Wilhelm Kray, The Water-Nixes Victim


To arrive at a just and comprehensive understanding of any artist's talent, it is often necessary to examine him in more than one example, according to the scope his fancy may take, in the adaptation of his powers to a varied range of subjects. Consequently, when a name reappears in these pages, the reader can refer, for general biographical information, to the part in which it was first mentioned, as in the present case of William Kray, the initial specimen of whose brush was presented in part II. In this example, "The Water-Nixes' Victim," while the material is derived from the same romantic source as the one previously given, it is entirely different in character of subject and in treatment. Otto Lingner is one of the younger German artists of the Munich school, so many of whom are now coming to the front, and his picture was one of the features of the Exhibition of 1892 at the Bavarian royal city and art capital. It combines most happily the qualities of imaginative conception and realistic execution, which are demanded by the established standard of modern creative art. Emile Munier is a French painter, born in Paris, and a pupil of A. Lucas and Bouguereau, whose light and fanciful allegorial pictures enjoy an immense popularity. They

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Wilhelm Kray

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