Music Intro                                        INVOLVEMENT-bodievisits; BLOODSPORTS-mag;
                                                   FEMALE-laughing in car; LAWSON-laughing on intercom
Ah! sure a pair was never seen,                    PICTURE-bodie wakes doyle; WILDJUSTICE - bodie joy driving
Was justly form'd to meet by nature;               GRAVEYARD - meeting   
The youth excelling so in mien,                    EVEREST - bodie patting outfit
The maid in ev'ry grace of feature.                FALLGIRL - doyle laughing while bodie reads paper
Oh, how happy are such lovers,
When kindred beauties each discovers!              RACK - cute bodie goes in
For surely she                                     HIJACK - playing game
Was made for thee                                  ..
And thou to bless this lovely creature.            ..

So mild your looks, your children thence          HUNTER - bodie amused cowley mad at doyle
Will early learn the task of duty;                ..
The boys with all their father's sense,           HUNTER - bodie pleased with gun
The girls with all their mother's beauty.         DEADRECKONING - doyle wo shirt
Oh! how happy to inherit
At once such graces and such spirit!
Thus while you live                               CRYWOLF - sandwich
May fortune give                                  ..
Each blessing equal to your merit.

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