 1835, of the Bank of Belleville, N.J. Thence he was called in December 1836, to the cashiership of the Oneida Bank, and filled the place until his death.

[American Biographical Notes]
LANSING, BARENT BLEECKER, son of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing of the army of the revolution; b. in Argyle, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1793; merchant in Utica, 1813 to 1830; in 1831-2 bookkeeper of U. S. Branch Bank of Utica; in 1835 cashier of Bank of Belleville, N. J.; in 1837 cashier of Oneida Bank of Utica; d. Dec. 3, 1853.

[Ontario County?]
Henry Livingston Lansing, a native of Rome, N. Y. The father of the subject of our sketch, Barent B. Lansing, was a native of Herkimer connty, N. Y., and was the son of Colonel Gerrit G. Lansing, an officer in the War of the Revolution, and who served gallantly in the "forlorn hope" at the battle of Yorktown, Va.,attached to Colonel Alexander Hamilton's command. Colonel Lansing married a daughter of Edward Antill, who was a granddaughter of Lewis Morris, esq., the first governor of New Jersey, at the city of Albany, N. Y., in the year 1786. Edward Anti11 was also an officer in the War of the Revolution, being the lieutenant colonel of a regiment, the origin and condition of which was different from any *other in the service, it being unattached to the quota of any State, was raised and recruited in Canada, and made up entirely of Canadians, and was known and called "Congress's Own." Colonel Lansing had by his wife, Mary Antill, three sons, Richard R., Barent B., and Edward Antill. The second son, Barent Bleecker, was born at Oriskany, N. Y., in the year 1793, and in the year 1815 married Sarah, daughter of Arthur Breese, esq. At an early age he was clerk for William G. Tracy, esq., at Whitesboro, and after that engaged in business with James Platt, esq., of Utica, N. Y. This partnership lasted only a short time and subsequently Mr. Lansing accepted an offer and became cashier of the Bank of Belleville, N. J., and from there he was called to the cashiership of the Oneida Bank, Utica, which place he held until his death in 1853. Mr. Lansing died at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Morse, the wife of the eldest son of Prof. S. F. B. Morse, at Brooklyn. His remains were taken to Utica for interment and were buried from the Presbyterian Church. The stores were generally closed on the day of his funeral as a voluntary tribute of respect for one who had many friends and no enemies. Mr. Lansing had a loving and affectionate nature and was distinguished for honesty and truthfulness. He was the father of five children: Arthur B., Henry Livingston, Henry Seymour, Manette Antill, and Barent B.

Sarah Breese
Sarah Breese

5th Gen Brigadier General Henry Livingston Lansing 5th Gen
+ Catharine Olivia Gibson
Henry Livingston lansing
[Sarah, Arthur, Samuel, Sidney]
Brigadier General Henry Livingston Lansing
(15 Jan 1818, Rome NY)
(30 Sep 1889, Canandaigua NY)
+ Catharine Olivia Gibson(22 October 1838)
(28 Feb 1820, NYC)
(25 Oct 1897, Canandaigua NY)

Captain Livingston Lansing [married Grace Cleveland Coxe]
Charles Miller Lansing [married Eliza Myra Goodrich]
Sarah Gibson Lansing [married Brigadier General Henry Lawrence Burnett]
Watts Sherman Lansing [married Agnes Maud Henrietta Watt]

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Historic American Buildings Survey
Local historical groups should note that copies of the architects renderings may be obtained from the National Archives or the National Park Service. Survey entry numbers are provided here. A copy of the complete survey (as of 1983; there have been very few entries since) can be found in the reference section of the Library of Community College of the Finger Lakes.

Henry Lansing House, 72 East Gibson Street, (HABS # NY- 212)

Henry Livingston Lansing house

[Ontario County??]
Henry Livingston, was born in Rome, N. Y., in the year 1818. He was educated for a business career, and on leaving school engaged in the mercantile business at Utica. In 1836 he accepted an offer of a clerkship in the Ontario Bank at Canandaigua, N. Y., an institution in which his paternal and maternal grandfathers were large stockholders, and in the year 1838 married Catherine Olivia, daughter of Henry B. Gibson, cashier and manager of that bank.

