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Amiga Lisp

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

Amiga Lisp
page 50-2

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Implementation Summaries

Name:  Amiga Lisp
    An adaptation of MetaComCo's Cambridge LISP/ 68000 for TRIPOS. A "real" LISP,
    but lacks an evironment and quickly runs out of space on a 512K machine. Amiga OS
    does not support VM, but does support real memory of 8.5 MBytes.

Standard:  Standard Lisp

atoms, lists, vectors, and a-h type cons cells. strings. small ints (24 bits), bignums,
    floating point, and rationals.
dynamically scoped.
error handling via errorset, catch and throw, expr's/lexpr's/ fexpr's / and "fexpr's"
    (spread / noeval), macros, prog/progn/prog2, for, foreach.
Mark and sweep(?) garbage collection
Poor I/O functions. Redirect read and write streams to files (includes console).
AVL tree package.
Load-on-call facility.
Missing Features:   Missing the form editor

Version:  V1.0. List price is $199.95, available for as low as $140.

Support:   Commodore / Amiga

Hardware:   Commodore Amiga Model 1000. Requires 512K RAM.

Software:   AmigaDOS

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Vol. I, No. 1
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