Luis Ricardo Falero, The Belated Witch

his corpse is rejoiced over and spurned by the Thracian women, whose love, which he aroused by the fascinations of his magic lyre, he had scorned. The artist, Francois Lafon, is the son of the well-known painter Emile Jacques Lafon, born in 1817, who died in Paris in 1886. Francois Lafon was born in Paris and was a pupil of his father, who hadbeen in his turn a student under Delaroche and Baron Gros. James Bertrand, who was born at Lyons, first studied there under Bonnefond, and later in paris under Perin and Orsel, and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. From Paris he went to Rome and painted many Italian and religious subjects, with which he won his first medal in 1861. At the Salon of 1882 his poetic rendition of the fable of the grasshopper was one of the pictures of the year. P. Franc Lamy and Louis Paul, the painters respectively of "A Fantasy" and "Harem Fruits and Flowers," belong to the younger generation of modern French artists, whch has produced such strong representatives. The first named has won honors at the Salon, where both are regular exhibitors. Luis Falero is one of the most distinguished and original artists of our day. Although he has his studio in Paris, he was born at Grenada in Spain, in 1851. He was intended for the Spanish navy, and was carefully educated to that end in Madrid, England, and Paris. In "The Belated Witch" he gives a fanciful episode of the old German legend that at certain periods the witches and warlocks hold a general holiday or Sabbath among the Brocken Mountains. Here one of the accursed sisterhood, who has neglected her opportunity to join the common parade to the rendezvous, sails out of a chimney on her journey alone, mounted on her broomstick, the traditional steed of the sworn servitors of Satan.

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Luis Ricardo Falero

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