Henry Livingston Lansing handwriting

Mr. Lansing remained in the bank with his father-in- law for a number of years, and then went with his family to Detroit, Mich., where he accepted the cashiership of the bank called "The Michigan Insurance." Remaining only a year or so in this bank Mr. Lansing was called to the cashiership of the Oliver Lee & Company Bank, Buffalo, N. Y., which institution he remained in as cashier, and afterwards as president, until the bank was forced, in the great panic of 1857, to shut its doors.

Some time after the failure of the bank, Mr. Lansing accepted the office of treasurer and secretary of the Buffalo and Erie Railroad, with its office at Buffalo. This position he held for a number of years, filling the office with great acceptability to the directors of the company. Resigning his office, Mr. Lansing, about the year 1873, purchased a charming country place at Niagara, Ontario, and there he passed his summers until the time of his death in 1889.

Mr. Lansing was essentially. a domestic man, he was fond of his home and devoted to his family. He was ever led to seek the highest happiness in his own domestic circle and possessed in a high degree those social qualities which belong to the refined and cultured gentleman. In a certain sense Mr. Lansing was the fruit of hereditary culture his father and grandfather on the paternal and materna1 side were bon vivants and connoisseurs. He prided himself upon his accurate judgment and discrimination in the choice of and selection of fine wines, and was an epicure in the best sense of the word, a lover of life's good things.

In one particular, in which business men are too generally negligent, Mr. Lansing excelled; he had cultivated the art of letter writing until his epistolary style became of rare excellence. He could express himself in the readiest and neatest way with great apparent ease, his letters were bubbling over in sentiment, expressed with great felicity and beauty, as all who ever received them will bear testimony.

Mr. Lansing was extremely fond of the sylvan sports, was an exceedingly good shot and an expert fisherman. In the years gone by, in order to indulge in the latter sport, he was compelled to make his own flies, and it was that accomplished gentleman and skillful sportsman, Alexander Jeffrey of Lexington, Ky., but who at that time lived in Canadaigua, who taught him how to make and use them, and it was this same gentleman who taught Seth Green, of Rochester, N.Y., who became the State's most expert fisherman, all he knew about angling.

Mr. Lansing was a most delightful companion and enjoyed good company, but it had to be the best in order to afford him any pleasure. He was extremely fond of poetry and had no end of quotations upon his tongue's end, and possessed the unusual faculty of being able to repeat from memory whole pieces, no matter how long they were, provided they awakened a responsive chord.

Mr. Lansing, coming as he did from a military family, very naturally inherited military tastes, and shortly after the outbreak of the Civil war was appointed by the governor of New York chairman of the Senatorial Committee of his Senatorial District, which was composed of the following very prominent citizens of Buffalo: Nathan K. hall, Stephen G. Austin, Jacob Beyer, John Ganson, Philip Dorsheimer, and Alexander W. harvey. At this time Mr. Lansing was brigadier-general of one of the brigades attached to the Eighth Division of the State militia. Mr. Lansing served faithfully upon this committee and through its efforts Colonel Chapin's regiment, the One Hundred and Sixteenth New York Volunteers, and McMahon's Irish regiment, the Corcoran Guards, were organized, recruited, and sent to the front, where they did most excellent service.

Mr. Lansing departed this life, after a tedious illness which he bore with great fortitude, at Canandaigua, on the morning of the 30th of September, 1889, and left him surviving a widow and two sons, Livingston and Watts Sherman Lansing. He was buried at Forestlawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N.Y.

I, Henry L. Lansing of the township of Niagara, County of Lincoln Canada, but at this present writing residing in the Village of Canandaigua, County of Ontario, State of New York, United States of America, do make and declare this to be my last will and testament.

First: I give and bequeath to my wife Catharine Olivia, all the furniture, paintings, engravings belonging to me, also my library and all my horses, harnesses and carriages all of which are now in "Woodlawn" Canada.

Second: I give and bequeath to my sister Manette, wife of C.W. Morse of Saybrook, Connecticut, two thousand dollars, par value, of the stock of the Erie & Pittsburgh Rail Road Co (that is, forty shares at fifty dollars per share.)

