Nathaniel Sichel


Nathaniel Sichel (1843-1907)
[N. Sichel]
Pupil of:   Julius Schroder

More in the vein of Nonnenbruch, but of even more extended fame and popularity, is Nathaniel Sichel, of Berlin, a graduate of the Berlin Academy and the Paris Academy. He was born at Mayence, and was first a lithographer. He is a favorite portrait painter in Germany, and his historical pictures may be found in various public collections, but the world knows him best by his refined and dignified classical pictures, like "A Vestal Virgin," and his peculiarly beautiful ideal compositions.

In "Turandot" N. Sichel gives us one of his ideal Oriental types, whose voluptuous and alluring beauty is in marked contrast to the serene dignity of his "Vestal Virgin."

[Sichel was a student of J. Schroder in Berlin between 1859 and 1862, then studied in Rome and Paris.]

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Almost every artist has, at some time or other, painted a madonna, but most of them attract little more than a passing notice, for they possess, as a rule, no great religious sentiment. In this painting by SICHEL there is a human charm in the baby figure that is irresistible, and bright, dimpled darling finds a hearty welcome everywhere. Nathaniel Sichel was born in the village of Mentz, January 8th, 1844. He was a pupil of the Berlin Academy under Julius Schrader, and won a prize in 1864. He makes a speciality of well drawn and firmly painted portrait figures.

madonna and child

flower girl

oriental woman with harp

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