'When Sable Night' - From The Duenna, by Richard Sheridan

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When Sable night, each drooping plant restoring,
Wept o'er the flow'rs, his breath did cheer.
As some sad Wid'wer o'er his babe deploring,
Wakes its beauty with a tear.
When all did sleep whose weary hearts cou'd borrow
One hour, from love and care to rest.
Lo! as I press'd my Couch in silent sorrow
My Lover, caught me to his breast.

He vow'd he came to save me,
From those that wou'd enslave me,
Then kneeling,
Kisses stealing,
Endless faith he swore,
But soon I chid him thence,
For had his fond pretense,
Found favour then,
And he had press'd again,
I fear'd in my heart I might grant him more.

When Sable Night
When Sable Night

Copyright © 2007, Mary S. Van Deusen