1922 Aug 13 Carolus-Duran Lost painting found
1922 Jun 6 Charles Chaplin Auction confusion
1917 Feb 17 Carolus Duran Dies
1915 May 30 . Americans Aid French Students
1913 Jan 8 Laurens Alma-Tadema Critics make artists mad
1912 Dec 6 Laurens Alma-Tadema House Unsold
1912 Jul 28 Laurens Alma-Tadema Methodical
1912 Jul 7 Laurens Alma-Tadema Overview
1912 Jun 28 Laurens Alma-Tadema No Revival
1912 Apr 13 . Paris turns away from freaks
1911 Jun 16 Jules Lefebvre Son dies
1909 Mar 16 Jean Jacques Henner Forgery
1908 Dec 4 Charles Landelle Auction of picture stopped
1908 Nov 28 Charles Landelle Portrait of de Musset
1905 Aug 21 William Bouguereau Dead
1905 Aug 20 William Bouguereau Ill
1905 Jul 24 Jean Jacques Henner Dies
1905 Apr 29 . Salon Artists
1902 Aug 26 Henri Siemiradzki Dies
1900 Mar 17 Carolus-Duran A Visit to the Studio
1898 Jun 4 Carolus Duran Successful portrait painters
1897 Aug 14 Laurens Alma-Tadema Dinner
1897 Jul 8 Edouard Dantan Killed
1896 Jun 23 William Bouguereau Marries
1896 Jun 6 William Bouguereau To marry
1895 Dec 3 . Performance Art
1895 Nov 27 Laurens Alma-Tadema His House
1893 Aug 29 Carolus-Duran Master of Technique
1893 Aug 29 Aublet, Bouguereau, Duran, Perrault France Shows Her Pictures
1893 Aug 20 Auguste Barthelemy Glaize Dies
1892 Mar 7 . Art in the rival Salon
1892 Mar 6 Carolus-Duran In praise of
1892 Feb 26 Carl von Bodenhausen Munich artists
1892 Feb 15 Henri Gervex Fine Art
1891 Dec 13 Emile Bayard Dead
1891 Jun 1 . Art at the Champ de Mars
1889 Apr 30 Alexandre Cabanel Last painting
1889 Jan 27 Alexandre Cabanel Dead
1888 Nov 2 Emile Bayard Women Duelists
1888 May 27 Carolus-Duran At work
1888 Mar 3 . Unusually strong pictures
1886 Jun 13 Jules jacques Lefebvre Gold medal
1885 Jul 10 Carolus-Duran In his studio
1884 May 18 . Salon 1884
1883 Dec 3 Konrad Dielitz Dielitz gets commission
1882 May 14 . Painting as a Profession
1882 Feb 19 . Student Life in Paris
1880 Jan 11 Laurens Alma-Tadema Biography
1880 May 2 . Fresh Notes About Art
1879 May 25 Laurens Alma-Tadema An Artist's Home
1875 Jul 11 Bouguereau
Looking like their pictures
1871 Jan 29 . Where French & American artists?

January 1896 Alfred Bramtot    Georges Van Den Bos    Jules Aviat    Adolphe Weisz    William Bouguereau
March 1896 Joseph Coomans    Jules Lefebvre    Jules Ballavoine    Gabriel Max
November 1896 Carl von Bodenhausen
January 1897 Alfred Seifert   Joseph Coomans
November 1897 Alfred Seifert   William Bouguereau
June 1898 Edouard Paupion   Alfred Seifert

2006 Apr 28 William F. Buckley Hanging Right There

Master Paintings of the World

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In Memory of Nana and Mother
Mother became an English/fine arts major at University of Chicago in 1928 at the age of 17, studying in the studio of Lorado Taft. Art was part of our everyday life. She would smooth the beautiful, black Chicago dirt and draw a few lines - the art deco period, of course - and make me guess what the rest would be. When we went downtown, we would wander slowly through the city streets as she pointed out all the wondrous Chicago architecture. Then we'd go to the Art Institute, where grandmother had studied before she met grandfather, though mother did accuse me of preferring the gift shop. This book is one of my earliest memories and became one of those links to mother that I cherish. Before it was mother's, it was nana's. Her maiden name is written on the inside cover, scratched out and replaced with her married name. But the paper was cheap, and the book that they left for me is falling apart. So I'll save it here and give it to you. In memory of mother and grandmother.

               Do say 'hi' if you're passing through

From Thoughts While I Can Still Remember
Museums were playgrounds when I was a child
Hanging my heart on jungle gym bars
Of Renoirs and Rodins and even Matisse
While mother explained the curve of the hip
Of the Buddahs and odalesques playing with me
As we swung from 12th century tapestry
Into the sky of Georgia O'Keefe
And back again laughing in such fine company.

It was here that she studied, my mother explained,
Your grandmother, long before grandpa appeared,
At the Institute's classes of art and design,
Of the lion and the curve and the stroke of the pen.
She studied with Taft, mother said with some pride,
Though the master was gone long before I arrived in my turn,
Now it's yours, to take up the brush
For genetics will conquer in gentle ambush.

This wasn't at all what I wanted to hear
Because I was a scientist, cool-eyed and clear,
From the tips of my fingers that typed at the keys of computers
To firm-planted feet that walked near eyes of heaven
That gazed at Albireo's eyes blinking back blue and gold
    In a canvas of black, crying
"I am no artist and I know no verse."

Then I listened to silence that laughed in reverse.


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