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National Archive
Photographs of Andersons
in the Civil War

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The full searchable catalog of National Archive photographs is available online. Xeroxes of photographs may be ordered for examination.

RG98S-CWP66.91Capt. Joseph AndersonWartime bust image, Co. I, 15th Regt., Pa. Vol. Cav. (was with Anderson Troop)
RG98S-CWP47.55Maj. Robert AndersonHalf wartime image, 1st Regt., U.S. Arty.
RG98S-CWP56.1Capt. W.A. AndersonSeated wartime image, Aide de Camp
RG526S-NYSAG.1876Capt. Alexander AndersonA full standing view, Co. D, 123rd Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP143.107Cadet George S. AndersonBust view, U.S.M.A. c. 1871
RG526S-NYSAG.1416Capt. Hugh AndersonA half seated view, Co. G, 81st Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG526S-NYSAG.21551st Lt. Charles Havemeyer AndersonA bust view, R.Q.M., 168th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP77.951st Lt. Anton E. AndersonWartime bust image, Co. G, 12th Regt., Iowa Vol. Inf.
RG667S-MM V4.L163BRobert Anderson medal.
RG667S-MM V4.L163CRobert Anderson medal.
RG98S-CWP79.2Brig. Gen. Robert AndersonPictured outside on a porch with Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside
RG127S-DCC.614Maj. Harry Reuben AndersonA full standing view, U.S. Arty.
RG667S-MM V5.206Brig. Gen. Robert AndersonA bust view engraving, Union Army General.
RG667S-MM V5.208Maj. Robert AndersonBust view, U.S.A.
RG98S-CWP89.51Maj. John Fromen AndersonA half sitting view, 24th Regt., Mass. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP79.191st Lt. Fred AndersonWartime bust image, Adjt., 181st Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP78.141st Lt. Marion B. AndersonWartime bust image, Co. A, 25th Regt., Iowa Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP 150.1Brig. General Robert AndersonSide bust engraving
RG98S-CWP 165.13Pvt. Lewis P. AndersonBust drawing, Co. C, 74th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf. A GAR medal is pinned to his civilian coat.
RG98S-CWP 151.12Corp. Newton AndersonBust view, Co. E, 81st Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf.
RG645S-POST140.21Pvt. Jospeh AndersonBust view, Co. A, 16th Regt., Mass. Vol. Inf., U.S.N., in uniform, post-war image
RG98S-CWP 159.55Pvt. Archibald Duncan AndersonSitting view, Co. B, 44th Regt., New York State Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP83.108Pvt. Thomas M. ANdersonCo. D, 1st Bn., Tenn. Vol. Lt. Arty., (U.S)
RG98S-CWP116.45Col. Edward AndersonBust view, 12th Regt., Ind. Vol. Cav.
RG98S-CWP 160.28Col. Edward AndersonSitting view, 12th Regt., Ind. Vol. Cav. He is wearing a fur trimed over coat
RG98S-CWP 153.922nd Lt. Albert AndersonFull standing view, Co. M, 102nd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. He is standing beside a photographer'schair.
RG88S-LPB1.64Col. Nicholas L. AndersonBust view, 6th Regt., Ohio Vol.Inf. In uniform, wearing kepi.
RG641S-MOL-PA1.2Brig. Gen. Robert AndersonFull sitting view with Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside
RG98S-CWP93.84Corp. Robert AndersonA full standing view, Co. I, 146th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP 175.104Pvt. George W. AndersonWartime bust image, Co. I, 10th Regt., Ind. Vol. Cav.
RG98S-CWP 176.26Capt. Francis M. AndersonPost Civil War image, Co. H, 1st Regt., Tenn. Vol. Mtd. Infantry., US. He is pictured with women and children.
RG98S-CWP12.91Maj. John Froman AndersonWartime sitting image, Aide-de-Camp of Vols.
RG667S-MM V2.L53Major Robert Anderson3 photographs
RG667S-MM V2.53Major Robert Andersonfour photos and two engravings of the bombardment of Ft. Sumter, S.C.
RG641S-MOL-PA5.2Col. Nicholas Longworth AndersonBust view, 6th Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf. In uniform, without kepi.