Third: I give and bequeath to my grandson and namesake Lansing Burnett, son of my deceased daughter Sarah, my gold watch chain and locket, two pairs of gold sleeve buttons and two gold scarf pins.

Fourth: I give and bequeath to my grandson and namesake Harry Livingston Lansing, son of my son Livingston, my double-barreled breechloading shotgun and all the traps belonging thereto with gun xx, also all my fishing rods and tackle and artificial flies and bait.

Fifth: I give and bequeath to Ellen Gillen who has been a faithful servant in my family for many years, Five hundred dollars par value


5th Gen Captain Arthur Breese Lansing 5th Gen
+ Janet Suffern

[Sarah, Arthur, Samuel, Sidney]
Captain Arthur Breese Lansing
(4 August 1815, Utica NY)
+ Janet Suffern
+ Louise Cochran Lovett

Janet Sarah Lansing [married Grace Cleveland Coxe]

+ Louise Cochran Lovett(2 Jul 1849)

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[Pioneers of Utica]
Arthur Breese Lansing, who was educated at West Point, served in the Mexican war, and as captain in the quartermaster's department, after which he resigned, and is now (1877) living in New York.

5th Gen Brigadier General Henry Seymour Lansing 5th Gen
+ Jane Amelia White

Samuel Sidney Breese, Helena Burrows
[Sarah, Arthur, Samuel, Sidney]
Brigadier General Henry Seymour Lansing
(4 Aug 1815, Utica NY)
(14 Apr 1882, Burlington NJ)
+ Jane Amelia White(26 Sep 1844)
(b: 2 Sep 1825, Onondaga NY)

Henry White Lansing
Arthur Livingston Lansing
Bleecker Seymour Lansing [died aged 2]

More on the General
Civil War Records
Grave at St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Burlington NJ
Grave of Little Bleecker

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Henry Seymour Lansing

Henry Seymour Lansing was named for the father of NY Governor Horatio Seymour, a friend of the family.

[Talcott's Lansing Family]
General Henry Seymour Lansing died at Burlington, N.J., April 14, 1882. Prior to the breaking out of the war he was the chief manager of the American-European Express Company, and superintended the banking department of the company at Paris for a considerable time. He assisted in organizing the Military Commission of the State of New York before the war. He was appointed Captain of the Twelfth Infantry, and served until July 1863, when he resigned.

[State of New Jersey Certificate of Death]
Henry Seymour Lansing
Age: 58 years 2 months White
Married: Accountant
Birthplace: Utica NY
Last place of residence: Burlington
How long resident: Six months
Place of death: Corner Broad and High Streets; Burlington City
Father's name: Bleecker B. Lansing U.S.
Mother's name: Sarah U.S.
Certifying physician: I hereby certify that I attended H. Seymour Lansing during the last illness and that he died on the 13th day of April, 1882.
Length of sickness: two years
Medical Attendant: Edward J. Lansing
Residence: Corner Stacy and Union
Date: April 17, 1882
Undertaker: E.F. Perking Burlington City NJ
Burial: St. Mary's Church Grounds Burlington City N.J.

[Pioneers of Utica]
Henry Seymour Lansing, commanded the 17th Regiment, New York volunteers, at the beginning of the late war, and left the service in 1863 with the rank of brevet brigadier-general; is now (1877) auditor general of the Centennial Board of Finance, Philadelphia.

[Civil War On Line Order Of Battle, Second Bull Run]
The Union Forces At Second Bull Run.

Fifth Army Corps
Major General Fitz-John Porter
First Division
Major General George W. Morell
Third Brigade
Brig. General Daniel Butterfield
Colonel Henry S. Lansing
Colonel Henry A. Weeks
Colonel James C. Rise
17th N.Y.
Colonel Henry S. Lansing
Major W.T.C. Grower
Captain John Vickers

The Union Forces At Seven Days Battle.

Fifth Army Corps
Major General Fitz-John Porter
First Division
Major General George W. Morell
Third Brigade
Brig. General Daniel Butterfield
17th N.Y.
Colonel Henry S. Lansing

Elizabeth Penkethman
Breese Family

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