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to attend to the nourishment of the plants and flowers which bordered the waters to whose service they were bound. Jules Aviat was born at Brienne-le-Chateau, in the Department of Aube, and is a pupil of E. Hebert, Leon Bonnat, and lafrance. His female portraits are especially exteemed, although he is also strong in male portraiture. His imaginative pictures are always graceful, refined, decorative in treatment, and charmingly delicate in color. "A Revelation" is a typical work. In it a young Greek girl, contemplating herself in a hand-mirror, arrives for the first time at the conclusion that she is as beautiful as she has wished herself to be. A girlish coquete, revelling in the reminscence of some new conquest, is the subject of the picture by Joseph Coomans. The heroine is a type of the blonde beauty of the women of Greek origin or antecedents who bore away the palm for loveliness in Pompeii in its prime, when beauty was worshipped there second only to the gods.

Although he resides permanently in Paris, America claims Julius L. Stewart as one of her own artists, on the score of birth. He was born in Philadelphia. His father was a banker, who settled in Paris to conduct the European business of his banking house, and his son was educated in Paris. The banker Stewart was a great art-lover, and one of the very first patrons in France of Fortuny, Raimond de Madrazo, and Zamacois, for he was especially fond of the brilliant and audacious modern Spanish school. As young Stewart positively declined to be

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Pierre Oliver Joseph Coomans

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