Julius Leblanc Stewart


Julius Leblanc Stewart (1855-1919)
[Julius L. Stewart, Julius Stewart]
Pupil of:   Jean-Leon Gerome and Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta

Although he resides permanently in Paris, America claims Julius L. Stewart as one of her own artists, on the score of birth. He was born in Philadelphia. His father was a banker, who settled in Paris to conduct the European business of his banking house, and his son was educated in Paris. The banker Stewart was a great art-lover, and one of the very first patrons in France of Fortuny, Raimond de Madrazo, and Zamacois, for he was especially fond of the brilliant and audacious modern Spanish school. As young Stewart positively declined to be made a banker, and asserted his intention to become a painter, he was given his course. He had probably been inspired to his resolution by the artistic surroundings of his father's house. At any rate, he studied under Zamacois, Madrazo, and Gerome, but his innate talent broke a path for itself, and his later works suggest none of his masters. He created a style of his own which has been received in Paris, London, and America as thoroughly original. He first exhibited at the Salon in 1878, and since then has received many awards of merit. His "Spring" is one of his higher compositions, and was painted for a decorative purpose.

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MUNSEY'S MAGAZINE.   Vol. XIII.   July, 1895.   No. 4.   p.329

A Spring Day in Venice

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