Sorrowful Thoughts, Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg

and he now resides permanently in Venice, where he finds most of the subjects of is pictures, of which "Angiolina," a thorough type of a Venetian girl of the poorer class, is a good example. His more ambitious works belong to the genre order. His brother, Julius B. Blaas, is a popular animal painter. Louis Frederick Schutzenberger was born in Strasburg, while Alsace was a French province, so he ranks as a French painter. He was a pupil of Daguerre, and is an energetic draughtsman and good colorist, with much original of ideas and execution. His pictures have gained for him admission into the Legion of Honor. "The Drowsy Bacchante" gives an excellent idea of his able and vigorous treatment of

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Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg

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