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Franz Lisp

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

Franz Lisp
page 49

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Implementation Summaries

Name:  Franz Lisp

Standard:  derived from Maclisp

Predefined data types: atoms, cons-cells, bignums, double-precision floats, vectors,
    hunks, arrays, closures, defstruct, strings, property lists, files, etc.
Traditional dynamic scope.
No packages (Franz Inc. version has packages)
Usual Maclisp macros, lexprs, exprs, fexprs, compiled forms of them.
Limited multiple-value stuff, no multiprocessor support.
Access to operating system calls.
Local functions compiled to run faster.
Garbage collection: mark and sweep. Purcopy available to protect data from GC.
Compiler produces assembler or fasl. Usually run as a file transducer, not
    resident. Partial compatibility with Interlisp, other dialects,
    via compiler macros.
Flavors (but Franz Inc has much enhanced).
Interlisp-10-like editor (EDITF), CGOL, GLISP.
Easy interaction with UNIX vi, and emacs.
Debugging stepper, trace, eval-hook.
Foreign function calls to Fortran, Pascal, C.
Numerous AI tools run in this; versions of Boyer-Moore Thm. prover, OPS-5,
    Phran, Phred, FRL, Eliza. Many others.
Implementation language for Macsyma, numerous local projects
Contains contributions from CMU, Brown, Univ. of Maryland.
Version of scheme runs in it. Roughly compatible with Franz Inc. systems on
    Amdahl, Cray, VAX-VMS, Celerity, Apollo, Sun, Tektronix
Compatible with several books, especially Lispcraft by R. Wilensky.
Widely distributed.
Size is about 1.1 megabytes.

Version:  Opus 38.91

Support:       Unsupported by University of California at Berkeley. Available on UNIX tar
    tape, 9-track 1600bpi. Distributed with DEC ULTRIX, 4.3BSD, at no extra charge.     Source code is included.     UCB now uses Franz Inc's improved versions, and cannot
    respond to questions about Opus 38.91.

Hardware:   VAX, principally. 68000 code generator included in sources.

Software:   VAX, UNIX, VAX Eunice.

Contact:   Industrial Support Office, EECS Dept., Univ. Calif. Berkeley, Berkeley CA, 94720

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Vol. I, No. 1
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