RG667S-MM V2.L54Major Robert Anderson Medallionwith two engravings of the bombardment of Ft. Sumter, S.C.
RG667S-MM V2.54Major Robert Andersonphotos and two engravings
RG667S-MM V2.L55Major Robert AndersonEngraving, U.S. Army
RG98S-CWP 177.89Corp. James C. AndersonWartime bust image, Co. I, 81st Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP121.34Pvt. Frank AndersonBust view, Co. D, 5th Regt., Mich. Vol. Inf.
RG641S-MOL-PA 7.22Lt. Col. George C. AndersonA bust view, 53rd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. Post war view.
RG98S-CWP129.3Pvt. James AndersonA bust view, Co. D, 64th Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf. Post war view
RG98S-CWP 165.100Pvt. Lewis P. AndersonPost war bust portrait, Co. C, 74th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf. He is wearing his GAR badge.
RG98S-CWP37.6Pvt. Miles Andersonretouched wartime bust portrait, Co. B, 13th Regt., Ky Vol. Cav.
RG98S-CWP18.19Farrie Miles AndersonWartime portrait, Co. B, 13th Regt., Ky. Vol. Cav.
RG98S-CWP126.25Pvt. David AndersonA bust view, Co. B, 100th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. Post war view
RG98S-CWP26.79Maj. David AndersonWartime bust image, 19th Regt., Michigan Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP23.7Pvt. Alfred AndersonWartime seated portrait, Co. A, 10th Regt., N.J. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP20.961st Lt. Marion B. AndersonWartime bust portrait, Co. A, 25th Regt., Iowa Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP3.61Pvt. John AndersonA full standing view, Co. A, 10th Regt., Kansas Vol.Inf. His hand is resting on a cushioned Rococo Revival chair. He is also posing with what appears to be a high flap cavalry boot.
RG98S-CWP21.5Maj. John F. AndersonWartime bust portrait, Aide-de-camp, U.S. Vols.
RG98S-CWP 199.7Pvt. Charles H. AndersonPost war bust, Co. E, 10th Regt., Maine Vol. Inf. He is wearing his G.A.R. medal.
RG98S-CWP 199.31Pvt. Andrew J. AndersonPost war bust, Co. H, 5th Regt., Wi. Vol. Inf. He is wearing his G.A.R. uniform.
RG98S-CWP 194.11Capt. John AndersonOutside view from Point Lookout, Maryland, 28 officers from the 5th Regt., Mass. Vol. Cav. (colored).
RG98S-CWP97.261st Lt. William Watson AndersonA three-quarter seated view, Co.E, 2nd Regt., Pa. Vol. Cav.
RG641S-MOL-PA 11.39Capt. Thomas McArthur AndersonHalf seated, 12th Regt., US Infantry. Also served with Co. A, 6th Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf.-20 Apr/15 May 1861; 2nd Lt., 2nd US Cav.; Capt. 12th US Inf. and 21st Inf.; Maj., 10th US Inf.; LTC, 9th US Inf; Col. 14th US Inf.; BG 1898, M.G. 1898, back to BG 1899.
RG526S-NYSAG.849Pvt. Philander S. AndersonA bust view, Co. E, 14th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG526S-NYSAG.346Pvt. Freeman J. AndersonA half seated view, 21st Indp. Btry., N.Y.S. Vol. Lt. Arty
RG98S-CWP40.19Pvt. Daniel Anderson3/4 seated image, Co. K, 53rd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. He is pictured in uniform with his company letter "K" and his regimental number "53" pinned to his kepi. He sits in front of a backdrop.
RG526S-NYSAG.2426Miss AndersonA full standing view in a patriotic costume.

Send a message to the MHI Special Collections Branch. This may be accomplished in several ways:

In the message, provide your postal address and the catalog number of the photograph you desire (the "RG" number).

They will mail a photocopy of the photograph to you for your examination and approval, along with much more detailed instructions, which will include charges for the duplication of photos. Assuming that you want a copy of the photograph(s), you will then mail a check for the appropriate amount payable to "MHI Fund" and the copy will be furnished after a suitable number of weeks for processing.

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