A Messenger of Love, Nathaniel Sichel

prize. The scene is laid at one of those public wells common in France. The servant from a neighboring country-house has come to get water from the spring, and her sweetheart, who has been working in the garden, takes advantage of the opportunity to press his suit, while she listens modestly to his arguments. Terentia was the wanton and dissolute first wife of the great Roman orator Cicero, whom he afterward repudiated for her misconduct and who became a notorious public courtesan. The artist, Louis Hierle, was born at l'Estrechure in the Department of Gard, and was a pupil of Cabanel. "A Messenger of Love" is one of the most lovely of Nathaniel Siche's productions. "Sea-Gulls and Billows" is by Henri Eugene Delacroix, a native of Solesmes in the Nord and a pupil of Cabanel.

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Nathaniel Sichel

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