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After the Bath, P.L. Bouchard
After the Bath, P.L. Bouchard

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Pierre-Louis Bouchard (1831-1889)
Pierre Louis Bouchard, Pierre-Franc. Bouchard, Pierre Francois Bouchard, Pierre Bouchard, P.L. Bouchard
Pupil of:   Gerard

Dupont Vicars 1901 Text:
P.L. Bouchard is a French artist, of what some critic has classified as the School of Gerome. He is a Parisian, and made his studies at the Ecole des beaux Arts in the class over which M. Gerome exercised direction. "In After the Bath" he shows the interior of a bathing room, where the favorite of the harem has been making her ablutions. M. Bouchard is, as a draughtsman and colorist, and in his style of painting, one of the foremost of living French artists.

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