Angiolina, E. Von Blaas

family influence and means was enabled to make extensive travels, whose results are profitably applied in his pictures.

Santiago Arcos, the painter of "The Abduction of Chloris by Boreas," is an artist of Spanish birth, but a pupil in Paris of Bonnat and of Madrazo, and has his home in that city. He became first known as a portrait painter, and enjoyed an extensive patronage, but found time, in intervals between his commissions, to execute pictures of a character of subject to demonstrate that he was an artist of a fecund imagination and a free and powerful brush. Eugen von Blaas is the elder

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Eugen von Blaas

This painting also appeared in MUNSEY'S MAGAZINE.   Vol. XIII.   August, 1895.   No. 5.   p.448

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