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Exception Raised When
X_ASSERT Assertion is false
X_CASE No case value label or else clause matching case expression value
X_EMPTY_MAILBOX     Attempt to define zero length mailbox
X_EOF Attempt to read past eof
X_FILE File processing attempted on unopen file, file processing routine not available for file, routine not available for file, or attempt to wait on input file or read output file
X_FILENAME Physical file name unknown
X_FILEPOS Attempt to position outside of file
X_FREE Attempt to free space for dynamic variable still referenced by indirect variable
X_INIT Attempt to access uninitialized variable
X_IN 'CR not followed by 'LF
X_LOCK Attempt to unlock data-lock which already is unlocked, or attempt to find owner of unlocked data-lock
X_MAXRANGE Value is outside of implementation-defined target range
X_NEG_EXP Attempt to raise a number to a negative power
X_NOFILE Designation of nonexistent file as 'OLD
X_OVERFLOW Result of operation is outside of implementation-selected range for INT or FLOAT
X_RANGE Source value is not valid for the target (ENUM, INT, FLOAT)
X_SUBSCRIPT Attempt to access beyond ARRAY or STRING bounds
X_SUBTYPE Attempt to pass actual of different subtype to VAR or READONLY formal parameter
X_TAG Selection of UNION component not currently present
X_UNHANDLED Exception has not been handled when completing its scope
X_ZERO_DIVIDE     Attempt to divide INT or FLOAT by zero

C. Built-in Types left arrow
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